Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Software- All You Need to Know

Mavis Beacon Free is software that guides you on how to type correctly on your keyboard using detailed tracking. Mavis Beacon is a software that is designed to teach typing using the keyboard.

About the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon Free is a typing tutor application software that asserts to teach the skill in two weeks. Mavis Beacon Free provides you with precise tasks thanks to its precise search and curriculum map that shows you how far you are in the course.

Mavis beacon typing test software also helps you to check the progress of your course. The software will adjust its guidance based on your advancement to guarantee that you are always improving in as short a time as possible.

History of mavis beacon software

The typing program software was initially released in late 1987 and has been published regularly ever since. An early version supported both qwerty and the other simplified keyboard layout.

Later interpretations supported only QWERTY until the 2011 Ultimate Mac Edition from Software MacKiev which produced full Dvorak keyboard lessons for the application. Earlier versions were made for Apple II, Apple AIGS, MacOS, and Microsoft windows.

Why it is necessary to use Mavis Beacon software

It is very important to type quickly because it will save you a lot of time in the long term. Spending around 30 minutes each day is all you need to acquire this skill.

Even if you feel you do not have the duration, you should still make time whether that be 30 minutes or 5 minutes every day. There are numerous typing courses that you can learn and handle, and one of the most important is Mavis Beacon.

You can buy this program online and download it to your system or mobile and learn to do the work right away.

Mavis Beacon Key Features

The program includes a different number of speed tests. It constantly tracks the user’s words-per-minute typing speed. It also includes a number of typing games of which some performances have been included since the initial release.

The 2011 Ultimate Mac Edition for macOS, published by Software MacKiev, contains two-player competitive typing network fun, integration with iTunes, Dvorak keyboard support, practice training work, news feeds, and various classic novels. A certificate of achievement can be downloaded and printed by the user upon the completion of all tests.

How to use it?

While you take a lecture or practice your typing skill, you can listen to tune through the application. You can customize the music by importing your theme as MP3 files. Mavis beacon teaches typing. There are many typing games that you can play as training. These multi-level options can enhance your speed, accuracy, or rhythm.

This unit is a great way to begin or practice without participating in a full lesson. However, the application is a bit old. While you can download it in offline and use its earlier versions, the choice to go fullscreen is no longer available on upgraded operating systems such as Windows 10. Mavis Beacon Free is available for all versions of Windows and macOS.


By enhancing your typing speed, you really could get more accomplished each day. Always remember that training is an investment, not a cost. So put yourself on the path to blazing, machine gun-like typing by buying enrolling in a touch-typing study with the help of a mavis beacon. Mavis beacon for kids is now also available.

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