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eClinical Software Products

How to Get your desired Features in eClinical Software Products?

Medical trials are important for both hospitals and the betterment of humanity. These medical trials give researchers a way to find treatment for severe diseases that have plagued humans for long.

Get your desired Features in eClinical Software Products

eClinical Software Products

For a medical trial, many patients submit their name. It is difficult to manage so many names and data manually or on a simple system.

Also, staff including physicians may look to extract this data when they require it. Thus, to solve the issue of storing data related to the medical trial registry and so on, eClinical systems came into existence.

The current eClinical software products have various cool features like electronic data capturing and so on. But every hospital and physician may look for different features on the eClinical software that they use.

They know better what features might help them best to take care of their patients. That is why it is imperative that when the hospital is on the look-out for an eClinical software, they ask the staff about the feature they want in the app.

In this blog, we will explore what an eClinical app is and how can you get the desired features in that app.


Best Home Jobs in 2019

Best Home Jobs in 2019 – Smart Ways to Side Hustle

One of the most effective ways to boost your income, save for retirement, or pay off a debt is to make some money on the side. The best thing about it is that you can keep your 9-to-5 job and simply invest some of your free time into increasing your income.

7 Best Home Jobs in 2019

Best Home Jobs in 2019

On top of that, you can choose to do something you can do from the comfort of your own home and still leave yourself enough time to spend with your loved ones. However, not all side hustles are created equal and some of them can bring you more money than others.

If you’re struggling to decide which side hustle you should opt for, here’s a list of best home jobs in 2019.

1. Blogging

If your enjoy writing, running your own blog can turn out to be an amazing home job idea. Not only do you get to do what you love, but you can also create your own schedule and post on days you’re not at the office.

Moreover, you can start a blog about your hobby or something you’re really passionate about. You probably already know what they say – “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

The best thing about it is that running a blog is now easier than ever. There are platforms such as WordPress that allow you to set up your blog with ease. Think about taking a writing course before you start blogging and you’re guaranteed to do well.

2. Online surveys

Not everyone is able to work a home job that requires much energy and effort. If this is the case with you, taking online surveys might just be the perfect side hustle for you. There are plenty of companies out there that need consumers’ opinion and they’re ready to pay people to help them out.

Taking paid surveys in 2019 is extremely easy, mostly because there are platforms you can use to connect with companies that need your opinion. Taking a survey doesn’t require any special skills and your full attention, meaning that you can do it while looking after your little ones or doing house chores.

Just bear in mind that this job requires you to have a good PC with internet connection and headphones with a microphone as you’ll often be asked to review a survey you took.

3. Virtual assistance

Pretty much every online entrepreneur needs a virtual assistant. They usually have their hands full and need someone who’ll help them get their job done. As a virtual assistant, you’re required to handle their email, run their social media pages and other time-consuming tasks that simply need to be dealt with.

Like many other work-at-home jobs, all it takes to become a virtual assistant is internet connection and a drive to succeed. However, having people and organizational skills is also a huge plus, as being a virtual assistant includes working with people you’ve never met before and sending reports on time.

To increase your chances of getting hired, consider undertaking a virtual assistant training program and earning a certification.

4. Trade

Online trading is a work-at-home job you just can’t go wrong with. Just the fact that there are so many things you can trade with from the comfort of your home makes it an idea worth considering.

Some of the things you can trade with include stocks and forex. If you decide to become a trader, you can also


Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Sites for Movie Lovers

If movie watching is your favorite pass time, explore our list of top free video streaming sites. They allow you to choose among hundreds and thousands of movie titles and related video content in both free and premium subscriptions. Read on the list and tell us one that you think you like.

Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Sites

1. YouTube– Top Quality Movie Streaming

Top 10 Free Video Streaming Sites

Meet YouTube, our first contender for top 10 free movie streaming sites. Google owned YouTube has recently rolled out its free movie streaming site that allows you watching your favorite movies and shows online.

You can watch over 100 full-length movie titles on YouTube. On many ways YouTube movie streaming service is at par with premium services like Netflix or Hulu.

Currently, YouTube offers a huge catalog of movies to watch for free, and has plans to introduce its own free web series in few months from now. The only downside is that the free watching is only available in the USA.

2. Sony Crackle:

10 Free Video Streaming Sites

Sony Crackle should be your absolute choice if you’re crazy about great collection of movies. The Sony owned movie streaming website lets you create account, watch movies and share movie recommendations to your community.

If you’re seeking a way out to watch premium movie titles for free, Sony Crackle is your bet among all top 10 best movie streaming platforms. The only downside of this free movie streaming site is its annoying ads pupating time and again while you’re watching the movie. The site is also available as app on Android and Apple play store.

3. Vudu Movie Streaming Platform :

Free Video Streaming Sites

Looking for movie renting? Vudu is the right destination. Vudu is both a video streaming and movie renting website. The website lets user watch unlimited free movies with the service. And if you’re ok with randomly populating ads, you may take refuge behind Vudu.

The video content available at Vudu is free and in good quality. With a simple registration, you can enjoy a huge collection of your favorite movies.

Some of the finest movies available with Vudu movie streaming service are Machinist, Drive Angry, Survivor, Resident Evil, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more.

4.  Popcornflix – #1 Movie Streaming Platform

Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

Ask me which one is the top free video streaming site that I would love to recommend, and I will answer- Popcornflix. The site offers a massive collection of original video content available for watching.

At Popcornflix, you may enjoy watching thousands of movies placed under various genres such as drama, action, comedy, horror, etc. Like Netflix, it serves its original content under the label Popcornflix Originals.

While exploring the website you will find its interface decently clean and clutter free. The website contains only two categories: Movies and TV Series. Upon scrolling further, you can see more sections and thumbnails to surf and pick free movies to watch online. Popcornflix is not available to the users in many countries.

5. IMDb Freedive: For Exclusive Video Streaming

Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

IMDb Freedive is our next entrant in the list of top best free movie streaming sites. Owned by tech Moghul Amazon, the service is available free of cost to Fire TV owners in the U.S. The website has a decently large collection of free movies that are not available on any other video streaming platform.

Among the favorite movie titles that you can enjoy at IMDb Freedive, Midnight in Paris, The Illusionist, Memento, Born This Way, Quantum Leap and Legally Blonde are a few.

6. Yahoo View:

Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

The platform offers an impressive range of several free movies online in collaboration with video content provider Hulu. The Yahoo View video streaming platform is accessible to users free of cost. The only disappointing thing is that the free content on this site is accessible to the US viewers only.

In terms of video quality and user interface, the platform fares well among top 10 best movie streaming Sites we are taking in the list. On the platform, movies and other video content are arranged in categories so that you can easily find titles you are looking for.

If you’ve cravings for free TV shows, documentaries, anime and trailers, come indulged with Yahoo View.

Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper

Tips To Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper

Writing research papers is a crucial part of every college program. It is through these papers that professors evaluate the readiness of their students and also give them an opportunity to apply skills learned in class.

How to Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper

It is not an easy task and many students struggle through the entire task. To enjoy an easy research paper writing experience, you need to select a good topic. Selecting a good topic for your paper is the most important decision you will make in the preparation stages.

This article explores ways to choose the best topic such as working with dissertation writing services, brainstorming for ideas, reading samples among others. Keep reading to find out more.


Guide on How to Make a Social Media Video

Guide on How to Make a Social Media Video

Nowadays, you can interact with potential customers by posting fun and creative videos on social media. Anyone can make a video, even kids can do it, and you don’t need to take any course to learn video making skills.

How to Make a Social Media Video?

If you are going to record a video, you should do your best to make it interesting. It isn’t wise to waste your time uploading a lousy video and hoping people will watch it.

Guide on How to Make a Social Media Video

1. Planning the Video

Planning is the first step – ask yourself what the video is for, what message you want to convey and the goal you intend to achieve with the audience. Then, craft an outline for the video – the intro, main video content, and end.

You can make it interesting by crafting a storyline that features voice acting. A storyboard can be used to help you brainstorm ideas for the storyline. The first few seconds should be a branded intro to captivate the attention of the audience.

If your intro is boring, people will immediately have the impression that the video content will be boring too and switch to another video.

2. Keep the Video Short

When people are watching videos online, they usually have a few minutes to spare their attention. The key is to make your video short if you want people to finish watching your video. According to research, the audience attention span varies on each social media platform – 26 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds on Twitter and 2 minutes for YouTube.

Ideally, the video should be kept to 10 seconds. You must be able to capture audience attention within 30 seconds, otherwise, you have lost the chance to convert.

3. Tweaking the Audio Quality in the Video

The audio in your video must be clear and the volume loud enough for the audience to make out what you are saying. Lousy audio quality is the reason why people turn their attention to other videos. If you notice some flaws in the audio quality, you can use a video editor to remove background noise.

4. Use Video Recording Equipment within Your Budget

You don’t have to let expensive video equipment stop you from making your video. You can capture a video with just your smartphone. Many smartphones have a video recording function.

You may have to invest in a tripod and phone holder in order to record the video steadily. It is also necessary to find a quiet location where you can record the video, for example, a room in the basement. Instead of using a built-in microphone, you can get an external microphone so that the video will have improved sound quality.

5. Add a CTA in the Video

The video should include at least one behaviour changing goal. The practice is called “Call to Action” (CTA), which tells the audience what to do next when they finished watching the video.

It can be as an annotation tag to certain objects in the video, for example, a tag on where you can buy the product featured in the video. More commonly, the CTA is placed at the end of the video like sign up, and try it now.

6. Add Subtitles to Video

You may want to consider


virtual assistant market research

Virtual Assistant Market Research and Future Opportunities

With the growing usage of outsourced assistance and mobile workforce, the virtual assistant market is expanding at a fast pace.

As per virtual assistant market research, the demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38 percent. The total value of the virtual assistant market is estimated to reach $ 17.13 billion by the year 2023.

Virtual Assistant Market Research

virtual assistant market research

The major usage of intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) is in industries such as telecommunication, banking, and retail. Hospital, healthcare, education, and other professional services have also started using virtual assistants.

The major benefits of using virtual assistants are cost reduction, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


How To Grow Your Business With Instagram Advertising?

Social media advertising is a powerful tool for many reasons. One reason is that a lot of social media platforms have many users using it on a day-to-day basis. Another reason is that it is easy to connect with your audience through social media.

How To Grow Your Business With Instagram?

How To Grow Your Business With Instagram

One such social media platform is Instagram. As a photo-sharing app, Instagram sees around 500 million daily users as of June 2018. That is a lot of traffic that traditional advertising will be hard-pressed to gather.

This is why a lot of businesses have decided to advertise their products and brands on Instagram. Instagram advertising agencies implement all kinds of ads and strategies to boost a business’ social media presence.

Before covering what strategies these are exactly, it is important that one must know exactly what kinds of Instagram Ads a business can use.

3 Kinds Of Instagram Ads You Can Use

Instagram Photo Ads

The simplest form of Instagram Ads is a photo ad. Instagram is a photo-sharing app after all so a photo advertisement is the most basic and simplest way you can advertise a product or service on this platform.

Instagram Video Ads

Another way you can advertise on Instagram is through videos. Although other platforms have much longer video limits, on Instagram you can only create 60-second long videos.

The most engaging part of your video ad must be contained in the first 30 seconds or less part of the video. This is the most crucial part of the ad and can dictate whether the audience will interact further with your ad.

Instagram Carousel Ads

Last but not least, you can create what is called a Carousel advertisement on Instagram. An Instagram Carousel advertisement is a multi-image ad that users can swipe through with a button at the end that, when clicked, leads the user to another website.

Should a user be suitably engaged with your ad, they have the additional step they can take to learn more. This is through the call-to-action button at the end.

1. Build Your Community

The best part about a social media account is that you get to build an


Apple to Launch its AR Glasses in Early 2020

Tech conglomerate Apple has unveiled its plan to launch company’s much-awaited augmented reality headsets.

Apple to Launch its AR Glasses Soon

As per the reports, Apple may roll out its AR glasses as early as the last quarter of this year and may put it on actual sale by the first half of 2020.

It’s been a long time since Apple is working on the AR headsets. As far as functionalities go, the device will likely to work like the Apple Watch.  The device would be dependent on iPhone device and will offer a deported display to showcase information right in front of the user’s eyes.

If reports are to be believed, Apple can sell these AR glasses as an accessory for the iPhone. Apple’s AR glasses will be brainless unless connected with an iPhone.

Although they have their own screen, connected iPhone would be the core unit where users will carry out functions. Processing activities will also be carried out on iPhone.

Since the glasses don’t have on-boarding processing unit, built-in GPS, mobile data or wi-fi connection, it’s being expected that they might be lightweight and comfortable.  Apple may reportedly bring sensors and displays into the AR headset to make it more aware of the surroundings.

Alongside, Apply is also reportedly working on to rebuild its Apple Maps using real-world data through the use of LiDAR sensors and as many as eight cameras that have been attached to the roof of a car.

To recall, Apple released an ARKit along with its iOS 11 sometime back. The SDK helped developers to design games and apps using AR.

Things Dentists Need to Know About Their Websites

If you’re a dentist and you have a website, you may have let someone else manage it for you. There’s only so much you can do, right? However, you do need to keep an eye on how your website is doing.

Here are a few basic things you could do to give your website a personal touch. Even though others are managing it perfectly for you, only you would know what kind of content to set as a dentist.

Your website reflects your practice:

 When people look at your website they are actually looking for glimpses into your practice. If your website is optimized so is your clientele. Potential patients now look for online reviews and reputation before investing in health care.

Dan Milton from believes that one of the most important parts of a dental website is making it user-friendly and including concise, attention-grabbing content. Creating engaging content on your website gives a personalized touch to it, making your patients feel more at home.

Studies have shown that personalized websites get much more engagement than websites with corporate tones.

Customization makes people feel at home:

 A basic skill that every doctor must possess is making their patients feel at home. Visiting a doctor is always very daunting.

If the doctors soothe the patient’s nerves, they have a 200% chance of getting that patient to make more visits. As a dentist, you can do this even on your website. Include content that lets the patient know that you care about them. Add graphics that make the patient feel reassured.

Organic marketing is a gradual process:

The most ethical and cost-effective way of marketing online is organic marketing. This may be slow but has great results in the long run. It does not require much investment either and boosts your ranking on search engines more than your competitors if done right.

Own your website:

You may feel that leasing websites from developers is more efficient because you don’t have to put in much time and energy, but this is not such a good idea. Own your website so you may change and modify it any time you want.

It is slightly more costly but worth it. A website is an important property and makes sure you have full ownership of it in case you need to self-run it. It would be a very intimidating task to re-make your website should you have a fall-out with your developer.

Mobile optimization is a must:

 Most websites are designed for the web. But with the growing number of users who operate only from their phones, it is very important that your website runs just as well on mobiles too. Schedules are changing and most people have their schedules packed.

They prefer to operate everything from their mobiles on the go. If your website isn’t running well on mobiles you may lose a considerable number of patients

Be Unique:

Many dentist websites have the same template, especially those managed by developers. Give your website a personal touch and add content that is relevant both to you and your clientele.

For example, if you are organizing any drives or have special amenities, you can advertise on your website. Being exclusive will make people more connected to you and you’ll have loyal clients.

Have a dynamic website:

Most dentists make a website and don’t pay much attention to it. It is important to keep updating your website so people can see all the latest going on in the world of dentistry. Regularly