10 Best Bike Racing Games for Android in 2021

# Last Updated On: May 26, 2021 #

The most wanted type of vehicle among all men is the bikes and even all teenagers are too enthusiasts to go either for bikes and motorcycles. They like to do jumping, wheeling, racing, and stunting but all of such actions are too life-threatening as it is helpful to fulfill the bike’s craze. Youth have always been crazy followers of free online bike games that they always want to play on their smartphones.

Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Android 2021

Here, we have enlisted all types of bike racing games that are compatible with android and are the biggest bike type collection and too heavy bikes of all brands. Some other features are too attractive and let us dive into the same. Hopefully, you will grab what your eyes are seeking out by downloading some great bike games from the list.

1. Trials Frontier – Bike Race Game

Best Bike Games

It is a top-class game and too popular type of racing game as it provides more than fifteen speedy motorcycles, 250+ graphics, a fifty-hour story for gameplay, 260 other challenges, and too much fun.

Trials Frontier Features:

  • Multiplayer bike race game
  • Global Leader Boards
  • Live Community Events
  • Friend Notifications
  • Robust content update road map

You can jump, flip & upgrade the bike to compete against some different types of bike riders that will be your friends or folks from some diverse regions of the globe. Also, you can play the game with no wifi connection at all.

2. Moto Loko HD – Online Bike Game

The game helps you to let race the bike that is flooded with traffic, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and some other vehicles. Also, you can ride all high-speed motorbikes as several bikes to pick up from. It is a 3D racing game that is the best one to explore all the different cities.

Moto Loko HD Features:

  • HD graphics
  • Incredible stunts on a motorcycle
  • Crazy Artificial Intelligence
  • Realistic fights on motorcycles
  • Multiple levels
  • Leveling your motorcycle loko

3. Stick Stunt Biker 2

Best Bike Games

It is a very addictive bike race game that includes car racing and also, incredible stunts as well as racing on various bikes such as police, speed, chopper, and future bikes. There are different dangerous traps, oil barrels, and speed, and some other obstacles to win. The graphics are too inspiring and also, based on sixty scary locations.

Stick Stunt Biker 2 Features:

  • 60+ beautiful designed tracks
  • Up to 3 stars on each track
  • Google Play Game Services integrated
  • Fully physic enabled bike and player
  • Different unique amazing atmospheric locations
  • Various bikes to unlock Amazing obstacles to avoid
  • Get achievements for special stunts
  • Race against your ghost
  • Tilt or button control
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4. Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

It is a special online bike game for all the lovers of the motorcycle as it has a wide variety of amazing motorcycles that you can personalize as per your needs. Also, you can increase the motorcycle’s speed and drive on four unique highways. This bike racing game assists in real crashes, online multiplayer, fugitive, and arcade modes.

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer Features:

  • Dodge traffic
  • Fast boosts reach crazy speed!
  • Cruise on 4 different highways!
  • Drive through traffic on Arcade mode

5. Drag Racing: Bike Racing Game Online

Best Bike Games

It is the most realistic bike racing game online that is compatible with Android as it provides more than seventeen high speeds for all sport bikes, ten challenging levels, diverse racing categories, special dresses for racing, and other online competitors to make you an expert in the field of racing. Also, you can upgrade the motorcycle & change the paints too.

6. SBK15 Official Mobile game

Are you ready for the racing game? Then, you must choose the bike racing game to defeat other racers from across the world. You can grab the various branded motorcycles, get into the racing teams, enjoy all light effects & have fun with thirteen rounds. The game supports all the latest configurations, time attacks, championship modes, and quick races.

7.  Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Racing Games

This is a simple and easy bike stunt race game that any person can master easily and also, free to play that can be tagged as the best biking game that works without any internet connection. There are diverse levels with all colors and stylish motorcycles to race by competing with your friends.

Bike Race Free Features:

  • New game mode: Tournaments!
  • Race against millions of users on multiplayer
  • Train on single player to improve your skills
  • Simple and intuitive driver controls
  • Challenge your Facebook friends
  • Play without wifi
  • Hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds
  • Cool stunts
  • Tons of amazing bikes

You can set up some levels, go for some extraordinary stunts, challenge the racers, enjoy all adventurous graphics and challenge some other racers in the game and also, save the data usage of your mobile as well.

8. Bike Rivals – Bike Stunt Game

Best Bike Games

Bike Rivals are unique motorbikes that may differ in physics as well as color. You can choose a bike that you may like the most, increase the speed, race the amazing areas and do it in the front or the backside flips.

Bike Rivals Features:

  • Amazing realistic physics
  • Tilt and touch controls
  • Many defying levels
  • Many bikes with different physics
  • Awesome and quirky characters
  • In-game achievements

Most of the active bike riders, some exciting levels, and other great achievements are the game’s part. Also, bike rivals support the tilt controls and touch to improve all your skills.

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9. Bike Racing 3D

It is a very mind-blowing bike racing game online for bike lovers that proffers more than sixty wonderful locations and decked with all set of thrilling items such as stairs & crazy rivals, fire circles to test the jumping as well as reaching abilities. The 3D racing game of bikes provides only five bikes with high speed to drive them in difficult as well as easy career modes.

Bike Racing 3D Features:

  • 60 tracks in Career mode
  • Authentic 3D physics and stunning graphics
  • Select from 5 unique bikes, ride how you want to ride

10. Bike Attack Race: Free Online Bike Games

Best Bike Games

Last but not the least, this is the best racing game that you ought to give a take. It lets you use and implement all tricks to distract your opponent racers with the help of different kinds of weapons such as axe, bat, punch, kick, and so on.

In a short scenario, you can do all types of stunts, protect with a shield, choose the costumes & also, get a heavy bike that should be of your taste. It is a kind of realistic bike stunt game that supports the offline as well as single-player & multiplayer modes of the game.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, there are a lot of free online bike games that are available for Android and people love to play all of them. Some of the best games of biking are enlisted above and we can enjoy playing them in this era of covid.

It is better to play them without any need for a laptop and in some games, there is no need to have a stable internet connection. Therefore, these games are the best ones as we collected all of them after doing deep research and it is better to explore a game and then, proceed for the same below.

Let us make noise and enjoy it to the fullest. All real bike racing games are specially for bike lovers and others who love to do some driving in all situations. Play the free biking games now with our proper guide without any further ado.

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