Which is Better Streamlabs or OBS?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Streamlabs OBS are the most popular tools used by vloggers to live stream videos for their viewers. Both tools can be seamlessly integrated with platforms like YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook Live, etc. 

You can find a slew of awesome features in both tools. However, you can choose one of them after deeply analyzing which of the features suits your needs.  Before drawing a distinction between Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Streamlabs OBS, let’s understand what these two tools are all about.  

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Unarguably, OBS is the best and foremost tool among the two mentioned. There are many reasons why you should consider this tool for the purpose. Since OBS is an open-source tool and free to use, it’s more popular among users.

 If you’re looking for a fantastic screen capturing tool, you can go with OBS without a second thought. Besides screen capturing, the tool is also a great choice for live streaming, and video recording. In addition to this, the tool offers seamless integration with a wide range of plugins and extensions to add more functionality for users.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Features:

Now let’s look into some of the salient features of OBS software and how they help in simplifying the lives of vloggers and video influencers.     

Clean and innovative User Interface

Besides a lot of trendy features, the software is known for its unique and innovative user interface as well.  Besides the advanced features vloggers need, its highly efficient user interface requires a mention.

You don’t need professional help to use these features. Its settings are easy to set up. If you find any difficulty to go on with the settings, its help libraries may assist. 

Screen Capturing

Another striking feature of the OBS is its screen capturing ability. This software lets you record and live stream the content in ultra HD quality. Its unified dashboard offers an option where you can add as many sources as you want where the screen can be recorded.

The feature is very handy for users who are in online tutoring and want to explain concepts to their students. In case you’re into gaming content, you can use OBS to set the frame rate for your game recording as well.

Setting Hotkeys

Setting hotkeys may simplify your screen recording task if you don’t want to use the mouse to navigate between features.  The tool enables users to set certain hotkeys for all the features. This is available under the Settings tab. Hotkeys are handy in situations like switching the scenes, pausing/resuming the streaming and pressing the mic to talk, etc.  

Custom Themes

The tool has inbuilt themes that you can use to produce high-quality and professional. You can also adjust the settings and parameters to control the quality of screenshots taken.

You can find some preloaded themes with the application that you can use on your videos and live streams. Once the setup starts, the package installs the themes. After the installation, you can use the themes without setting up any separate extensions.

Audio Mixing Feature

OBS comes loaded with a slew of audio mixing features that are required to improve the audio quality of your video. OBS has quite an innovative dashboard that lets you do advanced audio mixing without any hassle. IN addition to that, it also offers advanced features such as live translation, multi-channel settings, surround sound, and noise cancellation as well. etc. 

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No Watermark

Since OBS is an open-source platform, it’s always available without a subscription plan or an associated fee. Unlike other streaming and recording applications tools that leave a watermark on the final product if used for free, OBS doesn’t add any watermark on the final video. 

Support Multiple Formats

One of the best things about the OBS is that it allows users to save the final file in multiple formats of their choice. You can also export the entire file in the format of your choice. This tool also supports exporting files in GIF format. 

Stramlabs OBS Features

This is another best tool for capturing screenshots. You will really appreciate its high-end features that help you offer a seamless experience throughout the process. The software has an easy to understanding user interface with a standalone section for help.

The tool automatically installs all the essential features according to your system configuration. It reduces any kind of incompatibility that leads to further malfunctions. 

Broadcast on Multiple Platforms

Streamlabs lets you stream the content on multiple platforms. The software offers seamless support for the platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook without any hassle at all. 

Layout Customization:

Streamlabs’ OBS layout is completely customizable. You can easily customize the interface as per your preferences. The customization process is quite simple and customization can be done in almost no time. 

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Annotations & Drawing

The tool brings a lot of benefits for vloggers and YouTube creators who produce content for their online audience. Its drawing feature lets you create eye-catching drawings with preloaded annotation for a better understanding of the subject matter. 

Some of the other striking features of the tool are:

  • Easy Setup for Payment
  • Integrated App Store
  • Customized Alerts

OBS & Streamlabs OBS: Performance Comparision

If compared on the basis of features and functions, Streamlabs OBS may have the edge. The tool is packed with features that help to stream the content in HD. Unlike the OBS, Streamlabs OBS features several add-ons and in-built tools creators will love. Its innovative user interface is something that needs a mention. 

On some parameters, OBS also has an edge. Its built-in text-to-speech feature makes sure that your screens have good captions that captivate an audience. Its customizable layout and auto-set feature make the lives of creators easy. 

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