Why You Need Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is also known as online backup, which is a strategy whereby a copy of data is sent to an offsite server through a network. A third-party service provider usually hosts the server. There are various methods by which you can have your data backed up to cloud.

Why You Need Cloud Backup?

One is by writing data directly to cloud backup service providers, through a backup service provider and by copying data from one cloud to another. What is the cost of employing cloud data back up? Well, you will be charged according to the number, capacity and the bandwidth of users.

To have an online data backup, you will need some applications and software such as ottomatik that will help you schedule for the processes. Home offices mostly used the data backup but time has seen it being incorporated by small, midsize businesses.

Most organizations are walking away from the traditional data backup methods and embracing online backup due to the benefits that it comes with. With this trend, there is a likelihood that the old age methods of data backup will soon be phased out.

Advantages of cloud backup

1. Reduced costs

With cloud back up, you will save yourself the hassle of having to purchase new drives when you have more data to back up. Note that your business is bound to grow, and as it raises the amount of data you will be handling also increases significantly hence the need for more backup space.

Cloud back up will not require you to make regular purchases and go back to your pockets to pay for the costs that come with running the backups.

2. Integration with available infrastructure

No one will come to you with quotations of equipment you are supposed to buy to get the backup running. Cloud backup meshes with already existing infrastructure. The data is encrypted and stored in an offsite server. Cloud backup will not cost your company any additional expenses.

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3. Mobility

Does your business have branches outside town? Do you like taking your work home or tagging it along to your vacation? Cloud backup is just what you need. It allows you to access data at remote locations. How convenient could that be?

Also, you will not have to worry about hiring IT personnel to take care of your other branches: you already have mobile IT support. Remember that some hard disks are fixed to the system, it could be challenging to move with your data since you cannot detach the backup from the system.

4. Data transfer security

With the high rate of cyber-crime, you could be attacked as you transfer your data online, maybe by sending it to your associate via mail. As earlier mentioned, data is sent to cloud backup only after it has been encrypted. It guarantees that your information is shielded from cybercriminals. Hackers have no chance of penetrating your files.

5. Reliability

Studies show that files stored in the cloud are among the most secure records. Provided you do not get generous with your credentials, that is passwords, you can rest assured that you will be the only one able to access your data.

More so, in the event of a calamity, your business shall not suffer downtime. Data recovery is as fast as it could be. With the level of reliability it provides, your mind will be at peace with no worry or fear of the consequences of losing data.

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6. Speed and safety

Using tape backup may not be safe all the way. Such devices can easily be stolen or destroyed. Also, tape backups are slow since they are done manually. Tape backup is not encrypted: which makes it vulnerable.

With cloud backup, the safety of your data is assured, and your business activities will not be slowed down during the restoration of lost data: thanks to the speed of executing backups and recovery.

7. Productivity

No one wants a backup that will make the whole organization to wait the entire day to get hold of the data required for them to keep working. The ease at which cloud backup and restoration takes place will save your IT personnel a lot of o time, which they will redirect to productive engagement. Cloud backup will make your workforce quick and efficient.

Why You Need Cloud Backup?

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