EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review: Excellent Data Recovery Tool

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If you’re looking for a free file recovery program for Windows or Mac operating systems, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard won’t disappoint you. The software is an amazingly capable tool that can easily recover data from almost any devices such as internal and external hard drives, USB devices, memory cards, iOS devices, music players, and more.

As already stated, this immensely powerful file recovery tool is available free of cost for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The data recovery wizard lets you recover deleted files irrespective of the reason behind their deletion.

Easeus recovery Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

In addition, the Easeus recovery software even allows you to access raw, corrupted, or non-mounting files. Its pro version comes packed with the capabilities to recover your crucial data from RAID and servers storage.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional

The USP of the EaseUS Data File Recovery software is its solid features (like
Easeus partition master), seamless performance, superb customer support network and ease of use.

Key Features:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Following are the key features of Easeus data recovery that altogether turns this software into an unbeatable data recovery tool:

  • The software is available on both Mac and Windows
  • The tool is capable of scanning entire hard-drive and recovering deleted partition and corruption partition files with ease
  • The software can create a bootable USB device for recovery in case of OS Crash
  • It can recover data from removable media, external drive, optical storage etc.
  • The best feature of the tool as we think is its capability to browse through deleted files using Windows Explorer on month and year basis
  • The Easeus recovery tool does offer backup support to the scanned results. The feature is handy in case you want to recover files without rescanning the overall drive.
  • You can store the deleted files recovered from EaseUS data recovery software. You can sort them by date, name, and type of file.
  • Its quick scan feature allows you to scan entire drive quickly. Moreover, the software comes packed with a search tool that allows you to search through results obtained.
  • The software lets you recover the files even from other drives formatted using Mac HFS+ file system.
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How Data Recovery Wizard Works?

Scanning and data recovery wizard is an easygoing and hassle process. After opening the application, you need to select a definite scan location. The location may be Windows libraries, desktop, an external drive, or a particular partition.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

In case you are using deleted or non-mounting partition for data recovery, the software will pop up a deleted message. This means you needn’t to run a complete hard drive scan to start the recovery process.

While scanning in progress you can see a progress bar at top of the Easeus partition master dashboard. The progress bar displays the total time remaining for completion of the recovery project.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The Easeus data recovery gives you ability to preview and browse files before completion of the scan. With preview feature, you can rename the recovered files.

After completion of scan, you can browse the content by type, category, document, email, video, and graphics type. Using the software you can search files according to a specific file type.


When measured at performance, EaseUS data recovery software proved its might. It can scan 500GB partition in merely 2 to 3 seconds.  For deep scanning of a 500GB partition, the tool takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. The results of quick scan were bit limited since the tool took time to check and recover the content deleted recently.

Its deep scan feature is amazingly fast. When scanned, it completed the entire process in just two hours. We found it far better from than other data recovery platforms and versions we used and tested.

 Licensing and Pricing:

Whether you’re using Windows and Mac software, EaseUS data recovery software is one of the most affordable and power packed data recovery tool so far. You can buy this most affordable data recovery tool for all types of devices including iPhones and Android.

The tool is available with varied range of pricing plans aimed at professionals and normal users.

The tool is available with a free version that offers data recovery for up to 2GB of data. The free version can give you an idea if the software is useful or not.  It’s recommended to use the trial version of the tool before buying the tool.

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The tool comes with a 30 days refund policy with terms and conditions if you’re not satisfied with the trial version.

Customer Support:

Easeus data recovery wizard professional is known for its seamless customer support. The software comes with a user manual, video tutorials and online help guides.

With their live chat feature, you can get immediate support for and resolution for your queries. Its live chat option is handy during peak business hours.  In order to escalate quires after regular business hours, you can mark an email to EaseUS team.

The only downside with the support is unavailability of telephone assistance for pre-sales issues.  To avail tech support, you need to send an email from the desktop tool by clicking on ‘more’ icon.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Review: Conclusion

We found EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard innovative, power packed and easy to use. When you try restoring multiple files at once, the wizard keeps their original folder structure unchanged.  It therefore makes it easy to understand where files were before deletion. Overall, the software is an impressive data recovery tool with loads of features.

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