Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers in UK

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2021)

Business has now finally started switching to cloud from physical hardware for file and application storage to ensure uninterrupted data access.  

While businesses have a wide range of cloud storage options to choose from, it’s crucial to rely on the Best Private Cloud Storage providers that offer low-cost storage, bandwidth, while still keeping your data safe. That is why you should invest in cloud-native endpoint protection before you experience a breach

Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers in UK

Private Cloud Storage providers

The list below brings forth cloud storage providers’ comparison in detail. It’s up to you which one you choose. The selection entirely depends upon your business requirements, the quality of service you need, and the budget you have allocated.

1. Thebunker.Net

Our list of private cloud storage service starts with Thebunker .Net. It’s the best suited free cloud storage for the organizations that need their own dedicated hardware hypervisors with guaranteed compute, storage and network resources. They claim to have built its infrastructure with the help of Bunker’s experienced architects who take care of all sorts of patching, firmware, and repairs.


  • Secure cloud
  • Colocation
  • Data Protection
  • Compliance
  • Advanced Security

In addition, The Bunker also provides Veeam backups to a Private VMware cloud, both in on and offsite modes.  They offer full-fledged guarantee for managed endpoint protection against exploits and malware. (Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Services in UK)

2. MassiveGRID – #1 Private Cloud Storage

MassiveGRID is UK’s one of the most popular free cloud storage service providers that offers Private Clouds, Virtual and Dedicated Private Clouds. Company’s Virtual Private Clouds offer businesses the flexibility to manage their resources in their own Private Cloud as per their business requirements.

  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Infrastructure services are designed to have dedicated resources
  • Top Class Data Center Facilities
  • High Availability Clusters 2 Gbps Internet Connectivity
  • Unlimited monthly traffic included
  • Instant Resources Upgrade

Company’s Virtual and Dedicated Private Clouds run in High-Availability mode to ensure cent percent business continuity and service uptime. MassiveGRID consumers can run their own private clouds in any of MassiveGRID’s Clusters around the world with full control of their services and allocated resources.

3. InterCloud

Meet our third contender of best cloud storage in UK. InterCloud is is an application-aware platform that offers private access to any cloud provider, securely and efficiently. InterCloud Platform is physically connected to all major cloud providers. Since its private network is fully isolated from all public networks, it’s secure and safe from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities.

  • Self-service consumption of hybrid resources
  • Workload provisioning and bi-directional migration
  • End-to-end security with consistent policy enforcement
  • A single point of management and control for physical and virtual workloads
  • A choice of cloud providers and hypervisors
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InterCloud connects to over 50 locations worldwide. They connect to all major infrastructure-as-a-service cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud, OVH.

InterCloud also delivers access to the premier Software-as-a-Service vendors such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

4. UKFast 

UKFast’s eCloud® Private is an ultra-secure, high-performance private cloud hosting platform backed by reliability, high availability, and redundancy. eCloud Private is built thoroughly and Hosted in the company’s wholly-owned ISO-certified UK data center complex.

 eCloud Private brings together cutting-edge technology, the company’s private cloud hosting expertise, and dedicated support. (Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Services in the UK)

UKFast’s eCloud portfolio runs on API-driven eCloud automation platform powered by enterprise-grade VMware hypervisor technology. It ensures consumers rock-solid stability and high availability.  eCloud is the top among unlimited cloud storage providers that make use of Cisco Nexus 10GB+ networking, dedicated Cisco M5 B200 blades with the latest in Intel Scalable CPUs.

With eCloud Private, users can connect to dedicated Dell PowerEdge servers into their private cloud environment, for any workload.  It eventually speeds up the end-to-end security of private solutions with UKFast’s Threat Monitoring, DDoSX® and IPS/IDS technology.

5. CloudOYE 

Private Cloud Storage providers

CloudOYE cloud storage hosting powers companies with seamless scalability, maintenance-free storage facility at an affordable price tag. While migrating to the cloud,  Consumers can access, store, manage and scale your data by availing storage hosting solution.

The company’s private cloud storage solutions are designed to safely store your files and media. Its storage capability allows companies to store files of huge volumes. They can manage and retrieve the stored data managed from any time and from any location.

CloudOYE cloud storage has globally located data centers and tightly integrated CDN to distribute data to all locations.

6. Backblaze

The B2 Cloud Storage service is known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or object storage that lets people and firms store mass volumes of data in the cloud. At Backblaze, security comes first.  The company stores all the data in their secure data centers backed by 24-hour staff, biometric security, and redundant power.  

Backblaze also uses encryption to safeguard data. They send a 6-digit code to your phone during sign-in for an extra layer of security. All the files stored in the data centers are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL.  

7. Sync

Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Service Providers in UK

With Sync, it’s quite handy and easy to store, share and access your files from just about anywhere. Sync safeguards your privacy with end-to-end encryption.   Sync offers a completely encrypted cloud storage platform for 100% privacy and protection against any kind of unauthorized access.

Sync allows sending of files of any size to anyone without even having a Sync account. The most innovative part of its service is that multiple users can work from the same set of folders, and features such as file requests, password protection, notifications, and expiry dates. 

Moreover, Sync offers automatic file backups in one centralized location. The backed-up files, folders and other content is synced across all of your computers and devices.

8. IDrive

Private Cloud Storage providers

IDrive helps companies of any size and individuals to back up their critical data with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. It’s to prevent any kind of data loss in case of disasters. IDrive currently offers Multiple Device Backup, Hybrid Backup, Server Backup with each carrying series of benefits for users. 

It’s Multiple Device Backup enables automatic scheduling of backups from multiple PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices into a single account. Hybrid backups ensure that files remain secure via IDrive’s hybrid backup solution for faster backups and restores. 

9. Dotpost

Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Service Providers in UK

Dotpost is another big name in private cloud storage service that helps businesses and individuals store, organize and secure their document hub. The service keeps the document safely in the cloud so that they can be accessed easily.

Dotpost has its UK-based data centre where it stores the documents safely in encrypted form. Dotpost has ability to automatically file new documents to let users access the information in just a few clicks away.  

10. Monstercloud:

Private Cloud Storage providers

With XLCloud cloud backup & storage, companies can store and organize their data at secured locations and in encrypted forms. The service ensures that data is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.  It allows backup & storage of files on Desktop, Laptop or Server running Windows or Mac.

Monstercloud claims to have its servers powered by 256bit AES file encryption, a military standard encryption method. Moreover, all connections to their servers use 256bit SSL connectivity which encapsulates data from being seen during the transfers. The service even doesn’t allow browsers to store files locally while online.

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