Top 5 Productive iPhone Apps For Professionals

Staying productive in today’s world can be a little stressful. It seems to be that two equal yet opposite forces at play in the struggle – our ever increasing hectic lifestyles, and the ever increasing amount of ways to slack off!

Top 5 Productive iPhone Apps For Professionals

Smartphones are both our best and worst friend. They allow us to remain connected 24/7, so we can work from almost anywhere in the world.

But they equally have hundreds of apps that we can play on for five minutes (or an hour). We need them to stay productive, but they are also our worst enemies. Quite the conundrum, right?

Top 5 Productive iPhone Apps For Professionals

What you need to do is turn your phone into your best weapon. Here are the top five productivity apps right now on the App Store.

Clean Master Cleaner Pro

This one is fairly straight forward, but could save you a lot of time. Clean Master essentially trawls your phone for duplicate content (repeating names, phone numbers, etc.) and combines them. No more time scurrying about trying to find which “John Smith” phone number is the correct one!

Awesome Note

There are plenty of “All in one” apps available on the App Store right now, that all do a good job of combining the default “Calendar”, “Reminder” and “Planner” apps. Awesome Note may be the best looking, however.

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Simply and stylishly combining lots of different things, this go-to app can tell you what you’re doing, with whom, and for how long, on any given day.


A staple app for many years, Evernote is another multi purpose destination. This time, however, it provides users with all the tools they need to write. It is essentially a refined and improved note taking platform, designed for the man on the go.

You can scribble down your notes, collate website pages, or collect and store business card information. A must have accessory for those looking to stay productive in 2015.

Shift Worker

This is tailor made for those with a hectic work life. It can be hard sometimes to keep track of when you are supposed to be in work, or not, especially if you have a part time job with flexible hours. This app looks to simplify matters through using icons.

If you have a morning shift on Monday the 23rd of March, a little sunrise will be in the Monday the 23rd box on the calendar. If you follow that up with a night shift, a half moon symbol will be in the Tuesday the 24th box. Quick and easy.

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Easily the most unique offering on this list, Forest takes a novel approach to fighting procrastination. You start out with a seed, which will grow over time.

Unless of course you leave the app to check Facebook or play a game. Then your tree starts to die! Keep things up, however, and you’ll end up with a full forest.

Best used in competition with friends, it may not stop you from browsing on your laptop, but it does take the phone out of the equation slightly.

There are plenty of other apps that can help you with your productivity, but these are the ones that are finding popularity right now. Whichever you chose, use them wisely, and you might see a huge benefit.

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