Everything You Have to Know to SEO Like a Pro

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2020)

The only organic way to generate traffic, other than receiving it at random, is to increase your visibility on search engines and social networks. Needless to say, this is only possible through extensive digital marketing campaign and SEO in particular.

Still, while a lot of people remain unaware that even some of their day-to-day actions in the digital world may be considered SEO techniques, there are those who started outsourcing their SEO even while they were still a one-person startup.

The reason behind this is the fact that some entrepreneurs were quick to understand and embrace the significance of SEO and try to use it to get a competitive edge.

Learn how search engines work

Regardless of all the tips and tricks, the truth is that, apart from all the business practices, there are no two digital marketers out there who approach this topic in the same way.

In order to tailor your own strategy and in order to differentiate useful advice from counterproductive one, you need to learn for yourself how search engines work. This means studying the algorithm and continuing to study major Google algorithm updates as they come along.

This is particularly important seeing as how the landscape of this industry shifts at an unprecedented speed.

It all starts with your website

When it comes to your digital marketing, at one point in your campaign you hope that people will visit your website. From that point on, you get them to buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter or merely leave you an email.

However, if your website is poorly designed and ill-constructed, you can’t hope for a great effect. Think about it, even the best article written by your copywriters has to link back to your website and if your audience doesn’t like what they see, it’s all for nothing.

As for the on-site optimization, meta tags and headline tags are important but if your page refuses to load at all or if it fails to load for quite a while, you stand to get penalized rather than rewarded.

Because of this, while most experts like those behind SEO Reseller Hub do suggest a custom SEO management system, you still need to support it with a proper infrastructure. Therefore, you need to rely not only on the on-page SEO but web design, as well.

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Three pillars

Next, you need to address the perhaps most important issue of the SEO, the three pillars of modern digital marketing. Here, we’re talking about A) content, B) links and C) social media. The greatest problem with the three lies in the fact that they are seemingly so intuitive, that people often tend to underestimate them and pay dearly for this mistake later on.

After all, these three methods are the key to driving traffic your way. This alone is the reasons why, in 2018 instead of niche terms like link building, we’re talking about a digital marketing as a larger unit.

Don’t be afraid to link towards other domains

The first thing you need to understand is that the blogosphere is a community and it functions as a delicate ecosystem. Sure, linking to other people’s pages may not benefit you as much as it does them, however, it’s great for your networking, it helps associate you with these amazing blogs and websites and it breaks a bit of monotony.

Internal linking is a great way to keep people on your website for a while longer, as well as to help them discover some of your older content pieces.

Unfortunately, you can’t just write about yourself all the time and you can’t self-promote your links exclusively. Finally, by sharing other people content you’re opening a door to a possibility that they will, one day, return the favor.

Google is not the only search engine out there

The next misconception that a lot of people make is believing that Google is the only search engine out there and, although it dominates 90 percent of the entire market, 10 percent is still far from an insignificant figure. On the other hand, some websites are so massive that they act as search engines of their own.

For instance, people look for things on YouTube, Facebook or Wikipedia every single day, without feeling the need to go indirectly through Google. Captioning, coming up with titles and transcribing your content in order to make it friendlier for some of these platforms might also be a form of SEO that you might want to try out.

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Quality content takes time to live up to its full potential

Finally, when you publish a piece of outstanding content, you are virtually guaranteeing that people will link towards it sooner rather than later.

However, this isn’t something that happens only in the first few weeks. In fact, unless your content has statistics that are momentary relevant but are soon about to become outdated, it may be able to generate backlinks for years to come.

Because of all this, it’s important that you try and learn as much as you can on this topic, regardless of whether you intend to handle it on your own or outsource it to someone else.

The knowledge on this topic, in the latter scenario, contributes to your ability to recognize the right agency for your business’ needs, as well as to recognize a situation in which they might be exploiting your lack of technical expertise on the topic to deliberately mislead you. Either way, the more you know, the better your position as an entrepreneur becomes.

Genelia Timothi