10 Tech Conglomerates Investing Heavily in Artificial Intelligence

As of now, it’s difficult to ascertain the future of Artificial Intelligence. Its impact and implications on tech is still under deep scrutiny. With tech juggernauts Google, Facebook and Uber pouring investments on AI startups and tech bigwigs asking constantly to regulate AI, the debate is going to continue for long.

10 Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Find here the list of 10 technology magnets that are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence. 

1. Uber:

Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Uber acquired an Artificial Intelligence or AI startup Geometric Intelligence in December 2016 to redefine the boundaries of machine learning. With acquisition in place, 15 employees from Geometric Intelligence will be working at Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco to create a new and dedicated AI lab.

2. Facebook:

Tech magazine ‘The Next Web reported that Facebook working on an AI based application that can help blind people ‘see’ photos. Based on AI applications and neural networks, the Facebook app will generate a description for every photo e.g. ‘three women smiling with champagne’.

Moreover, the social network is reportedly working on using artificial intelligence to bring detailed analysis and comprehensive maps illustrating population density and the access to internet across the globe.  It will help Facebook bring internet accessible to farther regions. The company is also working on an AI based deep learning tool is which aims to find out what matters to Facebook users.


Recently, NVIDIA announced association with Nuance to bring artificial intelligence into healthcare. With the partnership in place, NVIDIA’s deep learning platform will be integrated with Nuance’s PowerScribe radiology reporting and PowerShare image exchange network to create an AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging.

Using this AI-powered imaging service, medical professionals can access new advanced tools to analyze x-rays and other images used in radiology.

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4. Google:

Google has in its kitty one of the largest AI acquisitions to date. In 2014, the company acquired artificial intelligence startup DeepMind for a whopping $400 million (£263 million). Since acquisition, DeepMind has been helping to find the quickest route between underground stations and to improve healthcare through a series of controversial agreements with the NHS.

Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

In July 2017, Google launched a new project to study how people interact with AI systems called People + AI Research initiative (PAIR).

5. Spotify:

Spotify has been in spotlight recently for acquiring AI-focused startups with the aim to improve its content recommendations and targeted advertisements.  The premiere music streaming firm bought MightyTV that used artificial intelligence for making content recommendations.

Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Spotify also bought a Paris based machine learning startup Niland that helps spotify to bring custom recommendations to identify the preferred aspects of music and find similar content for Spotify users.

6. Salesforce:

Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce debuted in the race of AI by acquiring MetaMind, an AI startup specializing in deep learning. As Salesforce claimed, the AI based system will be able to offer customers real AI solutions with breakthrough capabilities that further automate and personalise customer support, marketing automation, and many other business processes.

7. Apple:

Apple acquired artificial intelligence startup Emotient that aims at developing systems around facial recognition technology and customers reaction to ads. Apple also bought UK-based AI company Vocal IQ in October 2015 to develop Siri further and use Vocal IQ’s speech AI software.

8. Microsoft:

Microsoft started its tryst with AI when in December 2016 Microsoft Ventures launched a new fund for AI startups. It is a VC fund created by Microsoft that aims at ‘investing in AI companies focused on inclusive growth and positive impact on society’, along with machine learning, big data, the cloud, security and SaaS.

Since its launch Microsoft Ventures has funded two artificial intelligence startups, Agolo and Bonsai. Among the two, Angolo uses AI to create summaries of information, in real-time, while the other one, Bonsai enables the automated management of machine learning algorithms.

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9. IBM:

By putting AI in place, IBM aims at creating machine learning tools that are capable of answering questions posed in natural language). Using AI, IBM wants to create a system to extract meaning from photos, videos, text and speech.  Additionally, IBM is also working on a teaching assistant app that will plan lessons based on approved material.  

10. Skype:

Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft-owned Skype does have AI based tools working on its platform. Skype offers real-time language translations in six languages as its translation system recognizes users speech and convert it into translated text as you speak.

Companies Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Genelia Timothi