Minecraft Creepers Wiki: A Quick Knowledge Base

What is a Minecraft Creeper?

Ardent Minecraft users are familiar with Minecraft creepers.  This is a deadly mob that explodes when comes in contact with a fellow mob or player. They are deployed by the gamers near the best opponents to blow them up instantly.

You can easily distinguish creepers by the green body that they utilize to trigger and detonate their enemies. When they are killed, they drop some kind of gun powder.

Origin of Minecraft Creepers

Developers of the game added creepers as the first hostile mob to the game. In its infancy, it was created as a dark shade of green. When it was hit, it flashed a lighter shade. At this stage, the Minecraft Creeper was only able to damage worth 4 hearts. Unfortunately, it was way lower than the damage done by zombies.

When its Beta 1.4 version was introduced later on, the Minecraft creeper was made to be a part of the Minecraft logo. In its latest upgrade named the 1.3.1 version of Minecraft Java Edition, the creators of the game increased the attacked strength.

The upgrade strengthened the creepers to the extent that a Creeper explosion can bring down 2 hearts with full diamond armor.

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The launch of the next upgrade named Java 1.8, the charged Creeper’s explosion would drop the heads of any nearby mobs. Moreover, version 1.14 brought an ability for the Minecraft Creeper to drop music disks even when killed by strays.

Minecraft Charged Creeper

During the game, the Minecraft Charged Creeper is created when lightning strikes anywhere within a 4 block radius of a Creeper.  You can distinguish the charged creeper by identifying the blue aura surrounding them.

These charged creepers can cause 50% more damage than a TNT block when explodes. Not only this but they can also destroy any other mob found in the locality. The moment charged creepers kill nearby mobs, these mobs drop their heads.

However, only one head is dropped even if a Charged Creeper ends up killing more than one mob of the same kind.

 Minecraft Creeper Appearance and Behavior

If you minutely observe you’ll find Creepers having a green body with visible specks of white and grey on their skin. They look like frowning creatures ready to explode the enemies.

The Minecraft Creepers make hissing sounds and can follow a player within a 16 block radius. However, the creeper stops hissing or moving when it reaches 3 block distance of the player.

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If a player is out of 7 block radius of the explosion, the Minecraft creeper’s explosion may be paused. To follow or chase the player, Minecraft Creepers can also jump down from heights. Creepers are capable to climb ladders and vines.

How Does a Creeper Drop?

Following is how the Minecraft Creeper drops:

  • 5 XP, when killed by the player
  • 0-2 gunpowder
  • Music disk, if killed by a skeleton or a stray
  • A Creeper head. (killed in the explosion of a nearby Charged Creeper. )

 Minecraft Creeper Farm

This is quite a common strategy of Minecraft players to create ingenious mob farms. The goal behind this is to get easy access to the mob drops. Players can create a general mob farm or a Creeper-specific farm to collect gunpowder.

Players can turn a general mob farm into a creeper-only farm by adding trapdoors to the top of a 2 block high ceiling.

Minecraft Creeper Skin

Players use Minecraft Creeper skins to look like creepy-looking mobs. It makes the game worth playing and more engaging. Minecraft Creeper skins are available in several variants with so many customization options for players.

Minecraft Creeper Face

Creeper’s frowning face was made part of the logo of Minecraft long before.  If you observe closely you will find the “A” in the Minecraft logo features the face of a Creeper.

What is the best Creeper Strategy?

 There are three ways to kill a Creeper.  By following these ways you can defuse the explosion of the Creeper.

  • Strike at the Creeper with a sword
  • Jump back at least 7 blocks
  • Knock the Creeper back 7 blocks away from you.

 Players can use the protective shield to escape the Creeper’s explosion. It helps to block the damage caused by a Creeper detonation.

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To decrease the damage by the explosion, the player can also build a wall with stronger blocks. Armors made from diamonds or nephrite can be used to reduce the damage caused by the detonation.

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