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For those who are unknown of Minecraft, this is the most popular and widely played most downloaded games on the Android OS. Like me there are millions of game addicts who played Minecraft game at least once on their Android Smartphone or tablet at some point of time. Minecraft (APK) lets you unleash your imagination with a 3D world. 

What is Minecraft?

minecraft APK

Play Store Download Link

Minecraft is one of the most influential and greatest video games to date. The game has received accolades and several awards for being the most loved online game.  This is a 3D sandbox game where unlike other games gamers have no task to accomplish or stages to cross.

With Minecraft Download you probably play the first video game that allows users to choose how they want to play. Some of the latest updates coming to the app are: 

  • Nether Update
  • Mountain update
  • Bees, bees, bees
  • Character Creator
  • Improved scripting tools 

Minecraft game houses several 3D objects such as cubes, fluids, and commonly called blocks. A gamer is required to picking up and placing these objects. This is the essence of this app.  The task for the player would be to mine these blocks and then place them elsewhere to build new places and things.

What is Minecraft APK? 

Minecraft  is used to install Minecraft game on your android device. This is one among the most popular games played on PC, gaming consoles and even mobile devices. Developers recently developed Minecraft Pocket Edition to let players play the game on their Android device.

The game is categorized under arcade, action and adventure genre. Minecraft  free APK download lets you unleash your imagination with a 3D world. You can create and reshape your world with your innovations while playing the game.

You can actually use as many virtual resources available (almost unlimited) in order to visualize and create a virtual world. The latest Minecraft update for android has so many enhancements in place to skyrocket your Android gaming experience.

Minecraft Download: Editions

Currently, there are multiple versions of Minecraft is available to play. In either version, gamers create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. Game is played in two main modes that are Survival and Creative. 

Each updated version comes with Minecraft offers different gaming experiences and strategies for gameplay.  Some of the versions include Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, Xbox 360 Edition, and  PS3/4/Vita Edition, etc.

PC Edition:

Minecraft is available on almost all the gaming platforms. But its PC Edition is most sophisticated and popular among all with advanced in-game components and elements in place. Plus, it offers improved and can run on any platform including the Windows and Mac OS X.

You can get the full access of Minecraft PC edition for $26.95. In case you want to run a check before buying, go for a demo mode. The Minecraft PC edition also enables game players to use Modding so that they can introduce new elements to the game for making several gaming improvements.

Pocket Edition

Minecraft APK Pocket Edition is especially designed for Android and iOs mobile users. It’s available for $7 but lacks at certain features and improvements if compared to the PC version. This lightweight edition doesn’t have hunger in the Survival mode and other key features.

But that doesn’t limit the impeccable game play opportunities and experience it offers. Its popularity among the gamers across the world is overwhelming. On Minecraft pocket edition, you can play both local and remote multiplayer games.

Console Edition

The Console Edition can be purchased for $20. The edition is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 etc. The Console Edition comes packed with a slew of amazing features that you can’t find in or Pocket Edition. In addition to that, Console Edition supports multiplayer gaming. However, the player must be logged into Xbox or PlayStation. 

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Education Edition:

This is another key Minecraft edition specially designed for students keen for learning through games.  The edition comprises a slew of noteworthy features that make Minecraft download more accessible and effective in a classroom setting. Its Classroom Mode displays a high-level map view of the world, student list and a chat window to initiate communication.

What Are Minecraft (APK )Modes?:

Modes in Minecraft are given to spur the overall gaming experience. You have the opportunity to select from those gaming modes to create New World screen when generating a new world. Anytime throughout the game, you switch a game to any of the Minecraft modes available.

1. Hardcore mode:

This is the toughest game player mode in Minecraft. This is a survival mode variant in the game. The mode permanently deletes the world if the gamer dies during the game. Similarly, if a gamer dies on a multiplayer game mode in hardcore, they are switched to spectator mode.

2. Creative mode

Players have access to all resources and items through the inventory menu in creative mode. They can place and remove these items on their convenience. In creative mode of Minecraft creative mode, players can toggle the ability to fly freely around the game world. Throughout, no harm is done to their characters by hunger. In the mode, players can focus on building without hindrance.  

3. Adventure mode

Another mode that’s called Minecraft adventure mode also comes with Minecraft. It was introduced to Minecraft game play so that gamers could experience user-made custom Minecraft maps and adventures. The mode is quite similar to survival mode with certain exceptions. In the mode players are required to access the required items to intensify the adventures.

Minecraft APK Download : At a Glance

File Info

If you haven’t yet played the game, go to download Minecraft and start playing now. The article captures all the details about how to download and install it on your Android phone.

  • Updated August 07, 2018
  • Android Operating System version required 4.2 and up
  • Current Version
  • File Size 72.8 MB
  • Developer studio Mojang
  • Category Action
  • Get it on Google Play Store
  • Official Developer Website https://minecraft.net/
  • Root permissions required No
  • Rating 4.5



Let’s have a look on the Minecraft features. These are the features that will surely make Minecraft game playing a fun filled affair. Here we go.

  • Minecraft comes with two gaming modes creative and survival.
  • The game comprises Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty levels.
  • Wide variety of societies to choose from
  • You can choose from day and night to play the game.
  • Minecraft download allows multiplayer gaming on local WIFI
  • Experience HD animated graphics
  • Play with your friends and challenge them for a high score to have more fun.
  • Real-life of popular cities across the globe
  • Collect valuables during the gameplay

The updated version of Minecraft App is loaded with a slew of amazing features for both casual and hardcore gamer wants. You will find Minecraft app latest version loaded with so many advanced features and game stages. Just download the latest Minecraft full version and enjoy the game in its fullest form. 


These are the gaming controls on Minecraft Mod that will make your gaming experience smooth and fun filled. You can use these controls freely as they are tested for preciseness. Following are the Minecraft controls that you can use to play the game and enjoy it in all the ways.

Left Ctrl = sprint; Tab = list players(for multiplayer); E = inventory; W = forward; A = left; S = reverse; D = right; Space = jump; Left Shift = sneak; T = talk/chat; Q = drop item; F = swap item with offhand; Esc = cancel

Minecraft APK Download:  

Play Store Download Link

Now, we are going to see how you can go for Minecraft APK Download manually for Android and then install the game on your Android device. Minecraft Pocket APK is paid on the mobile version while available free of cost on the PC version.

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For PC: 

Here are the steps for Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download. Download APK file using these steps and enjoy the game without interruption.

  • Go for download link
  • Install the game on your mobile or tablet
  • If you run the game, it will pop up the license authentication
  • Tap on the OK button and follow the next steps carefully
  • Download the Lucky Patcher app and install it
  • Open the Lucky Patcher app and look for the list of apps and tap Minecraft
  • Tap on Open menu of patches
  • As the popup appears click Create modified APK file
  • Tap on APK without License Verification
  • Another popup menu with multiple checkboxes appear
  • Enable auto mode checkbox
  • Click on Rebuild the App button
  • Wait for Lucky Patcher to create a modified version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK.

As the completion is finished, a box is displayed with patch results. Tap on the Go to file button. Now, Press the APK file that is lucky patcher highlighted. Now click on uninstall and install option from all the possibilities available.

Once you’ve successfully uninstalled the app, tap on the install button. Launch Minecraft pocket edition. Now, it’s ready to work without giving you any license issue verification.

For Android: 

You have to go with following steps if you want to install Minecraft on your android device. Once installed, restart your device to let your phone get default settings.  

  • Download Minecraft file to your Android phone
  • Go to your Android security settings and make sure “Unknown sources” option is checked
  • Open the downloaded file and click on the install button and wait until the process is completed.
  • Now you can open the Minecraft from your home screen and give a new direction to your creativity.

Minecraft Download APK: FAQ 

With latest Minecraft App Apk download you can enjoy unlimited money to play with. You have to face several deadly challenges and need to unlocked different Level. Check for the unlimited breadth and play the game surrounded in jaw dropping graphics. The Minecraft mod can thrill you with different missions  and increased your life power.

Is Minecraft Kid Friendly?

Yes, Minecraft is perfectly fine for kids wanting to play games on their mobile. It’s more than a game. It helps kids in many ways. It improves their creativity, problem-solving ability and self-direction abilities. The game is simply superb both in terms of enjoyment and education.

Is Minecraft Download Safe for Use?

Yes. Makers make sure that the Minecraft APK download must not breach the privacy of the gamers. To ensure full security and privacy, Minecraft frequently provides updates and patches for the game play app. You should also check it time to time if you are using the outdated version.

Is Minecraft free of cost?

Yes, Minecraft is absolutely free to play. Unlike other games you play, you needn’t to pay any amount to download the game and play. Games free version is free for all. To access its pro features, you just have to check for in-app purchases available in pocket friendly pricing.

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