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Do you love watching movies, TV shows, and OTT programs on the first day of the first show? It’s always a crazy thing to do. Unfortunately, you can’t watch these movies officially unless they are first released on the big screen or OTT platforms.

Even if you still want to watch these movies, you can move to websites like UWatchFree. The website is quite a packed platform where you can find pirated versions of all the latest movies and shows.

What is Uwatchfree?

As stated above, UWatchFree is a free movie streaming website where movie lovers can find all their favorite movies, TV shows, and latest releases. You need not pay any money to watch these shows on the platform as the website doesn’t charge any subscription fee.

The website was started in Pakistan almost a decade ago and gradually made a mark as a leading website for free movie streaming online.

Why is Uwatchfree So Popular?

Though the internet is loaded with several websites where you can stream and download movies for free, they don’t offer to stream in HD quality. This is where Uwatchfree comes into action.

The website has a great collection of HD movies, TV serials, OTT movies, and other video content in high definition. You can browse such a great collection without registering on the platform or subscribing to its plans.

The website helps you to get access to video content in different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, English, etc. The website was banned by the government authorities on complaints of copyright issues and content infringements. Yet, people keep watching the movies on Uwatchfree by changing their domain extensions.

Is UWatchfree Movies Legal?

Watching pirated movies using third-party websites, apps and platforms is against the law. Not only could this action attract legal action, but also lead to cyber risks and hacking attempts. It is ethically and morally wrong to use websites like Uwatchfree to stream movies and shows.

Moviemakers invest time and capital to produce movies. Once these movies are shown at cinema halls, they generate revenue and employment for many. Pirated versions of the latest releases badly hit the producers as movie lovers hardly hit the cinemas once they get access to the movie from these third-party websites.

Technically, UWatchFree is a platform that provides access to movies and video content illegally. Thus, the people who don’t want to spend money buying subscriptions for different OTT platforms can enjoy watching their favorite movies and shows available for free.

Uwatchfree offers an innovative home page and clutter-free navigation that helps movie lovers discover their favorite movies right from the website homepage. Its home page carries the catalog of the movies with their thumbnails and other details. Just click on the menu option and you can see a whole list of categories.

Salient Features of Uwatch:

  • Apart from eye candy and a user-friendly user interface, Uwatchfree offers a range of noteworthy features that makes it easier for movie lovers to live stream and download the movies. Following are some cool features of the platform, you will certainly love.
  • With a simple sign-up, you can access a wide range of video content on UWatchFree.
  • A search button is given on the home page so that you can search for your favorite movie without any hassle.
  • The website is said to offer over 20 million titles in different languages and genres.
  • The platform is ad-free. You can enjoy your favorite video content without seeing annoying ads.
  • The movies are available in different genres including action, comedy, adventure, drama, fantasy, animation, etc.
  • You can also discover and stream movies as per their release year.
  • A feature called Movie Request enables users to mark their requests to the website to make a specific movie available.

How To Use UWatchFree?

Due to regulatory compliances, Uwatchfree URLs are banned. You may not be able to access the website. The reason behind the ban is quite clear.

This website hosts a plethora of pirated and copyrighted movies that are played illegally without taking the consent of producers and rightsholders of the movie. However, the website is made available with certain specific extensions including:

  • UWatchfree.sh
  • UWatchfree.ch
  • UWatchfree.ms
  • UWatchfree.in
  • UWatchfree.org
  • UWatchfree.watch
  • UWatchfree.me

The website is also available in the form of an app. The app makes it possible to explore, stream and download movies using this app without fearing the ban.

This is a third-party app and not available on the Play Store. You can install its apk to watch the movies. The apk file seems to be a better option if you want to have an ad-free watching experience.


Uwatchfree is quite popular among movie lovers for streaming and downloading movies. The website offers them an experience of movie watching in the comfort of their home.

The only downside of this platform is that it hosts pirated video content that is illegal to stream and host. But still, you can enjoy some of the finest content on this website without paying a single dollar. Even if the website encourages pirated content, the quality of the content is amazing and excellent.

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