7 Excellent B2B Mobile Apps to Manage Business on the Go

Mobile development has made the running of B2B business easy. Before their existence, it was quite hard to keep track of all that was going on in a venture. It didn’t matter how skilled you were as the CEO; it was just hectic running the firm’s finances, hiring, marketing, and finding new prospects to do business with.

Besides all these, jumping from meeting to the meeting made it even worse. To ensure that things were running smoothly, the manager or the company’s CEO had to be in the office all the time.

Best B2B Mobile Apps to Manage Business

B2B mobile apps make it easier for anyone to manage their business on the go. With many of these apps in the market, you only need to pick a few good ones. Below, we are giving you a list of B2B apps that are efficient enough to help you run the day to day duties on the go. Go through them to see which one is lacking in your B2B business.

1. Asana

B2B Mobile Apps

 Asana has proven to be the best app when it comes to running B2B projects. No device is left out since one can use it on the desktop, iOS, or Android device. Asana is the go-to app if you want to improve your team’s delivery by keeping it organized.

With this app, a team leader can easily assign members tasks by sending them emails. Creating projects from scratch is also easy because it allows you to include due dates, subtasks, and notification.

In case of any update, you can inform the team about it. If clarification is needed, you can also get feedback from members. All these features make it very easy for one to run his or her B2B business efficiently.

2. WebEx

 As the CEO, if you are not organized, you may not make it to crucial meetings. That is why you need a reliable B2B app that allows you to get info about the next meeting. WebEx has all the features needed to keep you up to speed with meetings, whether you are in the office or not.

At the comfort of your phone, you can host and attend meetings and organize an online event. The app keeps things in sync, and one can even share vital files, send messages, and host video conferences on the go.

3. Google Drive

B2B Mobile Apps

The Google Drive B2B mobile app comes in handy when you want to secure and protect all your vital business files. When you are running a B2B business, keeping important files safe is vital. The beauty of this app is that it also has a desktop version that you can switch to when you are in the office.

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Files are kept safe both inside and outside the office, and any team member can access them. Google Drive allows you to store any kind of file or document, including charts, videos, images, audio, and many more. If you are just starting, you can get the free cloud storage that offers you 15 GB of storage space.

4. Google Analytics App

When you are running your business through your website, it’s always good to keep tabs on what is going on. The best app to help you with this is Google Analytics. With the Google Analytics mobile app, you don’t need to be in your office to track user activities.

No matter which OS you are using on your mobile device, you can track users with ease on the go. Among the crucial reports you are going to get with this app are real-time data, conversions, audience insights, user behavior, and much more.

5. EverNote

B2B Mobile Apps

Taking and keeping notes is among the many functions of a CEO running a B2B business. This needs a B2B mobile app that allows you to write down vital notes first so that you can move on with other matters of the day.

Later, you can check the notes you had jotted to stress on vital points. Such activity needs an efficient note-taking mobile app like EverNote. This app lets you jot down all the notes while traveling or out of the office. As the team leader, you can capture clip web articles, images of handwritten notes and store both digital and physical notes of your project. Users can also use words to search for notes and photos.

6. HootSuite

As a B2B business owner, tracking what goes on in social media shouldn’t be your main concern. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore this channel of marketing. One good thing that a social media app helps you to do is get feedback that may affect your business.

If there are any issues, you can act fast to solve them. Larger B2B ventures have the funds to hire an in-house team to handle their social media marketing. HootSuite is the best app for small B2B ventures that need to keep tabs on what goes on in their social media accounts. You can track what goes on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

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7. LinkedIn Pulse

B2B Mobile Apps

You need to gather vital news and info about what goes on in your field when you are running a B2B business. Barring your head in the sand, wishing that all is okay is unwise. What you need to install on your smartphone or any mobile device is a tool like LinkedIn Pulse. Such B2B mobile apps will help you collect news and trends that affect your business.

If the buying trends are changing, you can adapt to those changes to keep on making profits. The app makes it easy for users to know what is going on by presenting the news feed in an easy to understand manner.

Final Thoughts

To make your B2B business thrive, you need these efficient B2B mobile apps. The best thing about most of these apps is that they are free to install and run. B2B business is a competitive venture that requires focus and attention to grow and meet your business goals.

Since you need to meet up with potential business partners outside the office, you need B2B mobile apps to help you manage your business on the go. Check whether you lack any of them and make an effort to install them on your mobile device.

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Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker
November 20, 2020 2:35 pm

Thank you for sharing. I will definitely use Hootsuite now. I didn’t know about Google Drive mobile app too. I am also creating an app now. On this very interesting technology where you don’t need to create 2 separate apps, but just one https://itmaster-soft.com/en/react-native-development-services. I will study the apps you provided and learn from the best. I want to have an excellent app too. Thank you one more time!

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