9 SEO Takeaways for Your Blog in 2021 for Newbie Bloggers


SEO is natural or organic search results of search engines. It aims to increase rankings and, as a result, get more clicks to the website. Organic search is a crucial way to generate more traffic to your blog. Below are some guidelines on website optimization services to put in place for your blog post to rank high.

9 SEO Takeaways for Your Blog

1. Write to answer the customer’s questions

Give out answers to everyday life challenges and activities. Another reason for blogging is to improve business performance. Google tries to answer different questions every day. It is through blogging.

Carry out the website’s optimization services, get to know what most people are asking for, and develop the best niche. A more beautiful and well-designed website is essential to the search engines. It is always necessary to put the most beautiful part of the blog to drag more attention to the post.

2. Insert images and videos to your blog post

Blogging can never be all about texts. For every blog post that you need to publish, ensure to include at least one captivating image. Take time to research and get the best ideas for your blog post.

The added images draw attention to the readers, and it gives you the chance to add on to an extra keyword in your blog post—high content ranking in the search engines. Inserting videos in the context brings in more attention than texts only. Insert images in between each paragraph. You can also decide to put the content in a slideshow format to gain more attention and traffic.

3. Use of meta description to your blog post

A meta portrayal is a short section of text (a scrap of data) that you see underneath the search result. It is set in the HTML of a website page that depicts its substance. A meta portrayal is an HTML tag in which you can add to any of your posts.

It proposes to give a brief description of the base to the search engines’ definition to emphasize your article more. When writing the report, you should share what the reader is likely to find in the article. Highlighting occurs to make sure that everyone must read the article.

In some cases, Google will utilize meta depiction, and they’ll show a scrap of substance from the body of your page that applies to what the client looked for in the search to ensure that you mention keywords within the meta.

4. Optimize the older blog posts

Blogging is tedious. However, you can decide to update your old posts and make them appear more current, and they will get well ranked in the search engines. Give the old posts some useful information that they had missed out and appear new once again.

People get information online. Blogging helps feed the information the users are searching for. After publishing your blog post, you need to promote it worldwide and keep track of the search engines through google analytics. You can also opt to share links and generate more people through the links. Optimization of the old posts helps one to rank high on the google search.

5. Make your post comprehensive

Covering the topics that your audience is looking for help in marketing your blog. Carry out keyword research and get to know what your audience wants. Titles are an essential part of every post.

For content to be appealing, the title should be attractive enough. It should be well enticing for them to click on it. Keywords within the title search give an ideal search in the website optimization services. They are the driving force that makes the article very comprehensive, informative, and comprehensive.

6. Make internal linking a habit

Internal linking is the best way to include both your old and new posts in one place. With the help of WordPress, one can link the posts easily. The linking is essential since it helps your older posts get new links and clicks, thus generating more leads.

Even the internal links are not as important as the external ones; they are among the commonly used SEO tactics. It is a pretty simple step that makes a real-life difference amongst your website optimization services.

7. Try out some different content formats

Blogging is all about writing. Make use of a format that is more flexible and different from the rest of the blogs. You may decide to make use of different categories and tags to add to your blog.

Categorization of your content is not only useful to you, but it is as well as to the readers and the search engines. Categories can be the tables of the contents while the tags represent the book index. They divide the content into significant portions for easy reading. Branching out the content types helps reach out to a new audience and connect with them differently.

8. Make the posts easy to read.

All forms of writings require a more readable post. For your article to rank high within the search engine, make sure that it is readable. Friendly articles appear top in the search engine. Users may take just a minute to decide whether they want to stay within your blog or not. Make use of shorter sentences, small paragraphs, well-punctuated work, and correct grammar usage. They are the simple tricks to a high-top notch readable content.

9. Take advantage of the featured snippet

Google tries to answer questions as quickly as possible. The google snippets are from the most featured search listings. Google analyzes whether the searched article would make a friendly face fit to feature among the top searches.

The snippets are the most direct answers to every query on google. To get these snippets in google, ensure that your contents aim at answering most of the asked questions on google. Ensure to begin the title with words that show that you are answering a query.


Blogging is one of the best website optimization services one can carry on to improve on their SEO. You can keep a higher position in the search engine optimization through posting and publishing more content to make your blog website more active. Blogging takes a lot of time to get the content completed. Hence it is a major let down if the content fails to generate more traffic.

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