Top 9 Money Making Apps You Require to Download Now

# Last Updated On: July 22, 2021 #

If you are on this page for a purpose and you are involved in applications for making money, then you have come to the right place. This article will explain in detail how you can make real money on Android and IOS mobile phones.

The topic of mobile earnings is of interest to many users, which is not surprising – now almost every person has a smartphone or tablet, for the use of which you have to pay. But, as it turned out, not many owners of their gadgets know that with their help, one can not only not pay for communication services but also money-making apps.

Before the beginning

We think it would be convenient to clarify this type of application before starting the selection of applications. While the choices you find on this list are reliable and safe, there are thousands of apps on the  Google Play Store and  App Store that promise to offer you free money, and it’s nothing more than a  scam or scam to steal your data.

Always remember the following before downloading any application:

1. Smart App

The Smart app offers a way to money-making apps that is very different from the rest of the apps we’ve shown so far. We don’t need to do anything to start earning points!

You read that right; the Smartme app will not ask you to download the app or complete surveys to make money. You need to install the app and leave it open on your mobile. But … is this process safe?

Fortunately, Smart is an application that complies with all the  Data Protection Act  (LOPD) and only collects information about the applications installed on your mobile phone for statistical purposes.

This one barely drains your smartphone’s battery and will bring some exciting benefits in a little bit too.

Start using the Smartme app, create a user account and leave the app open in the background. For each active day, you will earn a total of 300 points (approx. € 0.03), and once you have collected 50,000 points (€ 5), you can exchange them for a  bank transfer.

While the Smart app cannot charge through your  PayPal account, it is an exciting app that is entirely legal and works great for a  100% Spanish company. Of course, you need to be patient to get a decent amount of money.

2. Big Time

Big Time is the app that all players who want to make money online app for free have been waiting for. And to start funding your PayPal account, you only need to spend a few minutes a day playing with your mobile.

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To begin using Big Time, you need to download the app to your iPhone ( Ios )  or  Android  Phone. After that, create an account using your email or Facebook account and confirm that you are over 14 years old. If you have followed these steps, you can start making money right now.

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Collecting points in Big Time is as easy as playing the games offered by the app. During the game, you will receive tickets, which you can then exchange for a lottery or, if you prefer, for real money. Ten thousand tickets equal $ 0.01, which you can conveniently transfer to your PayPal account.

On a positive note, Big Time is a safe app and has excellent reviews on Google Play. In this draw, there are draws every two days, and the winners receive fortunes in the form of points and tickets to exchange. This is why, if you are a lucky user, you can make a small fortune quickly by simply downloading the app.

3. Street Bees

Street Bees is a little bit extra money making an app from anything we’ve shown you. Instead of filling out surveys, downloading apps, or playing games, we’ll have to complete small tasks or share our ideas on which brands.

This means that you will need a little more  Free Time to make money, but the process will be less monotonous.

To start using Streetbees, you will need to download the app and give it your mobile number. Once this is done, you will receive a  confirmation code via SMS  that you will need to activate your account. After that, create a username, password and proceed with the proposed tasks.

As we said before, the Streetbees have a wide variety of mission types. You’ll find them all in the Live Assignments section,  and they can range from answering questions about your lifestyle or opinions about a particular brand, such as going to the corner supermarket and giving the app a photo of the fruit section, or maybe your breakfast that morning. …

One of the most exciting things about Streetbee is that you don’t need to have a minimum of points to exchange them for money. Request a payment via PayPal, and it will appear in your account in less than three days.


APPMONETA is another new project with which you can earn money to pay for communications and minor expenses. Payment is made within an hour from the moment of ordering.

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5. TINCOFF Investment

An application with simple and convenient access to the world stock markets, which will help you make purchases of currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.

You will have access to more than 10 thousand securities of Russian and foreign companies, bonds, and ETFs from all over the world, as well as access to IPOs and primary bond issues.


This is another new project with which you can earn money to pay for communications and minor expenses. Payment is made within an hour from the moment of ordering. The minimum withdrawal amount is only 10 rubles.


It allows you to earn money by completing short missions on your smartphone in nearby stores. BeMyEye developers collaborate with the most prominent brands (Coca-Cola, Nestle, Heineken, Ferrero, Mattel, etc.).

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With the help of this application, the company collects information about their products and receives an average reward of 200 rubles for a 10-minute mission (the maximum payment reaches 1500 rubles).


They complete simple tasks through a mobile application and earn money on the Internet with absolutely no investment. You will have access to such functions as viewing advertising banners, visiting advertisers’ sites, and watching videos with pay for Time in the menu.


The only app that will allow you to earn coins by playing free mini-games. The system works very quickly, you play through the Big Time program, periodically watching ads, and the developers share a part of the income received with you.

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