6 Actionable SEO Tips for Ranking

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Search engines, such as Google are changing constantly.  Some of the newer things to be aware of for 2018 are changes in the way people search.

Such as how voice searches may change keywords, better video and photo recognition searches and new ways to weight personalized search results.

6 Actionable SEO Tips for Website Ranking

While, we do not yet know how to fully optimize new SEO techniques to gain traffic on these changes, following the 6 steps below will help to keep your site on the first search page where it belongs.

6 Actionable SEO Tips

It’s All About the Content

Whether you are selling products, making a blog or an informational site, you have to strive to create the best possible content there is.  For example, if you are selling Grandma’s homemade baby shoes on your website, you will want to have content that will cover every aspect of baby shoes.

You will want to include content on proper sizing, proper wear, and usage.  Which shoes are best for babies learning to walk, what parents are saying, etc.  You want to cover every possible base as far as information on your product or theme that people feel like they no longer have questions.  Having content like this on product sites will also prompt buyers to go no further and purchase from you.

Content Sculpting

It is also important to have content that is not going to bore the pants off of people.  This can be done in a number of ways.  Number one, don’t use large blocks of text in any one place.  Be sure to split it up with headers, new ideas, images, anything you can think of to keep the attention of your reader.  Another way is to put just enough information into your headers that people are drawn to read the information in the paragraph below.

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Proper Keyword Use

Keywords are the words that people commonly search for when looking for information or products.  Many people will take a keyword and place it throughout their text, hoping their Google ranking will be higher as a result.

This is just not the case and don’t ruin your out of this world content by bombing it with keywords.  Create a title and a Meta description that fluidly use the keyword, Grandma’s Bouncy Baby Shoes – Handmade baby shoes for all stages of infancy, style and fitting guides available on the site.

Data, Data and more Data

If you are looking to generate traffic, you will need to go over your results and how the traffic makes it to your site.  Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console, both are free to use and give you data that will help you to better your online presence.  With these tools, you can see anything from the number of visitors to how long they are on your page.

These are all invaluable pieces of information when optimizing your content.  Clicks and time on page are the two big data sets that you should be paying attention to.  The better these numbers are, the higher the ranking in Google search you will get.  Play around with your content, and tags, figure out how to get people to click and then to stay on your pages.

Finding Keywords

When deciding on keywords the trick is to find keywords that Google is likely to suggest that pertain to your product or theme.

You can do this by typing your theme into a Google search bar and observe the suggested searches given.  This will give you ideas for new keywords that can be put into your content that you can rank for.  You can also use specialized keyword sites to get suggestions in one place and to look at competitor’s keyword rankings.

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It is also important to link your content to credible sources.  People are more likely to believe what you have to say if it is backed up by a credible source.  Back linking is also common, where you can link a related site or have a guest make a post or allow for comments to your site.  This creates more of an interconnected web of intelligence for Google to set and compare its rankings on.

To get on top of the new SEO trends for 2018, you will want the highest rankings possible.  Follow the 6 easy tips above and your site will move up the ranks in no time!