The 8 Most Useful Free SEO Courses Available Online

The best method of learning SEO is by enrolling in an SEO course. There are several free SEO courses available online that you can register and acquire crucial skills. And with 72% of businesses agreeing that elearning helps them stay ahead of their competitors, now is the best time. All the best seo courses offered are perfect for all learners ranging from beginners, intermediate to the experts who want to gain more knowledge in the field of SEO.

Search engine optimization is the practice of adding quality and quantity of visitors to your site through organic results.

8 Best SEO Training Course Online

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Quality and quantity traffic is more of attracting and getting more users to visit your website and probably buy your products. Incorporation of competency and best SEO services into your marketing endeavor will help you in achieving the traffic in your platform; however, in making this, you will learn all the loopholes of search engine optimization.

It is only achievable through gaining skills on the same meaning you will require to learn useful seo training to become vast with enough knowledge.

In this article, you will learn the top most useful courses to learn SEO free of charges. The list of the courses I have provided if from reputable organizations that will help you in building your skills. Accessing some of the seo certification courses, you will be required to create an account with the teaching platform, but all the courses I have discussed here are free of charge.

1. SEO Course Online by Moz (Udemy)

It is the most popular seo course online that usually has many students enroll. It has a rating of 4.3 -5 stars. The course is perfect for advanced learners because it will offer you the developed framework on the ways of setting up the SEO strategy.

However, anyone else can benefit from this skill regardless of their level of expertise. Udemy seo training offers the best tutorials concerning the tool that can be used for analysis and implementation. The program targets both the new marketers and the internal teams. Upon completion of the course, you earn a certificate.

Reasons to enroll in Udemy SEO training course:

  • It offers step by step guide on the ways of approaching SEO clients
  • Learn more about link  building
  • You will learn SEO tactics and statistics through video lectures
  • It is easy and informative to learn ways of auditing your website’s potential.
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2. Building sustainable traffic for the business growth course (Hub Spot)

It is a seo course online offered by the Hub Spot. The program covers four areas of SEO classes online, which include: SEO strategy, scaling your link building campaigns, how SEO does Hub spot blogs, and creation and execution of guest blogging.

Hubspot course is not a beginner’s course, but advanced seo for professionals. To understand different concepts that are usually explained in their videos, you require a basic understanding of SEO.

3. On-page and technical free SEO Courses (SemRush)

Both the on-page and technical SEOs are two main processes you can fully control.  It makes it easier improving SEO rules. The course entails these areas: auditing, troubleshooting HTTPs, fixating crawl ability issues, log file analysis, and creation of SEO-friendly content.

It is good to enroll for this search engine optimization course via SEMRush SEO classes because it helps you in understanding how to use SemRush, which is one of the critical SEO tools. Looking for SEMrush promo code? Get a SEMrush Pro 30-day free trial with this special promo code on Woblogger.

4. SEO specialization course (Coursera)

It is a well-known online seo training platform that offers a wide range of digital marketing courses. Its path in regards to SEO involves:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Optimizing a website
  • Advanced content, social tactics, and SEO strategies
  • Site optimization

Since an expert teaches the course you can decide to specialize in it. Being a comprehensive SEO course online, that deals with all aspects of SEO is very advantageous to the learner since it is offered free of charge.

5. Skillshare SEO Training Course

It is yet another online SEO learning platform that offers seo course online free of cost. Some of its website SEO courses are, however, in the premium model, but others are free.

You learn through watching video lectures, and it takes you about an hour to complete the full course covering different topics including link building, on-page SEO, content optimization, and optimizing Mobile SEO. This seo training online is not for beginners since you will need some basic understanding of SEO.

6. SEO Training Course for wordpress ( Beginners- udemy)

It is an online tutorial course that aims at helping students learn the ways of driving higher traffic into their websites. One vital thing as a student is to have basic computer skills and knowledge about word press when joining this course.

At the end of the whole seo training course, you know the differences between the Gray-hat, Black-hat, and White-hat SEO. Besides, you will be able to organize and audit the website in limited time, which helps in acquiring high ranking for your results of the search list.

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7. SEO course and training LinkedIn learning (Lynda)

It is  the best seo course that offers you with various SEO techniques from the experts. The lecturers show you the methods of performing keyword research, building quality links, increasing page ranks, among other SEO requirements to acquire optimal results.

The course includes SEO Classes that help you in improving your search engine position. It is an ideal course for everyone that means even the beginners should enroll as well as the advanced learners.  This is because it covers a wide range of SEO topics.

8. Free SEO Courses for beginners (Yoast)

This is an SEO course for students who want to venture into the world of SEO. It is very suitable for the learners that do not know SEO. It begins by explaining what SEO is and its fundamentals, inclusive of how a search engine works. The course is divided into three sections: seo fundamentals, content SEO, and then technical SEO.

It is advisable to enroll in the Yoast free SEO course if you do not have any information about it, yet you would want to acquire a general understanding of how it operates.

The good thing about this seo training course is that it tries to explain the technical aspect of SEO through more straightforward, understandable language. The SEO classes online helps in avoiding technical jargon that would bring issues in capturing the crucial information.

8 Best SEO Course Online: Conclusion

Free SEO courses are an essential starting point for the beginners since they tech your necessary information required to become an SEO expert. However, if you would want to learn all the SEO loopholes, you may consider making a small investment to enroll in the best SEO course that you will learn everything you need to know.

Markedly, an excellent course will update and take into account all the new trends that take place hence enriching you with new content.

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