10 SEO Techniques That Will Triple Your Traffic

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2020)

Content marketing has become an extremely sought after strategy. Entrepreneurs and corporations are beginning to see how important it is to include content marketing strategies in their plans to expand their brand’s outreach.

One of the most vital components of content marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an umbrella term for all the techniques and technicalities that help content to rank high in searches and become popular with readers.

10 SEO Techniques to Triple Traffic

SEO Techniques That Will Triple Your Traffic

Through SEO, corporations have begun to churn out content that actually pays. Sound SEO strategies used by article writers have allowed innumerable brands to increase their online presence, garner a large customer base and become authorities in their relevant niches. Plus, by using SEO, entrepreneurs have increased their brand’s visibility and improved their rankings on SERPs!

Pretty cool, right?

Here are 10 SEO techniques that will triple your traffic and skyrocket your business to success!

1. Use Targeted Keywords

Targeted Keywords are one of the most important components of SEO writing. These phrases and words are those that audiences actively search for by typing them into search engines. Usually, the audience always picks the first 3-5 links that appear on the first page of the search engine.

Using targeted keywords will increase the number of clicks on your post, which will in turn increase your ranking. By incorporating them throughout your content, you’re providing the potential customer with answers to their dilemmas – so use a tool to check the strength of your keywords before you begin writing.

2. Focus On Readability

Content that sells always ranks high on SERPs, and one of the top requirements of a brilliant SEO article is readability. Readability refers to the organization, simplicity, scannability of the article or blog.

In other words, you don’t need super flouncy language to sound professional or formal. Stick to the basics and use simple language to impart your information to the customers. The simpler your content is, the better it will be!

3.  Take Advantage of Formatting Tools

A great SEO article isn’t just flatly written. One of the ways to increase rapport for your content is to utilize formatting tools. It embellishes your article, makes it look more professional and is easy and quick to read – which is what customers always look for!

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So don’t forget to format your content in terms of the following:

  • Headings
  • Sub Headings
  • Hyperlinks
  • Meta Details
  • High Quality Media

4.  Optimize Your Content’s Length

According to various types of research, the length of your content also determines how well your content is received. Because SEO is about optimizing content to be the best, word count, article length and post length are very important when it comes to creating a killer SEO article.

According to Google’s own research, short articles that are usually 200 – 300 words in length are weak. On the other hand, articles that are over 1,000 words are more sharable, have better readability and scannability and rank better because customers prefer detailed information.

5. Improve Your Website’s Quality

Websites that have unsatisfactory page loading time, weak graphics, a confusing layout, a tacky interface and minimal organization are no one’s favorite. According to research based on User Experience, customers look for swiftness and quality.

SEO also demands that your website or page is organized and has  a consistent layout and a very fast page loading time. Nothing turns away clients like a badly constructed and managed website – so consider having your technical team improve your web page’s performance.

6. Incorporate Mobile Optimization

Why do some pages rank better than others? Of course, content and aesthetics matter, but what’s more important is how the content is optimized for mobile viewing. The majority of online shopping happens over mobile devices, calling for attention in this field.

One of the top SEO tips is to optimize your webpage or website for mobile viewing if you want tons of traffic. All elements on your page should load well across different devices and screen, the page loading time, graphics and other vital features shouldn’t lag if not accessed over a desktop.

7.  Hire Processionals to Create Content

Many entrepreneurs have started outsourcing their content needs to Article Writing Services that have teams of professionals who are adept at creating search engine optimized content. The professionals know how the digital world of content works and are vital to increasing your brand’s rankings and traffic.

In fact, professional writers are aware of all the latest things that go into curating the best content for their clients, which helps to dramatically increase ranking, improve bounce rates and also bring in tons of conversion. It’s definitely an investment that pays!

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8. Incorporate High Quality Media

According to research, including high-resolution media, like pictures or GFS, can dramatically boost traffic – in some cases, there’s been a 94% boost! Amazing, right?

Humans are visual learners and prefer quick solutions, so carefully selected images can do wonders for your post. In fact, if anyone does search for a certain image that you have coincidently used, your content is bound to attract traffic.

9. Make Your Content Powerful

Why do some posts get more traffic than others? Because of rapport, trustworthiness and authoritativeness on the subject, of course! In order to rank well, SEO strategy states that your content should be powerful and compelling.

Whatever you’re content is about, explore it fully and in depth. By investing in quality and research, you’re automatically creating content that is appealing to potential customers. This helps to increase its shareability, which boosts the traffic on your page.

10. Recycle Old Content

According to research, recycling old content with SEO tactics like better images, new keywords and a few changes here and there actually results in tons of organic traffic! Potential customers always prefer to look at something familiar, so recycling old content with SEO is a great way to up your game.

Not only does it save you time and big bucks, but it’s also a great way to draw more attention towards your brand, products and business. It also increases the chances of shareability and definitely increases your conversion rates!

So what’re you waiting? Try these 10 SEO tips to increase organic traffic today!

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