10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives With Great Features

# Last Updated On: September 12, 2021 #

Notepad++ is an open-source code editor that helps programmers in coding and debugging activities. The tool is coded in C++ and offers seamless support for several programming languages under the Microsoft Windows environment.

This text editor is capable of opening multiple files simultaneously with its tab facility. Another important feature of Notepad++ is zooming in and out.

10 Best Alternatives to Notepad++ As of 2021

If you’re thinking beyond this application and willing to go for an alternative, here is a curated list of other praise-worthy code editors and Notepad++  alternatives.  This list comprises both commercials as well as free code editors.

1. Sublime Text

Our list starts with Sublime Text, the finest Notepadd++ alternatives available for users. It’s built with a wide range of advanced features for programmers.

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Even if you want to get more out of it, you can install plugins and add ons as well. if you want support for more programming languages and mote functionality. You will appreciate its search feature and many of the shortcuts available for improving your efficiency.



The tool is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and comes with a tabbed interface. While using the application, you can create customized shortcuts for speeding up your task efficiency. Only one license is required to use this tool on multiple operating systems.

2. Vim – Free Notepad++ Alternative

Best Notepad++ Alternative

Like the Sublime Text, Vim is a free and feature-loaded Notepad++ alternative available to use on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. You can customize the features of the tool according to your wish.


  • File Menu
  • Edit Menu
  • Format Menu
  • View Menu
  • Help Menu
  • Text Browsing
  • Text Selection
  • Text Modification

You needn’t be a programming wizard for using Vim. It’s easy to use application with several ways given for configuration. The platform features several keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier.

Another nice thing about the tool is that you can download user scripts to add more efficiency to your tasks. Vim offers support for several programming languages you know. Its history feature allows you to go back into the archive and find your tasks in the past.

3. Atom Text Editor

This Notepad++ alternative is available to use on the Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. GitHub developed the Atom notepad to help programmers manage codes. Atom is available as an Open API therefore its functionalities can be enhanced further using several plugins available.

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  • Cross-platform editing
  • Built-in package manager
  • Smart autocompletion
  • File system browser
  • Multiple panes
  • Find and replace

It is a very flexible program with a tabbed and a multi-paned layout. It’s an easy-to-use tool that offers a flexible programming interface. The platform provides essential documentation to help programmers use the application efficiently.

4. Emacs

Best Notepad++ Alternative

Emacs is another very efficient Notepad++ alternative. Though, bit complex in terms of use, the app provides offers users a consistent coding experience throughout. The application allows programmers to write almost any kind of code whether basic or complex.


  • Content-aware editing modes
  • Complete built-in documentation
  • Full Unicode support
  • Highly customizable
  • Project planner, mail, and news reader
  • System for downloading and installing extensions

You can use third-party open-source plugins to customize the interface of the platform. The platform comes built with a good number of keyboard shortcuts and an ability to record macros with Emacs too.

As the tool is open API-based, you can use third-party modules to create word processing, project planning, news reading, and calendaring features.

5. Brackets – Open Source Code Editor

For novice programmers and coders, Brackets is a great Notepad++ alternative indeed. You will be mesmerized by its clean and untidy user interface. Despite the simple look and feel, Brackets is loaded with a slew of great features you always looked for in a text editor tool.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion
  • Find and replace
  • Code folding
  • Collaborative editing
  • Language Support
  • Selection Methods

This powerful text editor hides away the many features from view to make things uncluttered for you. Brackets will highlight syntax which helps with your coding efforts. There’s also a split-screen function for easy comparison.

Among many shortcut tools, those dedicated to editing CSS and HTML are quite cool. You can see the live preview of the results in a web browser. The tool is available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

 6. Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a stunning and easy-to-use text editor that helps you to edit and debug any code efficiently. Its tabbed browsing feature enables programmers to open multiple files in one window and work on them simultaneously. Code debugging and viewing of command input are some features that are the USP of Visual Studio Code.


  • Syntax for all languages that i use.
  • Tabbed ui
  • Great code editor
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Plugins
  • Nice GUI
  • Regex & Special Character Search & Replace

The downside of the tool is that it’s quite complicated to use. So, if you’re not inclined to programming like a pro, the tool isn’t for you. Overall, the tool offers great debugging features and the ability to select multiple codes at once and edit them with a single click.

7. Kite – Sticky Notepad

Best Notepad++ Alternative

Kite is an IDE for Notepad++. It’s an ideal choice for programmers looking for a tool that efficiently debugs several lines of code in one go. The application is available for use on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Kite provides complete Java documentation.

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While you type a code, it shows a tooltip on mouse hover and a function signature. The application is packed with machine learning capabilities for flawless code editing and debugging capabilities.

8. Geany Text Editor

Geany is a text editor based on GTK+ toolkit. The tool is free to use and comes with several basic features. This Notepad++ alternative supports different file types and lets users adding a note for applying the indent settings in the project preferences.


  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Code folding.
  • Autocompletion of symbols/words.
  • Construct completion/snippets.
  • Auto-closing of XML and HTML tags.
  • Calltips.
  • Many supported file types
  • Symbol lists.

While coding and debugging programmers can navigate through the source code easily. Moreover, the tool has a pop-up menu on message window notebooks and a sidebar. It also shows a status message when a user tries to run empty context action.

 9. TextMate – Text editor for macOS

Best Notepad++ Alternative

This Notepad++ alternative is built for mac. The tool is feature-loaded and offers a very user-friendly interface. The tool allows coding and debugging for several programming languages.


  • Multiple Carets
  • File Search
  • Version Control
  • Scoped Settings
  • Commands
  • Bundles
  • Macros
  • Snippets

The application offers auto-Indent for common actions and has in-built CSS-like selectors to let coders unleash the Scope of Actions and Settings. If you want to work with multiple files, you have a dynamic outline feature to do so.

For easy overview and navigation, the app provides function pop-ups. Some of the other noteworthy features of the app include running Shell commands from within a document and visual bookmarks to jump between places in a file.

10. jEdit Text Editor

Best Notepad++ Alternative

jEdit is available for  Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It’s an open-source text editing tool that helps programmers manage text editing, coding, and debugging activities. The application provides plugin support to add advanced functionalities to the tool.


  • Built-in macro language
  • Plugins
  • Auto indent
  • Word wrap.
  • Highly configurable and customizable.
  • syntax highlighting

The application can be integrated with various third-party tools. The tool provides a powerful ‘search and replace’ feature along with support for several programming languages as well as file formats.

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