5 Top Tech Skills in Demand in 2019, Start Learning Today

Are you planning to change your field and get into the tech world but confuse with what skills to choose for a bright career? You can maximize your marketability by taking up the best tech skills which have great demand in future and everlasting developments.

5 Top Tech Skills in Demand

Tech is a vast field and people often gets confused about what directions to move in. here, we have listed down the top 5 tech skills that are in high demand in 2019 and have a shining future ahead.

Also, you will let to know how you can learn these skills and enter the market with enough knowledge to sustain.

Let’s have a look at these skills below:

1. Mobile development

 This is the world of mobile and it is a handy device too. There are more than 2.5 billion users using the Smartphone all over the world.

This clearly states that companies don’t just need a mobile to have their presence online but also they need a powerful mobile app. Augmented reality is one of the new and most interesting directions in which mobile apps are headed.

With the learning of mobile development, you will get to know about various operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS, etc. You will be able to develop complete mobile apps that are user-friendly and easy to use with high efficiency.

Taking up this as a field can be a good option wherein you will be able to get jobs in various industries and also you can start your business. The average salary of a mobile app developer is around $101k. There are tech jobs available in San Francisco where the top tech companies reside. 

If you plan to start the career in Mobile development, you can take the course from Coursera where you will get to learn everything from basics to the advanced level.

2. Digital Marketing

With the entire world becoming digitalized, it has become an important for organizations to improve their presence on the web and gain more visibility.

More is the visibility more will be the customers and conversions and hence ultimately there will be more revenues. Employers keep looking for digital marketing experts who have complete knowledge of digital marketing concepts.

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If you have interest in data then this can be a great tech skill to move forward. The Digital marketing expert has to do the continuous measuring, testing and experimenting in order to check out what all things are working and what not.

They need to make changes based on the metrics and the results of their observations. Also, if you are looking to start your own business then digital marketing can be a great option.

If you are interested to learn Digital Marketing, then you can learn through online by Lynda

3. Data science

Next in the list of top tech skills is Data Science. There has been a significant rise in the demand of data scientist from the last few years and the studies show that this demand is everlasting.

The data science is considered to be the hottest job of the era with more and more explorations to be done.

Almost all the big MNCs including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc have already started using the data science technology for getting positive insights from the data.

They keep searching for experts who can independently handle the tons of data and come out with useful results in order to help the organization to enhance their business.

If you want to learn this tech skills, then get training in Data science Course from Techdata Solutions. Which is the best institute offering efficient learning of the course deeply.

4. Machine learning

Another very exciting and innovative tech field is Machine learning. With so much automation and fast technology evolution in the market, machine learning is in great demand in the market.

Learning this skill can be really beneficial for you as the scope is very high. From Alexa to the chatbots and from predictive analysis to Siri, everywhere machine learning is in great use.

There has been a significant rise in demand for machine learning experts as almost 61% of organizations now insist that artificial intelligence and machine learning and the top demands of the market.

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There is not a single industry nowadays where machine learning can’t be applied. The average salary of a machine learning engineer is around $143k.

The openings keep coming for the expert professionals. Taking up machine learning as a career can be a smart choice as the demand is everlasting.

You can start learning about Artifical intelligence and machine learning from FITA that is a great institute offering the best learning.

4. Network and Information Security

Last but not least in the list of best tech skills is cybersecurity.  For any of the

organization where dealing with customer data is one important task, keeping the network secure is of utmost importance. If any data breaches happen, they can cause a huge loss and there are many companies which have already suffered from cyber crimes before.

Therefore, it becomes very important for the companies to make sure their network security is up to the mark and hence they hire experts whom they can rely on safely.

Taking up the career in this domain can be beneficial as the salary perks are very high and the career is everblooming always.

So, if you wish to get into this as a career then you can take up the course from Udemy to get a better understanding.

This is the list of best skills you can choose for your career. Taking them up can provide a great spark to your career and the best option to grow. So choose the one that fits your skills and interest.

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