8 Digital Marketing Trends That Businesses Must Follow In 2019

Over the years, the internet has become the most important selling channel for businesses. Consequently, digital marketing emerges as a key strategy for them.

8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

8 Digital Marketing Trends

In fact, big and small businesses are investing millions in establishing and growing their online presence. But digital marketers face the challenge of aligning with the ever-changing algorithm of Google.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule that they can follow as marketers need to keep pace with the changing trends and algorithms. Here are the top trends that businesses must follow to reach the top of the digital marketing trends in 2019.

Content is all about storytelling

Undoubtedly, the content has always been the building block of a digital strategy and it continues to be the same. However, the trend has shifted to storytelling content rather than just high-quality write-ups that are optimized with the right keywords.

The idea is to serve valuable information to the users and engage them with interesting stories about products and brands. User-generated content like reviews and testimonials is also becoming a clear winner.

User intent optimization is the key

The user is at the center of a successful digital strategy and a website that is optimized for user intent climbs to the top. In this context, SEO no longer remains to stuff the high-search keywords into your content.

It is more about understanding the intent of the users when they search for products and services and related information. Accordingly, the websites that are optimized to answer their varied queries are prioritized by Google and ranked higher than the ones optimized conventionally.

Mobile optimization becomes a necessity

As people increasingly rely on smartphone devices to search online, mobile optimization is not a choice for businesses today. This makes sense because users are happier searching on the go and want websites to load super-fast across all devices.

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Moreover, a website that is not mobile-optimized is likely to be penalized by Google and lose its rankings. Unless you follow this trend, sustenance and growth in the era of Google mobile-first index are practically impossible.

Diversity is the recipe of success

2019 is all about diversity when it comes to whipping up a successful digital marketing mix. The focus earlier was mainly on search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Though these strategies still retain their importance as this post explains, there are many more that marketers are embracing today. Content marketing and email marketing, in particular, are fast emerging as effective and result-oriented strategies for businesses that want to ace the game.

Social media cannot be ignored

 Besides the conventional tactics like SEO and SEM and innovative ones like content marketing and email marketing, social media remains another strong pillar of a successful digital strategy.

Without a strong presence on social media, a business cannot expect to grow its audience and win them as loyalists. Therefore, they must ensure an impressive presence across diverse social platforms and also work on establishing and growing online communities.

CRO emerges as a vital element

Another trend that businesses cannot afford to miss this year is that of conversion rate optimization (CRO). This is the technique that encompasses the improvement of website experiences with the objective of enhancing conversions.

It mainly involves assessment of the user journey on the website, right from landing to conversion. Further, efforts are made to simplify the navigation and make it easier by eliminating flaws and making changes for the better.

Optimizing for voice is critical

The growing popularity and usage of voice assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa have brought voice searches to the forefront this year. Consequently, digital marketing has also witnessed a shift in voice optimization.

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Essentially, this means that the websites need to have conversational content that answers the search queries of the users. This is because people who search via voice generally use questions of who, what, where, why and how.

Digital marketing is technology-driven

The future of digital marketing seems bright as it becomes technology-driven this year. Marketers are using innovative technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to understand user behavior and preferences and serve personalized experiences accordingly.

Similarly, Big Data and Analytics are being used to gain customer insight and tailor marketing strategies for success.

Now that you know all the current digital marketing trends 2019, the next step would be to embrace them for success. Seeking the expertise of a professional team is the best approach as they can align you with these trends faster and get you effective results within a minimal time span.

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vaishali parashar

Highly informative blog, in the era of online business digital marketing, is such important to grow your business. Thanks for sharing.


Your point on AI. is just amazing and I truly agree, AI is the next way forward for digital marketers.

Thanks for sharing such unique insights with us.

Sumant Singh

Thank you for your response.
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As the online media advances, people need to update their strategies to meet the needs of the business. You have shared some very interesting tips related to digital marketing in 2019. Such posts are informative as well as thought-provoking. Keep sharing such posts with your readers. I agree that mobile optimisation is the need of the hour today.