How Impactful Are Python And Machine Learning?

Machine learning has been one of the biggest topics in both the technology and the business field in the last couple of years.

Impact of  Python And Machine Learning

This is due to the fact that, generally, automation for what concerns a business approach to many different spheres is always seen as something which will highly boost both the productivity and the ROI.

With this in mind, there have been a couple of business fields which have been actively using Python, Machine and Deep Learning as their main source of innovation in technology. Let’s see how impactful and which tangible results these technologies are giving to businesses worldwide.

The Fintech Industry

As we all know, the technology works with numbers and so does finance. In fact, the first application of Python is historically related to a fintech startup in New Jersey in 2010.

Given the fact that this programming language acts by automatically processing certain variables, it’s quite easy to understand why fintech (in particular, when applied to mortgages applications) was the go-to scenario for such technology. This is, in fact, the main reason why finance would be heavily impacted by Machine Learning in 2019.

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Legal Services

The digital field is moving incredibly fast in the UK, home of a lot of major investors within the autonomous learning field, especially the one which is Python based. The examples are ranging from mobile app development to, in fact, dispute resolution lawyers.

The way machine learning tools are operating, in this case, is related to the calculation process which is required in order to predict if the case is likely to succeed, fail or not move, with timeframes and more details on the case.

This is extremely experimental, still, but it has been estimated as one of the most prolific scenes in terms of development for what concerns Machine and Deep Learning.

Web Development

Applications like website personalization and the personalization cloud are, in this case, two of the biggest examples of machine learning (in its embryonic state) applied to front end development and web development in general.

In fact, being able to present the right product at the right time, by automatically processing all the big data acquired via cookies, emails and surveys it’s something that could be extremely impactful for eCommerce businesses and lead generation-based ones.

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 To Conclude

Machine learning is the present and the future of business and 2019 will definitely be the breaking point for what concerns this technology. Let’s see how these developers will apply their strategies to a rapidly evolving market.

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