Top 10 Latest Open Source Tools for Web Developers

Have you thought about the number of developers? Only imagine, that by 2018 the number of developers has grown to 22.3 million according to research. And this is not the limit, because by 2023 an increase is expected to reach 27.7 million!

10 Open Source Tools for Web Developers

If you are reading this article, you probably have already taken the first steps to master such a popular profession as a web developer. Hence, to succeed in such a full market, you need to be a real professional and use only the best tools.

Each developer has in his arsenal top open-source software. If you have not yet compiled a selection of must-have tools, we are happy to help you with this! We have prepared for you the best open source tools of this year which you should definitely pick up. Without a doubt, you will choose an indispensable assistant among them!

1. Chrome DevTools

Open Source Tools for Web Developers 

Today it is one of the most popular web browsers that developers use. With this tool, you can significantly improve your workflow. Right in the browser you can develop, test and debug your sites. Thanks to this tool you will have a deeper access to both the browser and your web applications. If you want to keep up with trendy tools for web developers, be sure to try this!

Please note that in order to use the latest version of the tool you need to install Google Chrome Canary.

2. Ionic 4

Open Source Tools for Web Developers 

This is one of the most exciting technologies you can learn very quickly. It allows you to use the same code base. For example, the ones written in HTML, JS, and CSS for creating and delivering applications for both regular and progressive web applications. Also, it is suitable for real mobile applications for iOS and Android. By the way, it’s not difficult to master this tool.

3. GitHub

If you are not new to web development, then you probably know that this is the world’s largest platform for hosting code for collaboration and version control. Almost all developers and companies use this platform to track all changes in the source code.

Here you will find error messages, problems. You will also receive suggestions on how to change and improve your code. This is a good place for discussions, collaboration, and communication with other web developers. This tool is compatible with both Windows, Mac, and Web applications.

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4. Instabug

Open Source Tools for Web Developers 

If you are committed to developing Android applications without errors, then you should get this tool. This tool is widely used for automated testing of mobile applications. You can achieve improved interaction with your users. They can easily report bugs and send feedback. After fixing all the problems you can answer them through the application. This has a huge impact on the retention and level of engagement of your users.

5. Eclipse

This platform is free and open source. The main goal of this tool is to increase the productivity of the software development process, which is written in Java. With this tool you can work with the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X. When working with this tool, it is not necessary that your browser is constantly open. You will see all your tasks in the system tray.

6. Bootstrap

Open Source Tools for Web Developers 

If you are looking for the simplest solution for the layout of your site/app, then this is what you need! This is one of the most popular libraries of interface components. Today a large number of sites are created using this tool. This tool will help you not only accelerate but also improve the development of front-end web applications. This will ensure mobility, components, and plugins.

It provides high-quality UI elements, it is easy to configure, integrate and use. It also helps you to introduce adaptability to the site. Consequently, with its help, you will provide users with a premium experience of interaction with your site.

7. LeakCanary

This is an open-source java library for detecting memory leaks in debug builds. If you are developing an Android application, then you should not do this without LeakCanary. This tool will track absolutely any memory leaks from the application. Moreover, you will not only be notified of leaks but the tool will also help to eliminate it.

8. Brackets

This is a popular text editor, which is primarily intended for interface developers. The tool uses the following three core technologies: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

It is worth noting that this program is suitable for beginners as it is easy to use. It also has a convenient user interface and great customization. It is worth noting that for this tool a lot of additional modules have been created that will allow expanding its functionality.

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9. Android Studio

This is the application development environment for the Android mobile platform. During the creation of applications and utilities for the Android operating system, the user of the software can monitor changes in the project, in real-time. If you want to create a multilingual application, then specialists from The Word Point will help you to translate absolutely any content!

This program allows you to optimize the work of future applications to work not only on smartphones but also on tablets, portable PCs that work based on the different operating systems.

10. Node.js

This platform is one of the most well-known tools for software developers. It should be noted that this program is very simple and intuitive, even for novice developers.

In this case, you will have the opportunity to work with server technologies and implement interactive work using the computer power of users. Among other things, this platform allows you to run code from the command line of any of the common operating systems.

Today we looked at various types of open source tools and of course, this is not the whole list! Each has its characteristics and nuances, so the choice is entirely yours. The effectiveness of each tool will depend directly on how you will use it.

Perhaps you will like some at first glance, but you definitely need to study it in more detail and use them in action!

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