17 Web and Mobile Development Trends in 2020

The world of internet and mobile technology has revolutionized almost every phase of our lives. From checking what the pets are doing to finding the right venue for a party, everything is possible when you have the power of the internet and a device to access it. The article covers 17 Web and Mobile Development Trends in 2020 to Watch Out For. Read on to get insights into Web and Mobile Development Trends in coming year.

Web and Mobile Development Trends in 2020

The reason behind the internet becoming more interactive and user specific is the web and mobile technology developments from the leading firms. By the end of 2017, the total number of apps downloaded by the users reached a whopping sum of 200 billion.

As per the analytics, the sum will reach the mark of 350 billion by the end of 2021 as the web and mobile technology will become more specific and highly interactive.

Web and Mobile Development Trends

The provision of Mobile Application Development Services has also led to the companies to come up with their own online platforms that a user finds very useful. The brand-specific development will lead to a remarkable set of technology trends that will dominate 2020.

1. Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPA will provide an eminent platform where the users will find a de-cluttered navigation to use. The performance of the devices will automatically increase with the initiation of the SPA in the web development sphere.

2. Chat bots

The application of artificial intelligence and neural networking will promote the use of chat bots on various websites. It will be easier to handle queries and tackle a humongous volume of customers at a time. The chat bots that are being developed by the big brands like Apple, Google, IBM, Amazon, etc will rule 2020.

3. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The elevation in the use of mobile applications by the users has also threatened the existence of the websites of various companies. This is why the advent of progressive web applications will surface even more this year.

These are typical websites that will give an application-like interface for a remarkable user experience. This strategy will lead many brands to increase the degree of user engagement manifold. For an instance, Flipkart has noticed witnessed the conversion rate increased by 70% due to its excellent PWA.

4. Motion UI

Motion UI will find more use in the web development to give the websites a more lively appearance for the users. The user interface will be revolutionized and more enjoyable. The eclectic ideas and artwork from the developers will automatically increase the engagement of the users.

5. Google AMP

The latest creation from Google known as Accelerated Mobile Pages will allow a device to load a website faster and smoother. The performance of the websites will automatically rise.

6. Virtual Reality

The application of VR will add more reality to the websites and e-commerce platforms. It will also have immense use in many other industries regarding visualization and remarkable effects.

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7. Tracking User Behavior

The websites will also take good care of user behavior to provide a better service to the users. The interface will learn more about the patterns, clicks, choices, user interaction traits, etc to give a better output in 2020.

8. Blockchain

The advent of cryptocurrencies will also boost the development of blockchain apps to track the growth. In fact, these apps will also lead to secure transactions and maintaining the utmost privacy while handling an account.

The integration of blockchain will also enhance the production capabilities of a company. The Latest trends of Web and Mobile Technology will also include the use of blockchain technologies in the industrial platforms in 2019.

9. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT will reach the forefront in many segments. As per the report from Statista, the volume of IoT connected devices will cross 75 billion. The management of connected devices will become much easier. It will be used more to monitor sensors and device readings, build reports, prepare charts, analyze data, etc.

10. Cloud application

The operations of the companies will become smarter and more accessible to the employees via cloud application platforms. Using AI, IoT, machine learning, etc will generate a huge volume of data.

The storage crisis will be handled by the cloud application. It will also secure functioning across multiple platforms and devices. The hosts will be able to save many resources using these UI trends 2020.

11. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR will be used more in gaming, object measurement, navigation, user manuals, interior designing, and many other platforms. AR will enable the users to learn how to use a particular machine properly.

It will also have immense use in various other industries such as healthcare, education, etc. The specific apps and the advent of the innovative devices to run will provide a versatile platform for learning and enjoying via AR.

12. Mobile payments

The virtual payment applications will be on the rise. People will carry less physical money and will find it easier to use the online payment apps more. The current boom in the e-commerce division has also paved the way for the use of mobile payment applications. As per the experts’ forecasts, the mobile payment will reach a huge volume of 1 Trillion by 2020.

13. Security

The security issues will also take a new turn with the advent of new mobile applications to keep a user’s account secure. The new trends in 2020 will witness a higher focus on the security applications for mobile phone users.

As the usage of the internet has substantially increased over the decades, consumers are also expressing major concerns over cybersecurity. Cybercrimes are at their highest at current times, and so, every individual is thinking twice before sharing their personal credentials.

Therefore, it is recommended not to ask the users to log in to your website using their Facebook or other social media credentials. Go for technologies which only ask for the data you actually need for the proper functioning of your website to attract more audience.

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14. 5G

Intended to be 100 times faster than 4G, 5G will revolutionize data packs and the user’s capability of utilizing the power of the internet along with the latest mobile technology. The initiation of 5G will revolutionize the use of the applications by providing a better platform for a high data transfer rate.

15. Focus on Frontend Framework

2020 is the year of frontend frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js which provide dedicated tools to look after all your web development needs. This leaves ample space for you to focus on creating an optimized user experience by generating static web pages.

Also, APIs and Markdown can be used to add dynamic content to static pages which offer faster user interactivity.

16. Increased usage of push notifications

Push notifications have been primarily used by mobile applications for their promotional activities and updates. But as cluttered inboxes with newsletters are slowly being a thing of the past, web development is also involving enhanced usage of push notifications.

17. Voice Search

Convenience is the ideal choice of modern lifestyle and every single aspect adding to it is sought in the industry. With voice search, web developers are adding yet another user-friendly functionality. Several APIs for adding voice recognition to the websites are also readily available.

The increased use of voice recognition AIs like Alexa and Siri has made humans more habituated to the voice search alternatives.


The Web Design and Development Services will offer excellent online platforms for various industries. These platforms will be beneficial for both the host and the user. The mobile technology will also take a giant leap and give the users a perfect phase to enjoy the innovative apps.

Merely two decades ago, one could not envisage the magnanimous form the internet has taken in today’s world. Web development is a drastic process that stands as the base of consumerism and user behavior whereby online presence is indispensable for every individual or entity.

Different web development agencies like Brights Agency are constantly endeavoring to bring the best web development solutions to millions of users and businesses worldwide. But firstly, we should understand the major trends in web development in 2020.

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