5 Web Development Trends for 2020

Merely two decades ago, one could not envisage the magnanimous form the internet has taken in today’s world. Web development is a drastic process that stands as the base of consumerism and user behavior whereby online presence is indispensable for every individual or entity.

Different web development agencies like Brights Agency are constantly endeavoring to bring the best web development solutions to millions of users and businesses worldwide. But firstly, we should understand the major trends in web development in 2019.

5 Web Development Trends 2020

web development trends

The convergence of media is the term in vogue and it is being adopted in almost every walk of life to make our regular interaction, more convenient. Web development is not only about creating an online presence with the help of a website. It is about progressing with user requirements, and web applications are the latest trending subject.

Companies target at developing applications that tap the device specifications, browser, and screen size of the users and create the most user-friendly ambiance. This results in increased customer engagement and higher conversions.

1. Focus on Frontend Framework

2019 is the year of frontend frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js which provide dedicated tools to look after all your web development needs. This leaves ample space for you to focus on creating an optimized user experience by generating static web pages.

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Also, APIs and Markdown can be used to add dynamic content to static pages which offer faster user interactivity.

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been used in safe transactions of cryptocurrencies for a long time now, but it now plays a significant role in web development. They enable you to authenticate hundreds of secure transactions instantaneously with the help of distributed ledgers.

Even the marketing giants like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are focusing on better usage of blockchain technology.

3. Increased usage of push notifications

Push notifications have been primarily used by mobile applications for their promotional activities and updates. But as cluttered inboxes with newsletters are slowly being a thing of the past, web development is also involving enhanced usage of push notifications.

4. Voice Search

Convenience is the ideal choice of modern lifestyle and every single aspect adding to it is sought in the industry. With voice search, web developers are adding yet another user-friendly functionality. Several APIs for adding voice recognition to the websites are also readily available.

The increased use of voice recognition AIs like Alexa and Siri has made humans more habituated to the voice search alternatives.

5. Concerns over Cybersecurity

As the usage of the internet has substantially increased over the decades, consumers are also expressing major concerns over cybersecurity. Cybercrimes are at their highest at current times, and so, every individual is thinking twice before sharing their personal credentials.

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Therefore, it is recommended not to ask the users to log in to your website using their Facebook or other social media credentials. Go for technologies which only ask for the data you actually need for the proper functioning of your website to attract more audience.

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