What Does WTV Mean? The Abbreviation Explained

Writing abbreviations is a practice to write long words as a small text. For example, TTYL can now be written Talk To You Later. In this blog post, we will discuss a very famous abbreviation WTV, what it stands for and when it’s used.

When mobile phones were not that smart, we would compose messages using limited text to save space and convey the message without losing the essence. The use of abbreviations is now prevalent.

Over the years, our communication with others changed incredibly. The credit goes to easy access to smartphones and high-speed internet. The age of telegram, inland cards, and postcards is now over. Communication is now being done using text messages, audio calls, and video calls.

This form of communication is quick, effective, and more engaging. With the rise of mobile apps and social media messaging platforms such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc, text messaging has become more instant.

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Millennials have lately found many ways to spice up the conversation. Using abbreviations and short forms of words is now common across the apps. Remember the Yahoo era when we used to write a.s.l to ask the person his age, sex, and location to initiate the chat.

What Does WTV Mean?

During texting, people use WTV in various contexts. But the most popular meaning of WTV is “Whatever”. Across the chat apps and social media platforms, this is how users are taking up the meaning of WTV. Let’s take some examples:

  • WTV you think of me, I am not going to change my decision.
  • I read WTV I could find about the course.
  • You can buy the WTV ingredients you need from the market.

What Does WTV Mean in Text Messaging?

Frankly, I have not seen many instances of this term being used as a short form of Whatever. But the trend is gradually increasing to replace the word with WTV.

In-text messages sent through SMS apps or social media apps, WTV is written to denote that the sender is talking about something that he/ she genuinely doesn’t care for. This is a quick way to convey emotions in a limited space available.

Using WTV in place of Whatever is especially effective in the case of social media apps like Telegram and WhatsApp where conversations go on at lightning speed and you have to tell a lot in fewer words.

If you are in a rush to say something or have a limit over characters to use in the message, this is the ideal way to go.

WTV Means ‘Whatever’

I think it’s clear now for you that WTV stands for “Whatever”. The sender uses the word Whatever to express a feeling that he is not at all bothered about or is not caring about something or someone.

In communication, it’s used as a signal for the recipient that the sender is not interested in something being talked about.

What Does WTV Mean on Snapchat?

On social media platforms, this word is used in different contexts. Snapchat isn’t an exception either. The platform is a very popular social network with billions of daily active users. While conversing with friends and the community, they use WTV quite frequently.

On Snapchat as well, WTV is used in the same context. Time and again its use has been noticed on this platform.

And here as well, the meaning is Whatever. Now we can safely say that WTV is an acronym of Whatever with a complete meaning irrespective of where it’s placed in the sentence.

How to Use WTV in Regular Texting?

Nowadays, WTV is being quite frequently used by millennials and youngsters in day-to-day communication. Like many other acronyms used, this acronym also cuts the sentence short and conveys the message quickly.

A user should however know the proper use of WTV to express the right meaning of this word without a miss. Following are the many ways to determine the various uses of WTV:

  • You can use WTV to extend informal communication.
  • This acronym is also used to express the feeling that to let the other person realize that you are not bothered at all about something.
  • Avoid using this word while communicating with the elderly or with the people serving senior positions in reputed organizations..


This is all about what WTV means in texting. For some, this is the word that makes the communication crisp and short and for others, it’s to make sure that the emotions are expressed rightly using the right word like WTV in place of Whatever.

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