7 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic on Your Blog

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

As a blogger, one of your top goals is to hit and reach your target audience and to increase your traffic.

Blogging is becoming very popular nowadays for many purposes – some use it as a medium to sell their products, to raise awareness, speak about their advocacy, or to talk about their daily lives.

Having an increasing number of views or high traffic in your blog is essential so that you can meet your blog’s goals. Here are some uncommon yet effective ways to boost your blog’s traffic:

1. Update Your Blog Regularly:

Readers like it when your blog looks fresh every time. Many websites today offer tips on how to make a WordPress website, that gives great results. Readers Suggest changing your blog’s theme at least twice a year so that viewers do not get bored too quickly with your blog.

Fresh and updated blog designs increase traffic. When you regularly update it, you can keep up as well with the latest techniques, styles, and themes.

Remember, starting and maintaining a blog is hard work, but your perseverance will eventually be worth it.

2. Apply For The Kindle Select 90-Day Traffic Plan

Amazon’s Kindle Traffic Plan will work for you if you have an e-book that you can publish. Here’s how it works:

  • Register your e-book with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to make your book exclusive to the Kindle store for 90days.
  • During these 90 days, readers can access and open your book under the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library for a free-trial period.
  • You can boost traffic through thisKindle plan by including links to your blog in your e-book or by offering a free giveaway as well when they open the link after reading.

Through this way, you will directly be able to increase traffic to your blog as you can invite more readers to open it.

3. Optimize Your Blog’s Content

Even if you have a great content, if you aren’t able to organize it properly into heading, subheadings, and titles,your viewers will leave your site because it is cluttered.

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You can achieve optimization of your blog’s content by grouping similar topics by categories that are easily accessible by tabs and headings.

These can help your Search Engine Optimization Be better for boosting traffic when users do a search that hit those topics.

4. Understand Your Audience

Websites like Quora allow you to figure out what your audience is passionate about reading. Here’s how it works:

  • After you’ve opened Quora, you can type a keyword on the search box to search for topics within that category.
  • This search will lead you to a list of your reader’s questions, suggestions, recommendations, and concerns.

From this list, you have a starting point of how to improve your blog – be it in your writing style, the topics that you choose to write about, or your tone of voice.

Being responsive to the needs of your current audience will lead to increased traffic, as more and more readers are satisfied with it.

5. Make Sure Your Blog Works Well

It is worth noting that search engines such as Google will penalize your blog by making it rank lower when it takes more than two (2) to three (3) seconds for your blog to load.

Viewers who search will not stay in your website if they become impatient with your slow loading speed. Here are some ways to make sure your blog works well:

  • Use images and videos strategically– make sure they are not too heavy in size and not too numerous as this is the most significant factor why your website will have a slow loading speed.
  • Experts recommend a limit of atleast 2-3 multimedia attachments per content.

6. Source Out Topics From Your Readers

Make it a habit of asking what your readers would love for you to write. When you give your viewers what they want, you will also be able to advertise your blog by word of mouth because they are happy with the content of your blog.

Remember your current audience is your network. This network can help you gain a higher number of viewers, thus increasing traffic.

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7. Follow This Outline For Your Content

Your content’s format should be simple, easy to read, and organized. SEO experts found that when the content of a blog is clean and easy to understand, readers keep waiting for more blog posts – and even invite others to read your blog as well.

Here is a sample outline to make your content useful:

  • Headline. Your headline is essential it will catch your readers attention and increases your search rankings on various engines.
  • Hook/Lead. Build up your content to make the readers excited  – so they’ll stay on your blog for more extended periods. Readers like it when you present a solution to a possible problem that they are facing.
  • Problem. Present common, universal issues that you can address emotionally. Readers like it when they see that you can relate to them.
  • Solution. The solution that you present should be achievable.
  • Conclusion. Never leave your content hanging; you should always wrap up with an end.

Now that you have these tips in mind, you can tweak your blog accordingly so you can increase the number of views.

Don’t give up just yet, and give your blog a chance to be revived again. Remember why you started blogging in the first place and how valuable this is to you.

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