Convenient Tips to Increase the Life Span of Toner Cartridges

If you use the printer regularly, then you might understand how pricey the replacement of printer inks or toner cartridges is. And as printing is a necessity for everyone nowadays, it is a good idea to concentrate on ways to extend the lifespan of the toner cartridge. Here are important tips that will guide you on how to make toner cartridges last longer.

Read them interestingly & increase the Life Span of Toner Cartridges. It’s never too late!

7 Best Tips for Extending the Life of Your Toner Cartridges

Adjust The Settings

Your first protection against an early loss of toner is modifying the printer settings. Turnabout some of the pre-programmed settings will provide you with clear, sharp, and smudge-free documents while using far less toner powder. In adjustments, you have to change the quality level, which is quite important to have precise & sharp printing text and official documents.

Toner powder spreads and becomes roughly divided, beginning to stripes, rough pages, and wasted toner. To extend the life of the toner, first, remove the toner cartridge, cover it with a paper napkin, and shake to redistribute the powder.

Clean The Nozzle

Jammed toner cartridge nozzles can lead to irregular & erratic printing output. That becomes one of the topmost reasons to reduce the lifespan of the toner cartridge. By utilizing a wet paper or cloth, you can clean the bottom of the cartridge thoroughly and unclog the nozzle. Doing so, will not just clean the cartridge but also increase its lifespan.

Adjust Print Mode

Fast mode, draft mode, and toner-saver mode are some of the best modes that most of the printers use by decreasing the DPI (dots per inch). By utilizing one of these modes, you can perfectly get satisfactory results that can work amazingly for both intra-office documents or causal printing needs. It’s up to you which mode you choose and step ahead to extend the lifespan of your toner cartridge.

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Save As Much As Toner You Can

Save toner powder by avoiding “rich black prints”, which use added color to create deep-toned black prints. We can understand there would be some situations when you need dark black prints, but try to replace those prints with greyscale. When you start using light colors instead of deep-toned and dark ones, you will move forward to enhance your toner’s lifespan. That’s what you always wanted.

Default Settings

For the high-quality printing results, always keep your ideal print settings the default. Following some of the essential steps, you can make it possible in the one-go.

  • If you are using windows operating system, then go to Windows > Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Devices & Printers.
  • Right-click & choose “Printing preferences” to make changes to your settings.
  • Believe us once you save settings to default, it will help you conserve toner & extend its lifespan.

Analyze Your Toner Cartridge Credentials

Buying the OEM printer toner cartridge also helps you extend toner’s life as it contains specified terms and conditions of use. Be sure you buy generic, remanufactured, or refill kits as it can save you money while reducing your environmental impact. Also, the quality of your printing can be less predictable and smudge-free.

Replace The Cartridge

When all doesn’t work well, putting in a new toner cartridge will work surely. Toner can be a prized possession in today’s expensive world. Make sure you save your toner’s life by using smart settings such as draft mode or grayscale.

Many people believe that it is an excellent way to extend toner cartridges’ lifespan and actually it is! By choosing ultimate settings & reducing your printing, you can optimize your print environment and have long-lasting toner’s life.

These are 7 convenient tips that everyone must use to extend the toner cartridge’s lifespan.

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Pay close attention to the above-mentioned tips and increase your toner cartridge’s life. It doesn’t matter if you are using a fuji xerox toner cartridge or any other if you use the right tips, then you will definitely be able to increase the lifespan.

Many people using printer toner cartridges don’t know about its handy benefits, process, and working methodology, and thus, end up with its loads of damages. We don’t think that’s not an ideal option to end up with!

Care is more important if you want high-quality & smudge-free printing results. After all, your prints represent your work in an organization.  Rest, if you implement the above handy tips in your daily life, then you will increase your toner’s life without any hassle. Or else you will end up with faded and poor printing results.

We hope you consider them on time and move forward to have quality printing results.

Enjoy reading & ask us if you have any doubt.

We will get back to you immediately!

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