6 Essential Factors When Choosing Your Ink Cartridges Online

Every time you buy a printer, you will want to make your printing in a place to make copies without any difficulty and want your printer to last as long as possible and never let it down. But sooner or later you have to face the problem and need to replace its cartridge.

And then the question arises: how to choose the right cartridge? Which one is best for your printer and how to get quality products at a reasonable price?

Many users in order to get the product at reasonable prices, prefer to go online shopping. But, online shopping is also not as easy one think for cartridges.

You need to consider various factors like cartridge life, types, prices, and reviews before purchasing. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1.  Know Your Printer Type:

While looking for a suitable cartridge, it is very important to know your printer type and printer model number. Presently, the most popular printer is an inkjet printer. These printers use cartridges that are filled with ink or paint. Epson and Canon are the brands that use mostly such printers.

The second type is for laser printers. These use powder toner in their cartridges. Basically, these printers are used in large offices.

As these are reasonable in price and can offer a large number of copies. The third category is the dot matrix printers. Their work by using tape impregnated with special paint.

2. Type of Printer Cartridge You Need:

There are multiple options available in the market for the cartridges in the form of original, compatible, repaired, or counterfeit cartridges. But, all printer manufacturer-recommended buying the original cartridges only, to prolong your printer life.

As these are almost equal to half of the printer price, therefore people prefer to go with other options. So, let’s discuss these options in brief:


1: Original: 

– This cartridge model should be chosen strictly according to the name and model of the printer.
– The original cartridge helps you to produce good and long-lasting results for print-outs.
– These are produced strictly according to the technology that underlies the manufacture of licensed analogs.
– Original cartridges are made by the same companies that produce printers, so the compatibility of consumables is warranted by the manufacturer.

2: Compatible: 

– Producers of Compatible cartridges are third-party organizations.
– In the manufacturing process, they most often use cheaper technologies that make it difficult to achieve high quality.
– For people who have a priority in the price, such cartridges are a godsend.
– They are perfect for printing a small number of documents since refilling cartridges is quite fast.

3: Refilled or remanufactured: 

– This category of cartridge belongs to used cartridges which are refilled by experts in private workshops.
– Buying such a product will significantly save money, unlike a corporate sample.
– The cartridge can be used repeatedly, only its body will not withstand repeated refills.
– By using them, you can forget about good print quality, as sudden spilling or ink leakage can occur.

3. Cartridge Life:

The cartridge life is represented by number of pages it can print. Basically, this figure is written on the cartridge packing cover to guide its users. This will assist you to calculate the total cost of printing and makes your decision more effective.

Normally, in the printer, a large area is covered with ink that will not allow you to use several cartridges of different capacities. To get rid of this problem, you can use cartridges with the ability to refill ink of the same color or use a CISS.

4. Read Reviews:

From the number of ink cartridges available on the internet, it is essential to check their online rating and comments. Many original buyers rate and comment in the customer feedback section for the seller too. Check them at least once, which will assure you about the product’s quality.

5. Compare Prices:

When you are browsing through the internet for your cartridge, it is advisable to not to be strict with one search and one store only. There are multiple options at various prices. So, you must check as many as possible, it will help you to save money and you will find the most appropriate buyer.

6. Check For Special Offers

Almost all online stores offer a special discount on their products. So, you can check for your cartridge too, it will surely act as an added bonus for you.

But, it is also vital to check whether your online store is charging additional charges for the shipment or not. As the printer cartridge is not a bulky product, therefore there are high chances of finding the free delivery online printer cartridge.

Bottom Line:

I Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find the best solution for your cartridge online shopping. But remember, online frauds are common.

So, while buying a printer cartridge always check the online store authenticity. Check the website’s SSL security and for safe payment option.

Jack William

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Jack William

Jack William is a passionate sales expert cum writer at Printzone. Printzone is one of the best online portals of Printer products such as Cartridges, Brother Inks, Toners, Drums etc. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.

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print zone
print zone
April 23, 2020 9:36 am

First and foremost this is quite interesting blog about essential factors while choosing ink cartidges. Whenever you buy a printer, you want it to last as long as possible and never fail in its work. But sooner or later you have to replace the cartridge to keep the printing work going on. Before buying a new cartridge, it is very important to consider the model and appearance of the printer itself to make a smart selection in the least possible time.

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