How To Print Photos At Home? A Quick Guide


How To Print Photos At Home

One of the biggest advantages of using digital technology is you can see the finished image on the camera screen and at your home computer.

8 Ways To Print Photos At Home

How To Print Photos At Home

But, there is still need to print the taken images on paper with correct colour and contrast. This is the reason for the question arises how to print photos at home? What to look for meeting printing needs. Here is a brief guide for your help:

1. Prefer High-Quality Paper

To print high-quality photos you definitely need a good quality printing paper which is specifically created for pictures printing.

These can be either matte or glossy but experts always recommend to use standard printing paper, where the real colors can easily float on paper. These paper can be a little expensive but surely can give you professional photo print quality.

2. Match Paper-Image Ratio

Another essential aspect of printing photos is to be sure about the paper and image ratio. As this can adversely affect your printout.

For example, if your paper ratio does not match with the image ration, the printer many times automatically crop the image to make it fit accordingly. This will be a complete wastage of paper and other resources. And you will get disappointing results.

3. Know about Printing Technology

Basically, there are two types of technologies that are trending for printing – laser and inkjet technology. But for printing experts extremely rely on inkjet technology. Do, if you feel by investing in a laser printer, you will get high print quality.

It is not true to some extent. Because compared to laser printer there are many inkjet printer models in the market that delivers the best printout and are available at very reasonable prices.

4. Check the Printer Settings

If you have time before printing, you must set the printer’s printing settings at “best”. You will surely be surprised by the high-quality printing results with this setting. Remember, your printer can take two to three times more time for getting in “best” mode results compared to “normal” mode.

5. Consider IPM and PPM

If you are about to purchase a new printer, you must pay special attention to its “image per minute” parameters. As there are many manufacturers who sell their printer by asking IPM and PPM are the same.

But actually, they are not. PPM refers to page per minute speed and IPM is image per minute speed. So, you need to compare both not to get confused between them.

6. Look at the Preview before Print

Every system has a preview option before printing. So, before giving a direct command to the printer, it is essential to check what you are going to print in a print preview option. This will save you from the waste of paper and ink. Therefore, you must look at the preview part and if possible make appropriate editing if required and then only print.

7. Analyze the Cost Aspect

Many people don’t bother about the individual printing cost, but printing at home also involve costs like printer acquisition cost, paper, ink, and power consumption.  So, if you require a series of print photos then purchasing a colour printer for photos will be fine. But if need occasionally, then taking printout from some professional will be a good idea.

8. Start with Single Print Command

To best technique to save a big amount of money is to print only one copy for the first printing. This will give a clear picture that if is there a need to fix image editing software, paper or ink settings.

On the basis of this, you will get a second print and decide for image quality. If you get the perfect print in the second attempt then go ahead with your further image printing process.

Best Tips To Print Photos:

Apart from basic printing requirements. Here are the best tips to make your printing process easy. Let’s begin:

To Take High-resolution Pictures

For printing photos, it is recommended to use value not lower than 300 dpi. This value is best to take 10x15am images. But if you need a three-megapixel snapshot, you will need 20x27am (A4) image size.

Save pictures to TIFF

The file format also plays an important role in printing. Therefore, to achieve the best print quality, it is essential to configure your camera with TIFF settings. Although this will lead to an increase in file size compared to JPEG, the image will contain less distortion caused by compression.

Picture process on PC

The computer can also help to eliminate such defects as traces of dust trapped on the camera lens. It allows you to add various effects. So, in order to understand the capabilities of the printer, you must spend some time studying the user’s manual where all features and settings of printers are listed.

By changing them, you can also adjust ink consumption and print quality. Therefore, it’s better to experiment with the settings and choose those that provide the desired result.

Photo paper – the basis of the picture

Paper is no less important than ink. So, to print the first images, you can select photo paper recommended by the printer manufacturer.

There are many other companies also that produce a paper to meet photo printing requirements. But always use such brands that provide you with maximum print quality guarantee.

Let the Photo Dry

Do not put a photo into an album immediately after printing. But, place it on the table for at least an hour to allow the ink to dry. The ideal drying time varies from printer to printer i.e. it can be from 5 min to one hour.

Bottom Line:

Hope the above-mentioned points help you to print your memories on paper and make them long lasting for years. But remember, to get the same quality print in future, it is highly required to clean the printer regularly after use.

In addition, its printer head must be cleaned once in every two to three months. This will prevent it from clogging and always get prints of excellent quality.

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