Spotify Premium APK- Features and Download

# Last Updated On: September 29, 2021 #

Spotify is unarguably the best music streaming app we ever know. If you’re crazy about music can’t wait to enjoy on the move, Spotify Premium APK is here. With the APK, you can enjoy premium music content on Spotify without interruption on your Android phone.

In this document we will look into various features of Spotify Premium and the way you can download it on your phone. But before that, let’s have a quick glance:

What is Spotify Premium?

spotify premium apk

Download from Play Store

If you love to soak into the sweetness of songs, Spotify premium is the last resort with millions of free and premium songs. You can enjoy unlimited free songs with the app.

while you can listen to free songs without paying anything, it may cost few bucks to download and enjoy premium songs available on the app. This is where Spotify APK Premium comes into play. Spotify is probably the best app you have on your phone. Some of the salient features of the app include:

  • Access unlimited music
  • Get your favorite artists and albums ay one pace
  • Create your own playlist
  • Ready-made playlist and personalized recommendations
  • Experience music, artist, album on shuffle mode

The Spotify premium Mod apk boasts of its huge catalog of music items span through artists, albums, genres and playlists. As we already stated that Spotify comes in two versions namely free and premium. While the free version is free it is free as it sounds (marred by annoying ads) cropping up here and there) premium costs $9.99 for a month with all unrestricted features.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify APK Premium is a way to get access to features (paid features) without paying a cent. Isn’t amazing? Just by downloading it, you can immediately access the services on your smartphone.  That means, without paying any subscription fee, you can effortlessly access phone features and benefits without interruption.

Since the premium updates its features quite frequently, you may be able to access all its premium features as soon it gets Spotify premium mod downloaded on your phone. Just a simple download and you are ready to enjoy. You can use the APK to create playlists and save albums.

Download Spotify Premium with Cool Features

With Spotify APK, you will be able to enjoy premium content without thinking about monthly subscriptions. You will have better control over how you browse the music library and access the unlimited content the app houses.

Among other far-sighting features that you can avail with Spotify apk premium, some noteworthy is- a library of over 50 million songs; the ability to play with or without an internet; No ad interruption, and unlimited skips. Other features of app include:

  • No Ads
  • Download Music
  • Unlimited skips-
  • High Sound Quality
  • On-demand playback
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Unlimited Seeking & Repeat Enabled

Ad free music experience:

Even if you’re using Spotify free version, it’s enough to satiate your cravings for music. The only downside you may notice is frequently popping up ads that may spoil your entertainment.

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The problem is that these ads are annoying and you don’t have any control over them if you’re using its free version. In this case Spotify premium apk comes handy. It lets you stream unlimited music without creepy ads in between.

Enjoy Even without Internet:

Offline mode is the USP of Spotify premium. You can access this feature without paying a subscription using Spotify premium free apk download. As the name implies, it lets you enjoy longer music streaming even if you’re offline.

The feature is quite useful in case you’re roaming through geo locations where connectivity is poor or you lately found that you drained your data pack. In either case, just go offline and start listening to the playlists. The only worry when you use its offline mode you have to overcome is to ensure enough spaces available in your phone to download the songs that you can run while offline.

Stop Music Skipping:

There is a specific difference between Spotify free and premium versions. If you’re quite friendly with the free version you might have noticed that it doesn’t allow you to listen to an entire album. It randomly shuffles the playlist and starts pushing up songs from different albums and artists. That means Spotify free version doesn’t allow you to listen to an entire album at one go.

This isn’t the case if you download APK file. With premium, you can listen to your favorite albums without skipping. Now you can enjoy the music uninterrupted and the way you want.

Flawless Audio and Sound Quality:

With Spotify premium you can enjoy music streaming at 320 kbps in comparison to free spotify where this is just 128 kbps. Undoubtedly, it delivers a betters music experience. This is quite impressive and does a lot justice to your music collection. The enhancement is truly rewarding and significant. If you like to discover high quality music with your Spotify app,

Intuitive User Interface:

The USP of Spotify premium is its user interface. It’s delightfully simple and easy to use. Once the APK file is installed, you can flawlessly navigate back and forth with the music you want to listen to. The entire interface is easy to use and need no technical intelligence to play. From discovering songs to playing and from sorting to shuffling, everything is like the breeze of fresh air.

What is Spotify Premium Mod?

spotify premium free apk

As of now you have got to know about Spotify free and Spotify premium. Spotify premium Mod is the modified version of the original application. This is developed by APKMODY. The modified version of Spotify consists of almost all the features of standard Spotify app. Following are the key features of the mod:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Listen 320kbps music
  • Unlocked repeat mode
  • Enable search
  • Block Ads
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Seeking enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • Repeats enabled.

With Spotify mod, you can access a wide variety of music from Hollywood and Bollywood. The app allows you to discover an extensive catalogue of   song, album, genre and podcast. You can enjoy your favorite music by searching the singer’s name or album.

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Spotify Premium APK:

Technical Information

You can now go for Spotify premium free APK download on your mobile and tablet device. Just with a simple app you can listen to your favorite music on the move. 

With the file installed on your phone, you can access artists and albums and playlists. You can play your own playlist or can create your own. Find below the technical information about the app:

  • App Name Spotify
  • Size 22 MB
  • Version: 5.59.969
  • Last Updated:  7 May 2020
  • Offered By : Spotify Ltd.
  • Price : FREE

Download for Android?

It’s easy to download, install and use Spotify premium on your Android phone. Simply download the Spotify premium link from Google play store given here. Install the app and then log in to Spotify. Now you can enjoy all premium benefits of app by using the updated version of the APK. Here are the steps to download on Android device:

  • Download Spotify apk from official website
  • Go to File manager and install
  • Now, Open the installed application and complete your signup process
  • Enjoy the Spotify premium for free

Spotify Premium Download for iOS?

Likewise you can also download the Spotify app on your iOs device whether it’s smartphone or tablet. The app installed on your iPhone will give you access to podcasts for free and lets you play favorite song on multiple devices at the same time. You can also create a personal playlist with your app on the iPhone device. Below are the steps to download Spotify on iPhone:

  • It’s is exclusive to Android. To use this on iOs you need an emulator.
  • We recommend Cydia Impactor in this case
  • Download the link and save the file in any folder.
  • Connect your iOS device to PC
  • Go to the Spotify Premium App file location and drag it into Cydia impactor
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Head on to setting > General > Profiles > Android Device Manager and choose Spotify from there.
  • Turn on the trust of this device.
  • You are ready to use Spotify premium app

That’s all with the Spotify APK features. I hope you will find it convenient and easy. Do tell us in comment box about your experience with Spotify. We wish you a great Spotify experience.

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