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Xender app needs no introduction. This is a very popular and most downloaded app used for sharing files across the devices wirelessly without any active internet connection. This is why the app has received huge accolades on Google Play store. You can also go for Xender APK Download that we are going to explain in this article.

What is Xender App?

Xender app download is also possible via Google play store with all it’s updated features. However, if you want to get the early updates on your device before it is heading to play store, Xender APK Download will be a handy option. Don’t assume Xender as merely a file sharing app, instead it can do a lot more than this.

It can copy data on your phone and sort important files as well. The article will take you through various facets of Xender App and Xender APK download. There are many features why Xender APP has become very popular than any other file sharing file: 

  • Installation Size drastically reduced
  • Interactive file Management
  • Allow making a backup copy
  • Switch mobile data
  • User Friendly intuitive design
  • Stringent measures to Protect privacy

What is Xender APK?

Xender APK is a way to install an updated Xender app on Android, iOS, Windows mobile, PC and Mac. Xender APK download enables users to transfer files safely across smartphones. Below are the several features that make the APK unbeatable:
  • Xender APK allows sharing songs, applications, documents, photos and videos.
  • It can transfer files even without active internet
  • The Xender APK is applicable to transfers files up to several hundred times faster than Bluetooth.
  • The app can work seamlessly on different operating systems.
  • With Xender APK download you get a Built-in playback of music and videos.
  • File transfer with Xender APK Download, you are not warned of capping on data limits.

Xender APK Features

xender APK

Download APK

The USP of Xender APK is NFC protocol that the app uses to transfer files between devices. This is why the file transfer via Xender app is several times faster than other file sharing apps. Find here some of the key features of Xender App. 

File transfer supports all the file formats including GIF, video files, JPEG and PNG. File transfer with Xender APK is quick, instant and applicable for files of all sizes. The application is available in more than 22 global languages and 12 Indian dialects.

Acts as a file manager:

Among other striking features Xender APK is known for, its ability to function as a file manager is one. If a device is running on a stock Android platform, Xender APK download lets you have a dedicated file manager. If you know, stock Android doesn’t have a dedicated file manager app.

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Though you always have an opportunity to download a file manager from Play store, you may leave file organization to the Xender app if you’ve installed. Xender APK organizes your files in different folders specified for different file types like photos, videos, and apps stored and installed on your phone.

Xender APP APK provides accurate stats on storage allocation and availability in internal storage and external SD cards attached with the phone. In addition, you can also sort the files in sub-categories such as Documents, EBooks and archives in order to make them more organized and accessible.

Cross Platform Support

Unlike other devices, Xender APK seamlessly transfers files across multiple platforms. That means, whatever operating system your mobile phone supports you can easily receive files from phones supporting different operating systems.

In case you are using Xender web, you don’t even need to have an app to transfer files. The operating systems that Xender APK supports include Here are the operating systems that Xender supports: Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, PC Window and Mac OS.

An app Extractor:

Would you believe that Xender app can also extract apps? But it’s true. Xender APK can efficiently extract apps installed in your device. You can utilize the apk to backup apps running on your mobile phone. So next time you want to install a game that’s huge in size, just request your friend to transfer the file via Xender.

Prompt for App Updates:

You must have seen notifications sent by the play store prompting to update your apps in the phone. Similarly, if you have xender installed on the phone you can get instant notifications for app updates if available.

Xender runs a scan and checks through the apps. The Xender app APK then prompts about the outdated versions of apps in your device so that you can update them timely to avoid hacking risks.

Enables Group File Sharing:

Have you ever shared a file in groups? You can probably do it with a file transfer app other than Xender APK, but with Xender it’s like a breeze of fresh air. Xender app allows you to share files with a group of 10 people in one go. Just create a hotspot on your phone and invite your friends to join this network.

Supports Regional Languages:

With Xender APK Download, you can get access to the Xender app in different languages. If you don’t know english, you can use Xender in your own language.

Xender APK supports over 40 different languages including 10 Major Indian languages as well. Just make changes to language settings and start using Xender App and Xender web in your preferred language.

Xender APK Download(PC): Technical Information

Before Xender app install download make sure your device complies with all the technical requirements. Missing files could escalate version conflict and prevent the Xender App download. Below are the key technical information required to run Download Xender APK process.

xender APK Download

Download from Play Store 

  • Name – Xender
  • App Version – Varies with device
  • Category -Tools
  • App Size – Varies with device
  • Supported Android Version – Android 4.1 & Above
  • Last Update – Jan 2020
  • License Type – Free
  • Download File – Xender APK
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Android to PC File Transfer Using Xender APK: Steps

Withe Xender App download, it’s quite an easy task to transfer any file from a mobile to a PC. Following are the steps to get with the complete process:

Step 1: Launch Xender on the Android and tap “+” to continue through “Connect PC” option

Step 2: Turn your personal hotspot

Step 3: Let your PC or Laptop to join the created personal Hotspot

Step 4: Accept if permission required and wait for the connections to be done

Step 5: Now you can share any file with any connected device

Xender App Download: Changelog

Xender developers update the Xender App regularly so that you have only the latest version of Xender App APK with all super features and functions. It also ensures to deliver the best app experience. The latest Xender app download is available with following fixes:

  • Changes made to modified Android file limitation
  • Fixed issues with multiple file sharing
  • Fixed Android and iOS connection snags
  • Added ‘Invite friend’ feature to share the downloadable link with
  • Fixed compatibility issue between devices
  • Better stability and support

Xender App Download – APK FAQs: 

Now you have probably done with the information related to Xender App APK and its many features. Let’s have a brief session now to address your queries about the Xender App and their answers. It’s important for safe and hassle free Xender apk free download

Is Xender App Available for iPhone?

Yes. The latest Xender APK works perfectly on iOs based devices such as iPhones and iPads. To transfer files using iOs devices,  connect your iOS and Android device using Xender. Now you can start transfering the files between the devices without an active internet connection. 

 Where Files are Stored After Xender App Download?

With Xender app download you can store files in two ways. It could be either in internal storage or in your micro SD card. You can access these settings by heading to Settings > Storage Location > Phone Storage / SD Card Storage.

Can I Use Xender App on My PC?

Yes of course. Xender app download is now available for your Windows PC as well. Now onwards you can search nearby PC devices to transfer and receive files of any size. Thankfully, Xender offers full support for all platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices.


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