Kinemaster PRO Mod APK Download Without Watermark

# Last Updated On: May 2, 2020 #

Before going into the details of Kinemaster Mod APK download, let’s have a look into what is Kinemaster Mod. Kinemaster Mod is an Unlocked Video Editor App for Android without Watermark. This is a very popular and robust video editing tool for Android users.

In this article, we are covering detailed information about kinemaster mod apk without watermark. If you’re using free Kinemaster PRO Mod APK, you have no choice but to go with the watermark project. In addition to this, you have to pay few bucks to unlock app’s pro features.

What is Kinemaster?

Before going into in-depth details of kinemaster mod apk download, let’s look into Kinemaster app features in brief. As we have already said, Kinemaster is a professional Video editing application and software.

Kinemaster mod apk fully loaded video editing software is very useful for Android users. The app consists of a plenty of video editing features and functions along with voice over, background change using chroma key and advanced multiple video layers.

With the help of Kinemaster mod apk, users can create and edit videos right from their Android mobile phones. As of now, Kinemaster App apk has 6M+ active installs and 4.4/5.0 rating on play store.

Kinemaster Mod APK : Brief Introduction

kinemaster mod apk

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Want to make your personal and professional videos enthralling and appealing? Kinemaster APK is here. Kinemaster Unlocked Mod APK is a versatile video editor tool for Android users. Following are the key features of Kinemaster Mod APK: 

Effortless Editing:

Kinemaster mod apk enables users to edit videos on the go without any hassle. You can split and trim audio clips and videos from the preferred timestamps. Users can trim and adjust audio clips with sub-frame accuracy.

Instant Preview:

Kinemaster kinemaster mod apk preview feature lets users see an instant preview of the video while editing. That means while you are editing audio and video clips, you can see the output without saving the changes.

Multi Track Audio

With KineMaster multi- track audio feature, you can play as many as eight or even more audio tracks simultaneously. Availability of audio tracks depends upon the device you use.

Multiple Layers

Kinemaster pro apk video editing tool seamlessly supports unlimited text, image, handwriting and overlay layers. Moreover, you can use up to ten video layers while editing videos. You can precisely adjust and animate layers animated using preset animation effects.

Blending Modes:

Kinemaster pro mod apk blending tools are simply amazing. They can make your videos more engaging and interactive. Use these tools to add works of art in your videos. You can do a lot of things with blending tools including black or white background removal, creating double-exposures and own custom color filters among others.

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Speed Control:

With Kinemaster apk free download you can flawlessly adjust video and audio speed without having any adverse impact on pitch distortion of any kind. Using the feature, you can contain the speed of your video from 0.25x up to 16x.

Pro Audio Features

Besides kinemaster mod apk free features, you can also access its pro audio features. Using the feature, you can extract and separate audio tracks from videos. Pro audio tools can also help you to control volume envelope, control stereo channels, apply ducking to audio tracks, or turn on auto-volume.

The app apk is equipped with tools and functions like layers, transitions, voice envelopes, images, effects and more.  These in-built tools in the Kinemaster app helps to create awe inspiring and enchanting video effects.

In this guide, we will explain the process to kinemaster mod apk no watermark download in detail. We strictly recommend you to use the app for personal purpose. The KineMaster Mod APK can’t be used for commercial purpose whatsoever. Kinemaster apk comprises all the features that can be used to edit videos on your mobile phones.

Kinemaster Mod APK Download – Details

The Kinemaster Mod apk is a fully loaded and unlocked professional video editor for Android users. The app has onboard a slew of noteworthy features like multi-layers of video, images, and text to make appealing and drool worthy videos. To create mesmerizing videos you can use multi-track audio, volume envelope control, 3D transitions and Chroma key features of the app.

Technical Information:

  • Name Kinemaster Mod Apk
  • Size    76 MB
  • Modded Version
  • Offered By   Kinemaster Corporation
  • Mod Features         Pro Unlocked + No Watermark


With Kinemaster Mod APK you can access an array of noteworthy video editing features right in your mobile. These features are as powerful as they are on kinemaster on Desktop.

  • Availability of Multiple layers of video, images, stickers and text, handwriting video clips
  • Features like frame-by-frame trimming, splicing, and slicing
  • No WaterMark
  • Instant preview
  • Hue, brightness and saturation controls
  • Speed control to be embedded in video clips
  • Fade in/fade out sound feature
  • Volume envelope (Precise volume control
  • Transition effects such as 3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more

Kinemaster Mod APK Download – No Watermark – Fully Unlocked

With download kinemaster mod apk you can do a lot of video editing stuff easily besides creating professional videos right from your android phone. You can add multiple layers to the videos and can effortlessly remove object background. In addition, kinemaster mod apk download lets you save video in 4K quality. Moreover, users can also blend two videos using Kinemaster Apk.

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Along with these features, you can also access to certain useful features such as color schemes, voices analyzer and speed control. Nonetheless, with kinemaster pro mod apk download, you can access all the features of Kinemaster premium app without paying anything.

Kinemaster Pro Mod APK – Download for Android

Following are the steps to download kinemaster pro mod apk download. Steps are easy and once you download and install it, you can start using Kinemaster app.

  • Enable installation from Unknown Sources in your Android Phone Settings
  • Download the file from the above download link given in the post
  • Locate the file and install the App on your device
  • Open the App and adjust settings as per your needs
  • Kinemaster is ready to use.

Kinemaster Pro Mod APK – Download for PC

You can’t find standalone kinemaster apk free download for your desktop computer or any other personal computer. However, there is a way you can download and install Kinemaster APK on your Mac and Windows based PC. Just follow these simple steps to download and Install kinemaster pro mod apk on your PC.

  • Download Emulator on your PC.
  • Install the Emulator to simulate your Android phone.
  • Access the Kinemaster Mod from the links above.
  • Install KineMaster Mod on the Emulator
  • Open the App make necessary settings if popped up on screen

Kinemaster Mod APK Download : FAQ

1. Is Kinemaster Pro APK Safe?

Don’t be apprehensive about if it’s Kinemaster apk download. The apk is a paid version that’s hosted on safe host providers. Therefore, it’s more than impossible to inject malicious code into it. It’s malware free and unless it’s being used for personal purposes like video editing, it’s completely legal to use.

With Kinemaster APK you needn’t to bother about 3rd party trackers, malware or any other privacy concerns. Providers of Kinemaster mod apk scan it using various anti-virus Apps like Shield, Norton, Avast, and AVG.

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Rohit shinde
Rohit shinde
August 31, 2020 10:58 am

I am using honor 7c android version 8 which kenemaster version should I download i have downloaded so much but they does not work plz reply me

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