Make Your Website Work Harder For You

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone should have a website. These days, social media pages simply aren’t enough. If you’re looking to win a contract, then chances are your potential client is going to look you up on FaceBook. But if you have a website, then you can craft and design those pages to sell you, your skills and your experience. This is exactly what your business website should be doing. Is yours winning you new business?

Start with the look of your home page. It should be clearly branded in a way that screams out your company ethos and personality. Every page should consistently feature that branding too. The pages should all load really quickly. That doesn’t mean you should scrimp on the images and embedded videos though.

Pics and vids speak volumes about you and are very attractive to visitors. If your site isn’t loading quickly, then you won’t rank well in the search engines. Get onto your website host for help.

Blog It

Blogs are essential for website success and improving your reputation. They make you a voice of authority, encourage engagement and social sharing, and they give you a chance to promote! Make sure you’re adding new content two or three times a week to help your website rank well. SEO is essential here, so use a good SEO tool that will allow you score highly.

Make Your Website Work Harder

Downtime spells doom for sales. If you can’t get online in the office, how can you monitor your website stats and track your campaign? How can you make changes? Worse still, how can you process your orders? If you don’t have IT support in-house, make sure you have it outsourced for help if things go wrong. You can’t afford to sit about and wait!

Shop It

If your website features a full shopping cart facility, make sure you’re using it to its full potential. Optimize every page by adding extra text content about the product, its features, and its uses. Add embedded video demos, and include customer reviews. The more you can say about each and every product the better. Customers don’t like to risk their money on products they don’t know everything about.

Do you have a full media kit on your website? Chances are you have plenty to say about your marketplace and each product and service you have to offer. If you want influencers and journalists to be interested in what you say, then you need to provide professional media kits to help them out.

You should include jpegs of your logo and the product you’re promoting. Include quotes, and always add every single way of contacting you that you have. Remember, it has to include a story that is newsworthy and currently relevant.

Your website is your business card and your shop window. You have to make it look good and encourage visitors to come on in. If you get it right, you will soon rank higher in the search engines for your preferred keywords. Most importantly you’ll get more sales!

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