Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads Tool: A Quick Look

This week, Facebook introduced the new dynamic creative tool in Ads manager.

Facebook Creative Ads Tool for Ads Manager

So far, the tool was limited to Facebook’s power editor. The tool will be a big help for the Facebook advertisers who have cravings for testing many variants of an ad-creative to determine which combination optimizes their campaign’s performance.

Though very important to the campaign success, ad testing is rather tedious and time-consuming for advertisers. It’s quite a task to manually create multiple ad combinations, monitor their performance and adjust accordingly.

This new tool will cut the clutter significantly by automatically delivering the best combinations of creative assets.

The tool allows advertisers to enter up to 30 variations of an ad’s creative components (images, videos, titles, descriptions, CTAs, etc.). Facebook’s intelligent algorithm then creates ads around different combinations of these components and run them across an advertiser’s target audiences to determine which maximizes a campaign’s performance.

For ex:

If an advertiser enters 3 different images, 4 different headlines, and 2 different CTAs, Facebook will automatically run ads comprising those 24 combinations until it finds an ad that delivers campaign objectives.

The tool currently supports conversions, app installs and traffic as ad objectives for dynamic creative.  Stay tuned for more on this.

Genelia Timothi
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