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5 Website Builders And Website Building Costs

5 Website Builders And Website Building Costs

As a reseller entrepreneur, you know that customers respond to the benefits offered by the market. And sure you must be comparing your prices with those of your competition. But the benefits are not based only on the price.

5 Website Builders And Website Building Costs

5 Website Builders And Website Building Costs

Only one benefit you can offer to your customers, they can create their own website in a simple way through the website building costs which you can even offer it for an additional fee or simply as a benefit that makes you a better alternative.

There are many website builders are available but strikingly wordpress theme is best. If you want to know about strikingly review you can visit Clasy website builders.

The prices of a web design are very high, and that is why small companies discard or postponed their possibility of having a website.

Fortunately, this design is becoming simpler and often they seem to be take the tools that try to make a website more democratic.

For this purpose we are going to recommend some tools that make the work simple for your clients and in turn you can present yourself more interesting as a hosting provider.

1. Microsoft WebMatrix

This program is installed with Microsoft Web Platform Installer and will allow them to manage the installations of WordPress, Joomla and DotNetNuke from a single interface. It is recommended to know a bit of html, CSS and Javascript if they use it.

One of the advantages offered to the user of WebMetrix is that it can be published from the platform. You can also configure PayPal, shopping cart, etc.


25+ Common SEO Mistakes and How To Fix Them

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, one can’t stress enough on the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and changes if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

The vast landscape of search engine optimization is forever evolving and as such, without implementing the best SEO practices, you’d be losing not only customers but also your rank position on search engines.

More importantly, SEO is the key to a successful online business and thus, you need to be on-your-toes if you want to survive the fierce competition online.

A well-optimized website will help you to boosts your site’s ranking as well as garner organic traffic. It will help boosts your site’s visibility. It will also ensure accurate indexing of your site by search engine robots.

Furthermore, it will help to drastically reduce the bounce rate on your site, thereby helping you improve your revenue. Search engine optimization can be a hard challenge to tackle for newbies, however, with the right resources you’d be able to master it.

Thus, mentioned below is the checklist of SEO mistakes that you need to avoid/rectify post-haste in order to improve your website’s performance.

These SEO mistakes consist of redundant techniques which are no longer useful. Some may be black hat SEO techniques which cause more harm than good.

Others might be silly mistakes (not adding ALT for images etc) that you might have overlooked, which could, nevertheless, hurt your site’s traffic and conversion rate.

The below infographic will help you find these mistakes ASAP, while this comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to fix/rectify these mistakes effectively. Thus, check out the infographic below and for future reference, download the infographic for free and keep it handy.

25+ Common SEO Mistakes

virtual assistant

Various Advantages of Virtual Assistant Services

Everyone is used to continuous occupation, you can walk in for small jobs, forms, envelopes, appointments and keys. True, in large departments with many people, it is nice if everyone can use this facility service.

But do you work for a small organization or even as a self-employed person? Is there no room for a secretary, not enough money for a new employee or maybe not enough work to keep someone occupied all day long ? Or maybe the current occupation can be strengthened with a few hours per week or month?

Now analyze the extent to which the employee must always be present in order to be able to support you. Should someone really be there to take care of some administrative tasks, to schedule appointments, to be able to catch up on the progress of the to-do list or even to take the phone?

Ok, you may not be able to literally supply stock items. But they can be ordered from a distance and delivered at your designated place.

And when you’re used to working digitally and via Cloud services , you can certainly put someone to work from a distance. Virtual Assistant Websites helps to choose and perform all the virtual assistant tasks.

What exactly are the advantages of a VA:

virtual assistant

● Often a VA is flexible in his / her time schedule . You can select a VA who is willing to work outside working hours or one that can be used for many hours, for example.
● A VA is often used to switching quickly or to get involved in a new project, so this says something about the person you hire. This is one reason why you can also ask a VA to brainstorm with you! After all, he or she has experience in how things are arranged at different companies.
● You do not need to set up a seat and purchase expensive equipment . A VA works from a home office with its own PC and other supplies.
● There is no need for employment , you simply receive an invoice each month worked example. No administrative red tape!
● You as an entrepreneur get a better balance between work and private life.
● You can ask the VA to keep a clear time registration so that you can see exactly how much time is put into which part.

A VA often has a broad network, something that might also help you further?

A VA works on his or her own time, making him or she often much more productive than a permanent employee. In addition, the SA is driven to keep you as a customer and this will result in optimal deployment.

In addition, think carefully about which tasks you will outsource to your VA.

example, choose to have your Social media posts scheduled by a VA, but think carefully whether they are also made by him or her. You are of course the face of your company, it is perhaps better to continue to do so.

But one thing is certain: you can outsource more than you think . Make good use of a VA. Continue to invest time in communication and keep him or her informed about matters related to your company. This makes the work for a VA even more fun and the personal involvement greater.

And last but not least: If you opt for a VA from a financial point of view, because it is cheaper than a permanent employee … then do not go for the cheapest VA there is.

There are VAs, especially from countries like India and Bangladesh, who already want to work for 10 USD per hour for you.

They often offer themselves as a Data Entry specialist. An average Dutch VA (with relevant work experience) costs between 40 and 60 euros per hour, but you can also expect something from that. Cheap is expensive. A VA with a higher hourly rate will be worth it twice.

Courtesy of:

Smartphone Apps

What You Should Know Before Working with Your Phone?

Today, making money using your mobile phone is not a dream. It is something that has been made a reality, thanks to some amazing money-making apps such as Swagbucks, CashPirate, Fronta, iPoll, Field Agent, ShopKick, Streetbees, Curious Cat, Citizen me, Feature Points, Roamler and Foap.

Nonetheless, before you sell your old phone to a mobile phone recycling company, and buy a new one that will support these apps, there are a few things you need to know.

Don’t quit your job to work on your mobile phone

Working with the above apps is not the same as creating a career online. These apps will pay you for completing simple tasks such as watching videos, playing games, and completing some surveys.

Therefore, they will not pay you thousands of bucks for that. They will give you a few cents for every completed task. With time, you will accumulate enough points that you can redeem for coupons, gift cards, or money.

Therefore, don’t let anyone lie to you that you can become rich working with your mobile phone. Don’t quit your job, or spend less time in school. Use your phone to earn money that you can use to settle a few bills.

Research before

How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google?

How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google? (Infographic)

We all know getting a high ranking on Google doesn’t just happen overnight, but how long does it take? While many factors need to be taken into account, a comprehensive study from Ahrefs has brought us a bit closer to answering this burning question.

Ahrefs team kicked off their study by taking 2 million random keywords and pulling data on the Top 10 ranking pages for each of them. It turned out that the average Top 10 ranking page is 2+ years old, while those that rank at position No.1 are almost 3 years old.

How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google?

The study that looked into the 2 million pages that were first seen by the Ahrefs crawler a year ago and tracked the position history of each page for any keyword it’s ranked for. Out of all the studied pages, only 5.7% ranked in the Top 10 search results within 1 year for at least 1 keyword. Ahrefs also found that pages from websites with a high Domain Rating (DR) performed way better than those with a low DR.

So how quickly did those 5.7% pages get to the top? When the Ahrefs team zoomed in on the pages in the Top 10, they discovered that the majority of the “lucky” 5.7% managed to achieve a top ranking position in approximately 61 to 182 days.

But what about the other 95% of newly published pages that don’t secure a spot in the Top 10 within a year? To find out what it really takes to get to the top, check out the infographic below by The Website Group!


The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer

The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer

We’re inundated with tech nowadays and most of us love it. While much of it is pretty useful, some advances in recent years are actually designed to save lives and stop accidents.

The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer has been taking a look in particular at the technology we’re using to make driving safer. They’ve produced a useful infographic showing the best ways to improve our motoring skills and avoid collisions.

The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer

According to the Department of Transport, there were over 1,700 fatalities following accidents in 2017. Other research shows that we’re more likely to think of ourselves as safe drivers than other people, even if that might not be true.

Choosing high tech solutions for your car or getting some better training should make our roads a safer place. The top choices are:

Dash cams:

They may not stop you having an accident but they will record everything if you have one. Costing between £20 and £190 you can can make sure you have all the evidence you need for an insurance claim.

Black box:

Just like on an aircraft, the black box monitors how you drive and sends it to your insurance company. Drive more safely and you can see your premiums coming down.

Pass Plus:

If you want to improve your driving after you’ve passed your test, try taking the Pass Plus qualification which will boost your confidence and road knowledge.


21 Warning Signs of a Poor Web Hosting [Infographic]

We can all agree on the fact that choosing from the VPS hosting different types of hosting that is available can be a tough task. Hosting is an important part of running a successful online business and as such, one needs to ensure that they only buy the top-quality hosting if they want to grow their business in this crowded online world.

Warning Signs of a Poor Web Hosting

However, mistakes happen and if you feel that your hosting provider is not living up to the promises that they made then it is high time that you change your hosting service provider. Most web hosting companies make tall claims of providing unlimited everything and various benefits to get the customers to register with them. However, most of them are unable to meet the demands of various websites leading to issues like slow website speed, frequent downtime, hacked website etc. Thus, if you are facing these issues then it is a major sign that you need to change your web host post-haste.

The below infographic comprises of other such warning signs that will help you differentiate between a good and a bad web host. It is in the best interest of your business that your heed these warning signs and make the required change, as ignoring these signs would affect not only your site’s traffic and ranking but it would also affect your site’s credibility. In addition, there is also a risk of you losing all your database in the case of hacking, due to poor security management from the hosting provider’s side.

Thus, take a look at the infographic below that highlights the warning signs of a poor web host and make a well-informed decision. Additionally, to know more about each of these signs, check out this in-depth hosting warning signs guide.

Take a look now!

21 Warnings That Indicate It’s

11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

As a business, you don’t have to spend large amounts of money on advertising your brand. Of course, everybody wishes to have an advertising budget like Nike does, but all those money can be insufficient if not invested properly.

For example, there is a wide range of low-cost or free tools that you can effectively use to promote your social impact company in a cost-effective yet extremely profitable way.


Instagram Rolls Out 3D Touch Support For Android

10 Myths About Business On Instagram

Instagram has made it so easy and enjoyable to share photos with the rest of the world that some people started thinking that the platform has become more like a personal affair.

According to this perception, Instagram is a better fit for students and fashion models for sharing selfies and cake photos. But is it really unfit for business? Isn’t there even a slight chance of one succeeding to increase sales through business on Instagram?

Oh, but there is. In fact, the platform is a perfect fit for business and almost every misconception about it can be easily busted. For example, some people claim that even if Instagram has a chance of winning more business for you, it cannot help if you don’t sell visual products like clothes, jewelry, and bags. Accordingly, one must sell only products that do not need a lot of description and can speak for themselves.

Well, let’s see what the reality is. Of course, selling physical products like clothes is easy on social media: just take a professional photo of a product, add an appealing description, and upload it for everyone to see.

However, you can achieve the same results if you’re providing a service and cannot take a photo of it.

Do not miss: Don’t Buy Instagram Likes—Do This Instead

For example, you can take the photo or shoot a video of a testimonial from a happy customer, office environment in your company while working on a project, or even share some professional tips. Each of these posts will make it easier for potential customers to connect with you and contribute to your image as a professional company. Sounds like an opportunity for some business, right?

With business on Instagram, you can conduct an awesome all-round


Apple, The Iphone X, and The Future Of Pricing Luxury Products

Meta Description: The pricing of luxury is changing. We take a look at the iPhone X, Apple, and what it means for how, why, and what we pay for.

If you are interested in the world of technology, there are a few different domains of specialization. Of course, you have home devices like PCs, 3D printers, and so much more, but you will find that fixed hardware is gradually being superseded by mobile devices, and this is not a recent occurrence.

You will find that portable devices are starting to rival fixed hardware when it comes to price too, which is something that would not have been anticipated a decade ago. While the iPhone was expensive when it first came out in 2007, but now we can buy the iPhone 7 at cheap prices, it hadn’t reached the price of a high-performance laptop or desktop.

The iPhone X & Breaking The

details of your trip

Tips to Prepare for Your First Business Trip

Working for a company, especially a successful one where its name is known and heard throughout its industry, can mean many things for you as its employee. One of the things that you’re bound to experience at some point is travelling overseas for your company, representing its name, its owners, and all of the members of its workforce in a conference that you are being sent to.

How to Validate Your Startup Idea? (Infographic)

Right after I passed my high school, like most of the people, my dad suggested opting for a proper job, instead of starting my own business.

I with due respect enrolled in a 9-5 job. For the first 6 months, I learned a lot, and trust me, I being here, has a lot to do with my early job.

My job was in an ecommerce store. As a junior developer, I was quite thrilled by the origin of extensive websites every day. So, I studied all that was necessary to make a website and just after I completed my first year, I resigned to start something of my own.

Now if you are an Entrepreneur or a small startup you can relate to my story. Starting something is quite easy but to keep it open is the hard part.

If your startup failed, it’s because it didn’t solve a tier 1 problem for a large enough audience. As a young Entrepreneur or anyone who is fresh from college, you need to focus on something that can go on the long run.

The most successful Entrepreneurs are ones that minimize the risk of failure. In a research, it was concluded that more than 83% of the startups fail within the first 5 years.

What makes a startup succeed or fail? Is it the idea or the execution? Is it the passion or hard work?

Before you blame anyone for your startup failure, take out some time to analyze what went wrong.

To get the best of your startup you first need to validate your idea. Yes, you heard me right, before you even start making logos or crushing your creativity for your website, you need to spare some time and see whether your idea is really worth it or not.

There are several ways in which you can validate an idea, but you need to choose something that has worked for others and is tried and tested.

You need to gauge your brilliant idea with against some factors. What are these factors? Well, if you have asked this question a few years back, I would have denied, but now with so much transparency over the internet, everyone loves to share how they went from being zero to number one.

I am not here to brag about my successor to dictate you on anything that is superficies, but instead, I am here to help you out with your startup.

Here Branex – a digital design agency from Toronto came up with a mind-blowing infographic on how to validate your startup idea without spending a dime?

I am a serial Entrepreneur, so I have seen both sides of the coin. The success, and the failure. And trust me, when I say, validate your business idea before you jump into the river of the unknown, it is always advisable to gauge the level of the sea.   This infographic does the job for you. Check it out. Execute it. And launch your dream idea. And yes, best of luck!

Original Source of Infographic – Branex