How to Write a Blog Post: Check Out our SEO tips

Blogs have great potential to generate traffic and can in most cases serve as bait to attract potential customers to your business. Therefore, in this article we will teach how to write a blog post focusing on SEO. Cheetahpapers provides you more info and tips for writing a blog post.

How to write a blog post

Define the target audience

Before you start writing a blog post, do some research so that you can define your target audience. Seniors, adults, children, women, men, etc. Having your target audience defined, you will feel safer to write and reach your goals more easily.

Keyword Definition

Defining the keyword by which the user will find your post is critical to achieving better results. This keyword should be present in the title, description and parts of the post. To write a successful post it is very important that you find the best keywords.

Programs like: Hrefs, SEMrush and Keyword Tool are great for finding the most searched keywords, however, are paid programs. A very cool alternative is Google Ads, which has a free search tool.

Objective and objectivity

When writing a post, be objective. Avoid avoiding the subject and always put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Try to give him the best experience possible.

Study the subject you are going to write about, get references from trusted sites, look at everything you think is positive, discard what you think is negative, absorb all that information and in your words write your post.

Post Title

Ideally, the title of your post should not exceed 90 characters. If you need to use more characters, focus on what you think is most important within the first 90 characters. Another tip is to write your headlines trying to keep the keywords as far left as possible, the farther the top of the headline the better.

Post Description

Pay attention to the description of your post, it will be used for both the reader and the search engines! The description may serve as a headline and you should use it just below the title. This text must be very flashy, contain the keyword you are working on, and be no longer than 250 characters.

Post url

It is very important to include the keyword in the URL of your post. What people usually do is use the article title as a URL. Note in the example below that we prefer to work with the keyword only and disregard the rest of my title.

Writing the post

To write a blog post that brings good results, it is ideal to have more than 500 words. In this post we follow all the rules we mentioned above and you can use it as a template for writing your own posts.

The below mentioned some more tips that may help you:

  • Be yourself and create your own content
  • Do not copy text, images or videos from other websites or blogs
  • Forget the so-called “text to fill sausage”. Your readers are looking for quality content to satisfy your micro-moment
  • Use the keyword within a context that makes sense to the reader
  • Don’t overdo the keywords, your text can get boring and can make the reader never come back to your blog.

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