The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer

# Last Updated On: June 23, 2021 #

We’re inundated with tech nowadays and most of us love it. While much of it is pretty useful, some advances in recent years are actually designed to save lives and stop accidents.

The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer has been taking a look in particular at the technology we’re using to make driving safer. They’ve produced a useful infographic showing the best ways to improve our motoring skills and avoid collisions.

The Tech That Helps Us Drive Safer

According to the Department of Transport, there were over 1,700 fatalities following accidents in 2017. Other research shows that we’re more likely to think of ourselves as safe drivers than other people, even if that might not be true.

Choosing high tech solutions for your car or getting some better training should make our roads a safer place. The top choices are:

Dash cams:

They may not stop you having an accident but they will record everything if you have one. Costing between £20 and £190 you can can make sure you have all the evidence you need for an insurance claim.

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Black box:

Just like on an aircraft, the black box monitors how you drive and sends it to your insurance company. Drive more safely and you can see your premiums coming down.

Pass Plus:

If you want to improve your driving after you’ve passed your test, try taking the Pass Plus qualification which will boost your confidence and road knowledge.

Reverse cam:

Being able to see behind you is important when you are driving. The reverse cam is particularly useful when you are trying to park.

Reverse sensor:

If you don’t want a camera, try a sensor instead. This beeps if you’re getting too close to an object and is becoming a standard on many new cars. Getting one installed will cost between £15 and £200.

Collision alerts:

If you are getting too close to the car in front and need slowing down, this tech can hit the brakes, preventing an accident. More expensive at £300 to £700, it’s good tech to have onboard if you suddenly lose control of your car.

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Pre-collision alerts:

A PCS monitors all around your car and gives alerts when you are getting too near to another driver or obstacle. It can also slow or stop your car in an emergency.

Alcohol testing kits:

We all know how drink can affect driving. If you’ve had a few tipples, testing yourself before you actually get in the car can make a big difference to everyone’s safety.

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