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Apple, The Iphone X, and The Future Of Pricing Luxury Products

Meta Description: The pricing of luxury is changing. We take a look at the iPhone X, Apple, and what it means for how, why, and what we pay for.

If you are interested in the world of technology, there are a few different domains of specialization. Of course, you have home devices like PCs, 3D printers, and so much more, but you will find that fixed hardware is gradually being superseded by mobile devices, and this is not a recent occurrence.

You will find that portable devices are starting to rival fixed hardware when it comes to price too, which is something that would not have been anticipated a decade ago. While the iPhone was expensive when it first came out in 2007, it hadn’t reached the price of a high-performance laptop or desktop.

The iPhone X & Breaking The Rules

With the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple has seemingly broken the rules of the free market. In a move of industrial brilliance, Apple has created demand not because of a low price point, but because of a high one.

The iPhone X’s expense and exclusivity play a large part in its popularity, but just how much of one? Unfortunately, that is a question for another day, as we are here to look at a related matter. When you go out and buy a smartphone, there are a few things that you will want:

  • Reliability and longevity
  • Adequate processing power
  • Sufficient device compatibility
  • A reasonable price

There are some who would argue that 1000 dollars is not a reasonable price to pay for a smartphone, and there are those would willingly spend twice that amount of money. Of course, it is up to people to do whatever they please with the money that they earn.

Over the course of today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at the progression of costs and revenue for Apple, based on each model of iPhone that they have released in the past decade. It’s hard to believe that the iPhone has only existed for ten years, and in that time, it has changed so much.

Making It Easier To

details of your trip

Tips to Prepare for Your First Business Trip

Working for a company, especially a successful one where its name is known and heard throughout its industry, can mean many things for you as its employee. One of the things that you’re bound to experience at some point is travelling overseas for your company, representing its name, its owners, and all of the members of its workforce in a conference that you are being sent to.

How to Validate Your Startup Idea? (Infographic)

Right after I passed my high school, like most of the people, my dad suggested opting for a proper job, instead of starting my own business.

I with due respect enrolled in a 9-5 job. For the first 6 months, I learned a lot, and trust me, I being here, has a lot to do with my early job.

My job was in an ecommerce store. As a junior developer, I was quite thrilled by the origin of extensive websites every day. So, I studied all that was necessary to make a website and just after I completed my first year, I resigned to start something of my own.

Now if you are an Entrepreneur or a small startup you can relate to my story. Starting something is quite easy but to keep it open is the hard part.

If your startup failed, it’s because it didn’t solve a tier 1 problem for a large enough audience. As a young Entrepreneur or anyone who is fresh from college, you need to focus on something that can go on the long run.

The most successful Entrepreneurs are ones that minimize the risk of failure. In a research, it was concluded that more than 83% of the startups fail within the first 5 years.

What makes a startup succeed or fail? Is it the idea or the execution? Is it the passion or hard work?

Before you blame anyone for your startup failure, take out some time to analyze what went wrong.

To get the best of your startup you first need to validate your idea. Yes, you heard me right, before you even start making logos or crushing your creativity for your website, you need to spare some time and see whether your idea is really worth it or not.

There are several ways in which you can validate an idea, but you need to choose something that has worked for others and is tried and tested.

You need to gauge your brilliant idea with against some factors. What are these factors? Well, if you have asked this question a few years back, I would have denied, but now with so much transparency over the internet, everyone loves to share how they went from being zero to number one.

I am not here to brag about my successor to dictate you on anything that is superficies, but instead, I am here to help you out with your startup.

Here Branex – a digital design agency from Toronto came up with a mind-blowing infographic on how to validate your startup idea without spending a dime?

I am a serial Entrepreneur, so I have seen both sides of the coin. The success, and the failure. And trust me, when I say, validate your business idea before you jump into the river of the unknown, it is always advisable to gauge the level of the sea.   This infographic does the job for you. Check it out. Execute it. And launch your dream idea. And yes, best of luck!

Original Source of Infographic – Branex

Why Are Keywords So Important for Your Online Sales?

Being able to have your business visible in your consumer’s sight accurately and efficiently is important especially in optimizing your keyword content through your website. Having a unique and easy access keyword leads to more consumers purchasing your product.


Who is winning at Ecommerce– Amazon or Alibaba?

Who is winning at Ecommerce– Amazon or Alibaba?

Ecommerce has transformed the way companies do business and how people shop for goods and services. Amazon in the U.S. and Alibaba in China are the shining stars in global ecommerce.

Amazon was founded as Cadabra in 1994 by and kicked off as an online bookstore in 1995. Jack Ma and 17 other entrepreneurs founded and launched Alibaba as a global wholesale marketplace in 1999.

Both ecommerce giants dominate their respective markets and are expanding into new areas. But who is winning the ecommerce race – Amazon or Alibaba?

Over the years, Amazon expanded its services beyond selling books and publishing services to merchandise such as apparel, consumer electronics, industrial and scientific products, personal care items, and cloud computing services.

Alibaba’s three main sites, Taobao, Tmall, and, have millions of users and host millions of merchants and businesses.

An infographic by Ecommerce-Platforms  tracks the growth of these ecommerce giants with data and statistics related to market share, employee base, major shareholders, operating countries, traffic, and profits. Let’s take a look at the numbers to see where they stand.

Amazon’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the U.S. in 2016 was $147.0 billion (a 31.3% increase from 2015), while Alibaba’s GMV was $547billion (a 22% increase from 2015). The ecommerce giants stood neck-to-neck in terms of total retail sales in their respective markets in 2016- the value of Amazon’s total retail sales in the U.S. in 2016 was $4846 billion, while Alibaba’s total retail sales value in the Chinese market was $4890.01 billion. Also, in 2016, Amazon’s profits stood at $47,722,000 and Alibaba’s at $10,327,000.

Amazon is taking away all the new customers shopping online in the US. Though Alibaba already accounts for more than 80% of all online purchases in China, there is still room for growth as internet penetration is just at 53% in the country.

Your Passion is Your Greatest Asset, Learn How to Harness It

Running a business is a very complex and stressful affair. There are times where we feel like we are trapped in a never-ending cycle of sleeping, commuting, and working. Sometimes it may almost seem like it is easy to switch to auto-pilot, but when you do, it reflects in your performance. Clients or business partners may notice that your work isn’t just as inspired as it once was. When this happens, there is one thing you should do: rekindle your passion. A burning passion for your business.

Having a passion for your business is just as important as having passion in a relationship. It keeps things new and exciting and keeps you wanting for more. Though you may not know it, your employees and clients can see your passion and they respond to it positively – by means of higher engagement and loyalty.

While passion alone isn’t enough to keep your business up and running, it is surely vital to keep its people strong and driven in the long-haul. As Richard Branson put it, “When you believe in something the force of your convictions will spark other people’s interest and motivate them to help you achieve your goals.”

So whenever you face a setback or feeling stagnant in your own company, just remember why you started and keep that flame burning for your company. To summarize, here are the key points from the infographic below which argues why passion is the greatest asset you have as a business owner.

1. Passion drives excellence.
2. Passion is essential to having grit.
3. Passion drives creativity.
4. Passion gives you the courage to pursue your idea.
5. Passion glues knowledge and experience together.

Challenges of poor customer service

Challenges of Poor Customer Service on Social Media

Social media has become a major interactive platform for various brands and their consumers. It can help the business to grow or it could be its downfall. Therefore, organizations should ensure that they use their sites to attract customers by providing quality customer care services. Below are some risks and challenges for poor customer service

Increase in customer churn

Customer churn is the rate at which users of a particular product discontinue the usage of the product over a certain period of time. Poor customer service especially delays in response has been found to increase customer churn by up to 15%.

Increased competition from other companies

Some brands do not respond to their clients and that may agitate them. That is reckless customer care behavior and when this happens, 30% of consumers are likely to turn to other brands. If a business has a competitor who offers the same products and services, their customers will most likely start using their products.


The Evolution of Digital Comics

The Evolution of Digital Comics

Although South Korea started webtoons in 2003, it was only in 2014 when it was launched globally. Since then, webtoons remained popular. The appeal is not just limited to Asia, but in various parts of the world. Seeing the evolution of digital comics through the years is indeed stunning.

Comics were very popular back then. A lot of people loved reading comics due to their entertainment value. However, with the rise of other forms of entertainment and continuous evolution of technology, comics were thought to be doomed. The same thing is applicable with a lot of other print media.

The good thing is that comics were brought to a digital platform. Although comic books printed in paper are still available today, the trend is now heading towards webtoons. They are comics in a digital form.

You will still feel like you are reading an actual comic book. There are a few texts and lot of images. The storyline is still exciting. The difference is that the illustrations are better and sharper. Sound effects are also available.

You can now read comics using your smartphone. Given the number of people who have access to the internet while using their smartphones, webtoons became even more popular.

The best part is that you don’t even need Internet connection to continue reading webtoons as offline versions are available. So it’s easily accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you have your gadget with you.

These changes made comics still popular until now. A lot of people worked really hard to transform comics as we know it so we can continue reading exciting content. Webtoons ensured that comics will remain relevant for the years to come.

If you want to know more about webtoons and how they remain popular through the years, check the infographics below. You will learn a lot about the transformation of comics to digital comics.

How Much People are Spending on Their Phones (Infographic)

The use of the smartphones has now become rather habitual. These habits have developed automatic behaviors in our personalities that we have no awareness of any of this behavioral instinct. Smartphones are the latest innovation of this era. Everyone wants the best smartphone because nowadays smartphone comes equipped with all the essential features which you need in everyday life.

How Much Time People are Spending on Their (Infographic)

With the advantages of smartphones, there are also disadvantages of smartphones. The use of a smartphone is good if it is used in a limited way. People have become addicted to their smartphones and they spend a lot of time and money on it every year. Nowadays no one can even imagine a number of times you check your smartphone in a day and how much you are spending for availing its services.

You even spend a lot of buying new smartphones every year. In this article, we will provide you all the information about how much money and time people are spending on their phones each year. We will tell you all the statistics and studied about the surveys of people’s behaviors in buying and using smartphones nowadays.

According to different studies and surveys, people are spending a very large amount of time and money on their phones each year. It can be understood completely through this survey. It will give you detailed knowledge about how much time and money people are spending on their phones each year.

Spending Money on Phones:

As we all know that smartphones have become an essential part of our life. It helps us in every part of our life from seeing time to performing multi-tasks in lesser time. It helps us in so many ways that it is wondrous but the excess use of a smartphone is not good. The main disadvantage is that people spend a lot of money of buying a mobile phone and paying for the data plans and everything else.

the latest smartphones are really expensive and there is a trend of buying a new phone every year. People also spend a huge amount of money on new mobiles just to maintain their status. People also spend a lot of money in maintaining their smartphone’s condition. They waste their money in buying accessories which they do not even use with their mobile. This is not a good thing to do.

There came another study that on the year 2001, people spend only $240 per year on cellular data network usage but it has increased up to $760 dollars per year. The rate of these cellular network services has reached new peaks in these years.


Is Menopause Right Around the Corner? (Infographic)

While menopause is inevitable for all women and can cause some uncomfortable changes in one’s body, many of the symptoms can be abated or handled with simple holistic practices. While the average age of a woman experiencing menopause ranges from around late 40s to early 50s, it can truly vary wildly from woman to woman – there are a few cases of women experiencing menstruation well into their late 50s, which is uncommon but not completely unheard of.

However, a woman is considered as entering menopause officially once they have not experienced a single menstrual cycle in an entire year.

While the symptoms you may experience during menopause are thought to be genetic (for example, you may have the same hot flashes or mood variations as your mother did when she entered menopause), it is not a guarantee that you will share the same exact signs as your family. Other symptoms include experiencing sleeping problems, night sweats, a notably decreased metabolism speed, or even noticeable weight gain.

There are a number of ways you can alleviate your menopause symptoms. Herbal remedies such as ingesting red clover, St John wort, evening primerose, or black cohosh are thought to help abate symptoms and provide relief. It is also helpful to consume omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in the following fish in high amounts: salmon, trout, fresh tuna, mackerel, herring, and sardines.

Taking supplements such as calcium can also prove beneficial, especially considering that osteoporosis is a frequent symptom of menopause. Watching your diet and making exercise a priority will definitely help with weight gain, bone density, and slower metabolism, as well as avoiding spicy food that may irritate the body and spur more frequent hot flashes.

Even if you have not entered menopause, being proactive about these remedies can help a woman during the transition. On a similar note, post-menopausal woman can also benefit.