10 Best Instagram Downloader Apps

One effective digital marketing strategy today is leveraging social media platforms to get leads and conversions for your brand. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today, with over 1.074 billion users worldwide.

As the world’s leading photo-sharing platform, Instagram provides users with an opportunity to look at photographs and videos and from other individuals from all over the globe. The number of monthly active users has increased from 800 million to 1 billion, according to a report by Statista.

You can happen upon images and videos you want to store on your device or your PC on several occasions. Unfortunately, there is no download option for media files on Instagram.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never be able to access your favorite Instagram photos or videos. You can go ahead with an Instagram video download with the help of several apps to save Instagram videos and your Instagram story.

Instagram Photo and Video Downloader Apps in 2021

So, read on to learn how to save Instagram videos on your mobile phone. There’s nothing to worry about. One of the greatest applications listed here to save Instagram videos on your mobile phone is a valuable tool in your search to save videos and photographs from your Instagram profile.

The first good apps to find Instagram videos and photographs to download on mobile devices are those listed below.

1.  Repost

The well-known Instagram photo and video downloader tool “Repost” enables the user to repost photos on a personal or private account. The program makes life easier for its users with an easy-to-use interface that empowers them to use the app as they choose.

The user just needs to copy the URL, then paste it into the app to repost the photographs. It will be accessible for reposting after that.

A number of functions of this Instagram video downloading program are:

  • the ability to save photographs and videos to your device
  • Batch saving is supported.

Even more, interestingly, other applications have adopted the same name, which you should investigate if you are interested in them. For example, the following apps are using the name Repost: One-Tap Labs’ Repost, and Instagram’s Repost.

2. Regrammer – Story Saver App

Users can repost photographs and videos on Instagram using the Regrammer program, which is titled after the best software to preserve Instagram videos on your iPhone.

The program is really simple to use and helps you to copy URLs to your Instagram profile with only a click. There is no need to redo the post yourself. Instead, use Regrammer to repost it and your favorite will be placed as your own.

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This program enables you to post and save videos and photos up to an unlimited number of times. You can also go with the upgraded edition of this popular program to find out how to download Instagram videos and photographs.

Regrammer is equipped with several notable features, such as:

  • Signing up is not necessary.
  • You don’t get a watermark on your regrams
  • There are no tokens or money required
  • Post new IGTV videos on Instagram

3.  Instant Save

Instagram advises where users can save photographs and videos from their Instagram app directly to their phone’s gallery. It’s so simple. Just copy the URL of the image or movie you want and then enter it into this app to save it for downloading.

Furthermore, users can also associate a particular image or video with content credit. The fundamental reason for this is to protect the rights of copyright holders. The negative of this app is that it tends to slow down a handful of the mobile phones it is installed on.

4. InsTake Downloader – Save Instagram Video

Instagram Downloader Apps

Saving videos and reposting other information is really simple using the InsTake Downloader app. Backed by more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, it is one of the best Instagram downloaders.

Instagram Reels, one of the latest offerings from Instagram, is also capable of downloading and saving photographs, videos, and stories. It’s really simple to use, and it’s free of charge.

The amount of Instagram post download you can make is limited only by your imagination. Download anything from Instagram—not just profile pictures—following just a few simple steps. Other notable features of InsTake Downloader include it being a leading Instagram-saving software.

  • Rapid, quick, and simple Instagram Downloader. It finds new Instagram photos or videos and downloads them.
  • Watch Reels, IGTV, and videos with the excellent video quality.
  • You can repost images directly from the Instagram app.
  • In addition to giving you access to your music library, it features an offline player to preview your downloaded content.
  • In order to help your eyes, the application has a dark mode.

5. FastSave

Also in the market are two of the most popular apps for preserving Instagram photos: FastSave and Slideshowy. You may download Instagram photographs on your phone for offline viewing, as well.

With this app, users have the option to repost previously saved Instagram photos without a watermark, and even if the video or image size is smaller.

Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of photographs or videos that users need to download in order to prevent an additional image or movie from being added.  It allows the user to get unlimited Instagram photographs downloaded to their device.

FastSave has several main features:

  • To view a few saved content, tap the top bar and view them.
  • Access a saved photo’s user details by long-pressing on it.
  • The ability to download content quickly;
  • Use the FastSave app to post, share, and then delete photos.
  • When images are saved to a private locker, no one will find them.

6. Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

Instagram Downloader Apps

As the world’s leading source for video downloads, it’s the ideal way to get IGTV or Instagram video content on your smartphone. It makes it possible for users to repost videos and images from popular social media networks like Instagram and Vine. Instagram and Vine tags can be stored in this app.

As if that was not enough, this software is absolutely free of charge and will let you finish tasks with a single click.

Highlights of the Instagram IG video downloader include:

  • Grab, get hold of, and download videos
  • Store videos and images in your photo gallery.
  • Copying the tags is allowed.
  • Use this app to download IGTV videos and photographs.

7. Saver Reposter For Instagram

 Instagram users can copy text, save photographs and videos, and copy hashtags with this iPhone app. When you’ve finished all your uploads, you may share the photos and videos from the Instagram app itself. It is an Instagram video and image saving app that is easy to install and requires no further actions.

A sturdy design and a non-linear stitching process are some notable characteristics of the Saver Reposter, which is considered one of the best apps to download Instagram photographs.

  • With one click, you may switch between the Saver and the app.
  • Also include a copy of the post’s description so that people can learn more about it.
  • You may opt to copy any hashtags from the post’s description or copy the description, and not include any hashtags.
  • Enables background downloads.

8. FastSave For Instagram

Instagram Downloader Apps

Are you wondering,” How to save videos from Instagram to the gallery?”, FastSave is one of the best apps for saving photos from Instagram. It lets users save Instagram photos and videos on their devices and can be viewed while going offline. You can even repost the pictures that you have saved and that too without any watermark.

Interestingly, there is no bar on the number of Instagram photo downloads that one can make. It gives you the freedom to download unlimited photos and videos from Instagram.

Notable features of FastSave, the, best Instagram save app are:

  • View quick saved stories in a bar at the top of the main screen;
  • Get details of users by long press on the saved photo;
  • Fast download speed
  • Repost, Share and Delete photos from the FastSave App;
  • Hide your saved photos Instant save to a secret locker.

9. Quick Save – Instagram Downloader App

Quick Save applies the same thing to all other Instagram downloading and picture apps. Once you’ve downloaded the content, you can share it with your friends, put it on a blog, or use it in another project.

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This is one of the apps that comes with the capability to save Instagram videos to the phone’s camera roll and includes an in-built function that enables you to add various effects and editing tools. In order to add more options, the user can do one of two things: he or she can go for grid layout and photo splits.

Quick Save’s notable features include:

  • If you wish to install the Splendid UI design, please select “Copy Share URL” and download it.
  • It doesn’t take long to quickly download the photographs and videos
  • Ease of access to editing tools

10. DownloadGram

Instagram Downloader Apps

It is not always that we want to download Instagram pictures and videos on our devices also; Instagram is available on the desktop too. Therefore, to cater to the user over the web, there is an app called ‘DownloadGram’ that lets you download Instagram photos and videos.

Once you enter the URL, DownloadGram creates an MP4 download link and the targeted file will land directly in your gallery; thanks to this best Instagram photo downloader.


So, these were some of the top mobile apps when it comes to save Instagram photos and videos for devices that support Android and iOS. This gives you flexibility while you enjoy the overall social media experience.

Aside from posting your pictures on Instagram, secure them with cloud storage solutions that ensure you are not just posting these images for memories, but keeping them securely as well.

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