7 Useful Tools to Write Flawless Copy for Your WordPress Site

Do you want to write the best and highly attractive content? If you’re looking for proven methods of improving your writing, using some of the few proofreading online resources is very important.

A WordPress website provides such versatility that can’t be compared to other platforms. Looking at the polpular digital marketing trends of the year, a mobile responsive and interactive website ranks high on the web – features that can be easily activated on WordPress!

7 Useful Tools to Write Flawless Copy

However, such a site lacking marketing tools is similar to a soldier without a weapon. Once you launch your site, it’s important that you use a proper technique of keeping it visible. How will you achieve this? Well, you’ll need some patience and the best marketing tools.

In this detailed guide, we are going to take you through seven free online proofreading tools for the best writing on your website. As a beginner writer, it’s crucial to choose the tool which works best for you.

Take note of factors such as user functionality, quality, and reliability. Remember that, even though you’re an expert writer, language keeps changing and it’s important to get the latest information!

Why Is It Important To Proofread Your Work?

Whether you’re a blogger, student or writer, writing content that will captivate and attract the audience is crucial to your writing success. For a successful online career, blogging is the most popular method. It’s all about writing error-free content.

Google offers huge rewards to the blogs that continuously update their website pages with new and exciting content.

Top Proofreading Tools Online:

Writing content that has several grammatical errors is a key factor that may lead to the failure of your blog. Are you getting satisfactory search results for your keywords? If not, then it means that your content needs grammatical revision. Hence, proofreading is important, and you need to observe the type of content published online

1.    Google Docs

Google Docs is arguably one of the best proofreading tools especially if you want to build your own brand through content marketing. It’s free and offers fantastic features when it comes to fast editing. It also comes with add-ons such as Lucidchart diagrams, Thesaurus, Template Gallery among many others. It does writing and editing far much easier!

You can also save the files offline once the internet connection is lost or if you simply love to write with no connection at all. Whichever your choice, Google Docs is one perfect proofreading writing a resource for all students and writers who do copywriting or essay writing.

Editing features of Google Docs include:

  • It provides 15GB free space for all Gmail users
  • You can save almost all types of files
  • It’s safe and secure

2.  Ginger

Shockingly, the Ginger software is considered the best grammar checker. It assists you in proper sentence construction. It’s recommended for all writers who want to boost their productivity in writing. It provides you with a variety of features to improve your writing skills with absolutely no errors.

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Useful Tools to Write Flawless Copy
If you continuously make silly mistakes while writing blog posts, then you need to give Ginger a shot. It makes sure that your content is flawless without having to subscribe to the internet if you intend to make fast changes. Here are some of the few powerful features that you should expect from Ginger:

  • Provides perfect English corrections
  • Works well in Microsoft browsers and office
  • It’s a lightweight application
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Automatic translator

3. Polish My Writing

Here is a great proofreading tool that gives you the chance to go through your text and correct any form of grammatical errors, spelling or even style. It is also called ‘After The Deadline.’ Polish My Writing comes with features such as:

  • Advanced style checking
  • Intelligent checking or grammar
  • Contextual spell checking

The tools use artificial intelligence and ordinary language processing techniques to remove all grammatical errors. You’ll even find that it gives you more relevant suggestions which make the entire process quite fast.

Using this proofreading tool is also very simple. All you have to do is to copy and paste your text in the provided slot on the site. Them, click on the function: “Check Writing.” Interestingly, it also gives you a free plugin called “After the Deadline” fantastic for all WordPress users.

4.  Grammarly

Currently, the Grammarly proofreading tool is the most accurate in the market. While it carefully checks for grammatical mistakes, it provides a consistent explanation for each error. Such goes well with those people who may not be using English as their native language.

Useful Tools to Write Flawless Copy

It also comes with an in-built plagiarism checking tool that helps in identifying cases or unoriginality. It checks some words used and gives you accurate details concerning the document you’re editing.

Here are some of the unique reasons of using the Grammarly online proofreading tool:

  • It removes several writing mistakes
  • It works whenever you write something online, for example in Facebook, Twitter or while writing an E-mail
  • It’s built by the world’s best linguists

5. Paper Rater

It’s not only proper spelling that transforms your writing skills. It’s good to mention that exact words used in wrong situations or context can be quite embarrassing. The Paper Rater online proofreading tool provides you with the most advanced “contextual spell checker” which quickly rectifies all grammatical errors.

It’s one of the free online proofreading software and uses artificial intelligence to assist students and writers come up with attractive content. What are its main features?

  • It’s a grammar and spell checking tool
  • Offers free online proofreading
  • Requires no download
  • It checks for unoriginal content through is plagiarism checking tools
  • It also comes with various writing suggestions to boost your skills

6. Proof Guru

This is another free proofreading online tool that offers several packaged checklists and style guides to create different degrees of content. You can use the provided lists or come up with your custom styles to quickly improve proofreading. The tool checks the spelling and immediately suggests different edits suggestions.

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It consists of two main parts – the proof Guru checker and the Proof Guru Website. You can use the website to keep your checklists, subscription, standards and style guides.

7. EliteEssayWriters

Here is an online platform where essay writers take different orders from their clients. These are mostly assignments and other forms of writing jobs. The website boasts of efficient policy and timely delivery of jobs. Their jobs are of high quality as they come with perfectly researched content.

Struggling to come up with attractive content? Delegating your writing services to the website’s essay writers will give you some sort of breathing space. You only have to clarify the job specifications and requirements before the writer starts working on the project.

Other than getting work done quickly, you may also learn from how the writer organizes his or her ideas into writing.


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