7 Strategies to SEO for Real Estate Websites in 2020

Real estate SEO expert can use content to rank higher. The secret is to learn about the real best practices that will give you a high ranking. Check the ones that you can adopt for your brand and help you claim the desired market share. This article suggests a real estate SEO strategy that will help you win an organic share in the market.

It is quite tricky to track real estate SEO. You need a perfect blend of hyper-local information and broad content. You can get the best strategies from the leading brands in the market.

Real Estate SEO Services – Best Practices 

7 Essential Real Estate SEO Strategies

In the real estate industry, SEO mainly focuses on winning the local market. The real estate local seo rely on area-specific pages and content to enhance geographical relevance. Here are some of the top real estate SEO strategies that any real estate agency should embrace.

1. Create Multiple Content

This should be the first step to conquer real estate SEO. Create several content pieces on the same topic. Perfect examples include ‘rental’ ‘rent’ ‘house’ and ‘home’ searches that all have large search volumes but with results that are different.

Therefore, if you are going to rank for the real estate seo keywords such as ‘home for rent’, the search engine won’t recognize you as an authority figure on that matter if you are going to have one post. Therefore, you should set up a tried and true real estate SEO strategy.

Create a series of in-depth and long form articles on the topic. Look at the customer needs that go beyond the decision to rent. Such real estate SEO strategies will help you capture customers at all the stages in the purchase journey.

Expand your content pieces to assist clients meet particular challenges depending on their online searches. High quality content is paramount if you want to position yourself as an expert in the real estate game. However, quantity is important and comes after quality.

2. Start a Blog 

One of the best ways to demonstrate that you are a leader in the real estate industry is developing a blog. It can be a great real estate seo strategy. People have so many unanswered questions in the real estate industry. If you carry out your analytics well, use will discover that people are making numerous searches on a daily basis with regard to the real estate industry.

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Look at the trending topics in your niche and publish unique articles that are highly engaging within the industry. You need to publish something that your audience will like interacting with. When people discover that you are offering perfect solutions to their problems, they will begin to have a big interest in your products.  Blogs are the top tools for seo for real estate websites that you should not overlook.

3. Create City-Specific Content

Google runs highly specialized searches which focus on local content. There are great opportunities of getting traffic from the local searches. You need an established and competitive city-specific real estate website that dominate the market share.

All search engines want you to give users the most useful and relevant information. In case of real estate SEO, it implies returning local results.

If you are a real estate seo consultant and looking to tab local audience, real estate local seo should be your first priority. Be useful and local by creating content around the city’s points of pride, attractions, and landmarks. You should also focus on the neighborhoods and schools, shopping and restaurants, and sports teams when creating your content.

4. Provide Online Tools Like Mortgage Calculators

This is a helpful piece of content that is on high demand. It has the highest search volumes in the industry. It is a mid-stage content piece that allows a real estate seo company to engage with their clients in an early stage of the customer journey.

The highly searches calculators include real estate calculator, home loan calculator, and the cost of buying a house calculator. The others that are on top demand include the best mortgage calculator, FHA mortgage calculator, mortgage payment calculator, and the investment property calculator.

Most sites allow users to install these calculators in their websites. Begin by searching ‘install a free mortgage calculator’ and then proceed from there. This is a perfect real estate seo strategy that you need to implement.

5. Align Yourself With Reputable Publishers

Contribute web content, retarget, and then advertise on publishers who have a high visibility on your search categories. When you contribute content to respected publishers within the real estate industry, some of the brand authority will rub off to you. It is one of the most effective real estate SEO  as long as you implement it well.

You will also receive several backlinks that send a trust signal to Google. It is a good indication of authority in your niche. You can be sure of becoming among the top performing real estate brands when you alight yourself to the most reputable publishers in your niche.

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6. You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile devices are changing the way in which brands interact with their potential customers. According to research, 72 per cent of home buyers have searched for a house from their mobile devices. Most young buyers use their Smartphones to search for new homes. In addition, 58 per cent of millennial house buyers found their homes using mobile devices.

When it comes to the rental side, 67 per cent of renters use mobile devices to get a new apartment for rent. Besides, more than 50 per cent of all apartment searches are taking place on mobile devices.

You cannot ignore mobile searches when mulling to seo for real estate investors. Given the customer preferences and behavior, you need to optimize your real estate website for all the major devices. Currently, Google is paying more attention to the mobile-first index.

This algorithm prioritized the mobile version of websites.  being a real estate seo consultant, make sure you comply with this requirement is you want to implement a winning real estate search engnie optimization strategy.

7. Start a Social media Page for Your Brand

Setting up a social media page for real estate customers comes in as last on our list of the essential real estate seo services. You can use the social media page to interact with your target audience on a real time basis. Remember to include a link to your website for anyone that wants to learn more or purchase your products.

Real Estate SEO Strategies: Conclusion

The tips for seo for real estate websites shared here will help you to rank highly in the search engines. The real estate industry is different from the other fields and hence you need to use an approach that proves to be beneficial to the industry. 

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