7 Brain-Boosting Strategy Games Online

# Last Updated On: February 10, 2021 #

A few years ago, no one believed that games could improve brainpower. There were suppositions, but due to lack of proof, no one paid heed. In the past few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in game research. In a study by Science Daily, scientists claim Brain Boosting Strategy Games   improve our brain functionality along with being therapeutic.

It means that people can actually use games as therapy for multiple issues with their minds. For example, if someone shows overly aggressive behavior, games can be a great way to help them tone down their attitude.

Similarly, people who are shy and sensitive can become better at social interactions by playing games. In the same way, games can help people with low memory retention rates to overcome learning obstacles by practicing harder and in a fun way.

Best Brain Boosting Games to Play Online

McGonigal states that the best thing we could do is play more and more games and of the right kinds, including games that inspire creative thinking, problem-solving, and positivity. For this purpose, we have highlighted games people can use to improve their brain functionality.

Our list includes some games that you may already know about and some games that you have never played before. All in all, the purpose of this post is to help you learn how different games can  improveyour memory, increase brain performance, help retention levels, and enhance cognition.

Let’s get digging and learn about the best brain-boosting games available online.

1. Sudoku

Brain-Boosting Strategy Games

Like every time, Sudoku still makes it to the top of our list. It is simple, fast, and easy to use math game. The game works on 3*3 blocks, and you have to create a 1 to 9 formation in 3*3 nine blocks to maintain uniformity.

As the player scan rows and columns, eliminating numbers or squares and finding instances to fit a single number into a single square, the game proves to be perfect for anyone weak in mathematics.

Sudoku is a Japanese game and was developed to help children learn math language faster. It has been enjoying worldwide popularity since 2005. Today, Japan has the most STEM graduates, and a big credit for that goes to games like Sukodu.

2. Parking Frenzy

Brain-Boosting Strategy Games

Parking Frenzy lets you feel the ultimate drive and park experience. Along with that, it helps you control your emotions. Yes, seriously, it does! When you are stuck in traffic,you get raged up. The game lets you avoid such a scenario by helping you stay under control and learn what places to choose and how to choose them while staying civil.

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This is not a brain-boosting game but more of patience enhancing game. The reason for adding it to our list is to help people understand that the Emotional Quotient is as important as Intelligence Quotient.

3. CodinGame

Learning to code is essential for everyone today. People are losing their jobs to machines, and new jobs involve coding knowledge – even basic. The problem with people today is that they are not aware of how and where to code.

Some of them just don’t want to code because it is too boring. According to data, coding jobs will remain relevant for years to come, and in the next five years, most jobs will involve coding of some level.

For this purpose, our list includes CodinGame, which offers a simple and fun way to learn CSS. The 32 levels of this game will teach you the basics of CSS selectors. To challenge your brain, each level of this coding game gets progressively tougher, building on what you’ve learned previously.

4. Lightbot

Lightbot is a flash-based game that helps players use their cognition and coding skills to get out of challenges. Each level has some new algorithm that needs to be solved through logic. The logic is variable and can be created in any way.

Lightbot has become a lot more popular in the past few months because of COVID. Due to its tremendous growth, the game developers have also pushed out new challenges for avid gamers.Lightbot targets the age group of 6 to 10. Nonetheless, it is a great game for kids and adults alike.

5. Space Miner

Brain-Boosting Strategy Games

Space Miner is a great strategy game that children can play during their spare time. They start as an alien who must collect elements to construct their home. For this purpose, they have a few resources, and they must mine space using these resources. The faster they mine, the more construction they can perform. Similarly, they have to make sure that the limited resources don’t run out, or they will be stranded, and the mission will fail.

This game by Unlimited Gamezmo gives a lesson of grit and mettle. It helps people understand how to perform work with limited resources by focusing on the task at hand.

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6. Minecraft

When talking about brain-boosting games for business, we can’t rule out Minecraft. The game is a perfect example of how you can use your brain to create a city in an open-world adventure game. Minecraft is safe for both kids and adults and allows them to run their imagination wild.

That’s why it is considered a top-rated game even after 12 years.According to the claim made by The Verge, Minecraft sales have officially topped 200 million. This includes 126 million people playing the game on a monthly basis.

7. Lumosity

Finally, we have a Lumosity gaming mobile app. If you play games on your smartphone on a regular basis, Lumosity is the go-to game for you. It offers various challenges that impact different parts of your brain. All Lumosity games are recorded so that you can monitor your progress and how much your brain has improved by playing them.

A speech pathologist from Montana, Jennifer Pierce,claimsimproved concentration and better productivity at work after she found Lumosity. So start grappling with Lumosity’s brain games and enhance your brain power like never before.


Brain-boosting games are changing with time. In the beginning, we had flash-based games with minimum interaction. Today, these brain-boosting games are perfect for anyone who would like to play them in their spare time.

So without further ado, get hold of the best brain-boosting strategy games that you can easily play online or on your mobile device. Have fun!

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