5 Methods to Increase Your Podcast Audience with SEO

# Last Updated On: December 5, 2021 #

Now that you have successfully launched your podcast, it’s time you think about taking it to the next level by reaching out to a wider audience using SEO Services. You need to keep the momentum up by growing your audience.  The question is how do you achieve this? Or where do you start? Fortunately for you, you get to learn from those who have been there and have the experience of how to reach a wider audience. In this post we are going to look are 5 ways to increase your podcast audience and downloads.

Methods to Increase Your Podcast Audience

Methods to Increase Your Podcast Audience

1. Confirm uniqueness

If you want to make it in the podcast world, you must have that unique quality that is hard to come by and it’s quite rare with everyone else. I am talking about your Unique Value Distinguisher.

What can you do best that is not popular with everyone else? This is the greatest selling point of any podcaster and if you have not discovered one, then I suggest you take time to find out your strengths in your trade. There are thousands of podcasts in live iTunes and listeners are looking for that uniqueness they can identify you with.

Just like standup comedy, podcast audience is a tough crowd to please, but if you give them what they are looking for, they will actually subscribe to your podcast, review it and even comment on what you are passing on.

If you can elicit reactions, you are heading in the right direction. Give them something solid to come back for every time you publish an episode. My stronghold is being an Audio Blog, which is very rare to find. Whatever your strength is, ensure that you are transparent in your delivery to gain the trust of your listeners which is also a great strategy on its own.

2. Be social

If you are getting into the podcast industry for the money with zero social communication skills, boy are you in for a big surprise. I view podcasts as more of a talent and you need to have that urge to pass on a message to your audience. Being social is one of the qualifications you need to have to reach out to a wider audience.

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If you don’t have social skills, it’s going to be hard to make it in podcast. You will find yourself starting strong but in time you will not be dry out and fade away. You need to share content and do it continuously with no hesitation. Although you are dealing with a popular niche, try finding new angles effective delivery.

I will be honest with you, when I first launched my podcast, it was like a race against time to test whether I would receive the reception I had anticipated. Lucky for me I was a natural and my fans loved me, which ignited my passion as a podcaster.

You can invest in tools such as Hoot suite, which is a really great tool to schedule out and automate your social media posts. If you are not going to constantly share your posts don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Another great social media sharing tool is Meet Edgar, which is quite efficient in sharing your social media. With Edgar, you can automatically repeat posts to eliminate the hassle of going back and sharing old episodes.

3. Be consistent

One mistake that most beginners make is failing to remain consistent when posting their podcasts. That is such a turnoff to many listeners who are starting to enjoy your work. You should know that one of the best components of building trust in your audience is consistency.

Consistency also helps you to maintain momentum, loyalty, and engagement. This helps you to build and increase the number of listeners in your podcast.

If you can establish rapport with your audience by remaining consistent in your posting, it will end up losing the interest of what you are publishing no matter how interesting it is. It is hard to build an audience on your own if you are not consistent. For people to talk about your work, they must have listened to it for some time which means that you are constantly posting your podcast.

By reaching out to the masses, the audience will do the marketing for you by talking about your constantly published podcast. You can’t stop publishing, even you are frustrated and unmotivated that no one is listening. That is the true meaning of consistency! There is just no stopping, no matter how hard things look.

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4. Create a community

Anyone feels good securely in the comfort of a community and to make your audience feel the same, create a community of listeners. Just like a member of a club, a community makes them feel like they belong there.

A community also makes your audience feel like they matter and their opinion counts. Since they get support from you, they will be willing to listen to you know that they can count on you for love and support.

Create a community that allows them to communicate with one another and not just you. This means that they can discuss, comment and give their opinions regarding your published podcast.

5. Always listen

One way to ensure that you are growing and improving is to listen to your audience feedback, whether they are criticizing you complimenting you, you should consider and ponder on it to understand what they expect from you. Change a few things here and there but not your style or delivery.


Podcast is a tricky venture that requires total commitment and passion. You have to put your best foot forward and bring your A-game to remain relevant. Your audience is expecting something great from you so don’t hesitate to deliver. Remember consistency is key and to increase your audience, you will need it when you feel like you are frustrated and things are not going your way.

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