How to Connect With Your Social Media Fans

Most of the internet marketers today are doing whatever it takes to become successful in the online world.

They are promoting several strategies like building a list; social media sponsored ads, Youtube marketing, SEO and so on. However, there is something that most internet and social media marketers are lacking, and that is to connect with their audience.

One of the common reasons why the internet and social media marketers fail is because of ‘zero audience connection.’

They only create social media pages for the purpose of increasing their traffic and visitors, brand awareness and earning revenue at the same time. As a result, this is where you will fail in a short amount of time because of zero connection.

The difference between communication and connection in social media

If you think that communication and connection are the same, you are wrong. There is a big difference between communicating and connecting with your users, and it is your chance to know what their real meaning is.

When it comes to communication, you usually update the social media page from time to time. You are updating your social media page with the latest news, blog posts and other useful content.

However, connecting with them is different. It is all about understanding the needs, feelings or concerns that the social media fans have.

Connecting is the “deeper” way of communicating with your peers. Once you learn how to connect with your social media fans, you will be getting better results than before.

Without further ado, here is what you are going to do to connect with your social media fans:

1. Identify their needs first

For example, you have created a Facebook fan page about dogs. You know that the target market of your page is dog owners. They have specific needs like getting their pet healthy and active, training them and so on.

If you cannot identify their needs, you may not be getting good results with them. It is one way of connecting with your fans, no matter what social media platform and niche are they in.

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2. Offer them free helpful advice or tips

Once you have successfully identified their needs, it is time for you to give them helpful tips or advice.

For example, one of the dog owners is desperate for solutions in getting allergy treatments for his or her pet. For you to connect with that person, you should find that solution by searching on the internet and share it to your page.

Helpful advice and tips in any niche are good enough to stay connected with your social media fans.

3 – Make sure your solution fits their needs

If you have a product or service to promote, make sure that it fits the right audience. For example, you have social media fans in your dog Facebook fan page who are thankful for your helpful tips and advice; you can convince them that your product could give them much more than they expect.

Try to eliminate your “salesman” mindset, which will only make them pissed by just seeing advertisements or promotional type posts. Give them value by sharing the advantage and importance of your product or service

4 – Host a free ‘giveaway’ event

To make the social media page more meaningful and not overly promotional for just introducing your product or service, you should host a giveaway event.

In this way, you can give value to your fans by giving them a chance to avail your gifts for a limited time. You can give something like promotional pens, pins, and other accessories with your logo on it.

Once you are doing this, you are connecting to social media users by providing so much value, and make them feel important at the same time.

5 – Never ignore ‘negative’ comments, deal with them

If you spot something negative in your social media posts, just don’t be angry and delete it immediately (unless if it’s too toxic or spammy).

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You need to allow yourself in dealing with negative comments by talking to them by heart. Since there is nothing for you to lose in asking their concerns or voicing out their negative opinions in your post, it is one way for you to keep and remain them on your page.

Do not reply to their comment negatively, as it will only get worse. You should keep your cool and tell them to send you a private message regarding their concerns. Once you do this to your social media fans on any platform or niche, it will give them a chance to remain in your page or leaving in a friendly way.

If you do not learn how to connect with your social media fans, your niche campaign will not go to last long.

Communicating with connection is the best and ideal way for you to keep them subscribed in your social media fan page, profile, or group.

If you are one of those social media marketers who have unsuccessful campaigns in your respective fan page, you have finally learned why it is essential to connect with your fans and give great value to them.

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