Challenges of Poor Customer Service on Social Media

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2017)

Social media has become a major interactive platform for various brands and their consumers. It can help the business to grow or it could be its downfall. Therefore, organizations should ensure that they use their sites to attract customers by providing quality customer care services. Below are some risks and challenges for poor customer service

Increase in customer churn

Customer churn is the rate at which users of a particular product discontinue the usage of the product over a certain period of time. Poor customer service especially delays in response has been found to increase customer churn by up to 15%.

Increased competition from other companies

Some brands do not respond to their clients and that may agitate them. That is reckless customer care behavior and when this happens, 30% of consumers are likely to turn to other brands. If a business has a competitor who offers the same products and services, their customers will most likely start using their products.

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Reduction in customer advocacy

When customers are ignored on social media, customer advocacy reduces by as much as 50%. This is a huge percentage that could potentially harm the sales of a business.

Bad reviews

Social media has enabled many people to see and be aware of what is going on online. When customers get poor customer care services, 31% of them are likely to post their experience online. This will spoil the brand’s reputation. When consumers feel like their needs are neglected because of poor customer service, that needs to be corrected. This will help the organization to maintain its reputation and avoid harming their sales.

You can find more interesting details in “The Rise of Social Media Customer Care” infographic made by Website Builders

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