Five Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore

The victory of social media marketing depends on the accurate combination of effective strategies. The inaccurate combination would simply decrease the traffic from the website and would be unable to attract the targeted customers.

As we all know social media marketing is always evolving, so in order to increase the profits and use social media platforms effectively, we need to form strategies on the basis of the current trends.

social media marketing trends

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2016

Here are the most recent trends based on the 2016 social media marketing industry report : 

1. Fewer but better

Now a day social media is a crowded sphere where infinite users follow and like different social profiles and accounts. Moreover, with the increased number of users posting so many things every now and then, the algorithms of various social networking sites have also transformed from based on time of publication to the degree of perceived relevance.

Now the users prefer fewer but better posts, the quality of the posts is considered more important than the quantity.

2. Live streaming is getting bigger

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a substantial growth in the video content, because it has become a more accessible medium and also because users can relate more to the videos and the older mediums.

Furthermore, people are now demanding more “live” videos so that they would live in the moment, this is why live streaming has gained immense popularity over the years, particularly with the recent release of Facebook Live.

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Live streaming the perfect attention grabber and would definitely help you shine through social media marketing.

3. Newer social media platforms are gaining more importance

More than ever, a shift is happening in platform dynamics. Earlier there were three major social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but with the evolution, the position of existing platforms has changed and diversified.

Now Instagram and Snapchat are the newer players in the game, but each serves a different role despite having huge user bases.

4. Digital marketing

There are several marketing ways which can help your business grow, but organic content is one constant thing that continues to be counted as a priority for any web network trying to form a strong presence over the web.

Hence, you should make sure to work on your SEO because this is what takes your website to places.

Moreover, social content is given more importance now even by the search engine, thus social media posts, profiles and reviews are have become more visible now.

If you search something on Google, you would observe that Facebook posts and tweets also appear in the search engine results.As social content is fresher, it is given more significance and hence pops up more than ever in search engine results.

5. Mobile friendliness

Smarter mobile phones have made web content more accessible for the consumers. Today, users are engrossed in using social networking sites through their mobile devices.

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According to the latest researches, desktop traffic has been overtaken by the mobile traffic and the number of users using mobile phones will only increase with the upsurge in time. No wonder, having a mobile app is a must for the marketers in order to take their business to another level.

If you are still following the old social media marketing strategies, then it’s time to revamp the way you handle your social media marketing and develop new strategies based on the current trends. This will help you dominate the market in 2016.

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