How to Boost eCommerce Website Traffic?

In this ever-growing market, standing out from the crowd and getting customers is the ultimate challenge. With so many eCommerce sites competing against one another, this supposed to be a tedious task for sure.

There are some latest trends and strategies available to boost eCommerce website traffic. It helps in increasing your business visibility and even the size of your online community. That, in return, helps in adding more to the amount of traffic and sales.

How to Boost eCommerce Website Traffic?

Some of the sales channels are proven to be profitable than others. However, the truth lies in your testing. You need to test and refine marketing strategy to learn more about the best channels, suitable for your business growth. Increasing current e-commerce sales and traffic might seem easy, but it isn’t in reality.

Each step takes a lot of hard work and dedicated service to work suitably well for your business. Even before starting with the work, let’s just dive right into the marketing strategies first.

How to Boost eCommerce Website Traffic?

1.     Using Instagram for boosting eCommerce traffic:

Instagram is quickly turning out to be an e-commerce juggernaut, thanks to its around 800 million active users per month! Within a few more years, around 70% of brands will have their account on Instagram.

The confirmation to use Instagram as a platform of investment for eCommerce business came into action in form of announcement after they created a team with 50 members in NYC to focus right on e-commerce features of the app. The only proven way to grow your business on Instagram is by growing your account.

2.     Posting on Facebook thrice daily:

It is always mandatory for your e-commerce site to constantly work on social networks as it is paramount to create and even maintain brand positioning to survive in the online world.

Failing to showcase your visibility will force you to lose business faster than expected. Most entrepreneurs opening online stores are not quite expert in creating content. So, try applying this strategy of posting on Facebook thrice daily to help your business move forward.

You need to upload content for followers on a daily basis. It can be any special offer, pictures, news, phrases or any form of information, as long as it remains moving, catching or even inspiring to followers.

You have to get in touch with the audience to learn more about their lifestyle and preferences as publishing right content helps in improving the chances of sharing the post and seen by more people. It helps in the imparting visibility of the site and increasing the number of potential buyers.

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3.     Using pictures on Facebook:

It is no doubt to state that modern generations relies a lot on visual aspects of branding. People, nowadays, are known to use more pictures not because it is trendy, but it has been proven to help the audience learn about your business well. Around 90% of information will be sent to your brains 60,000 times faster through visual interpretation when compared to text.

Recent statistics have stated that around 50% of likes are from the picture than any other post on Facebook. On the other hand, around 104% comments are generated in a post if it has a picture of it. Around 84% clicks are through the posts, which comprise a picture and link. This link will further expand on content regarding the picture or post.

4.     Content marketing or taking the help of blogging:

Defined as one of the most promising marketing strategies of all time, content marketing or blogging helps in improving website traffic to another level. Around 57% of more marketers are known to acquire customers through blogging and around 46% of people tend to read more blogs on a daily basis. Thanks to content marketing, you are able to:

  • Generate more traffic than anticipated for your brand
  • You will come across potential customers, right by your side
  • You get to develop a personal connection with future and present customers
  • You can further close sales quickly and easily than before
  • You can stay in close connection with your loyal readers

To make content viral, you need to create a blog with catchy headlines or persuasive. Remember that numbered lists will always work better.

Furthermore, don’t forget to add stats in the content for best marketing strategy. Just to make your blog stand out in the crowd, you should include info-graphics and pictures in content.

5.     Using conversion rate optimization:

If you house a mature brand and going through a minimum of 600 transactions per month, then the conversion rate optimization might prove to be the rightful solution to any growth issue.

By analyzing quantitative and qualitative data after collecting them, you will learn the reasons for people leaving your website without purchasing your product or service. With proper insights from UX research, qualitative data and analytics, you can always inform design changes to present A/B testing at the store.

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The main aim of A/B testing is only to create an in-depth homepage for some potential new visitors and increase revenue through them. You will end up with 94.96% increase in revenue with one new visitor.

6.     Try adding icons to the social networks you are associated with:

Adding icons will help followers to be enticed more to share posts, which in turn, increases your chances to help more people check out your ads. This will help you to get more likes. You can try adding icons on blog, website, newsletters, mail signature and even in some specified articles or blog.

7.     Going for “Call to Action:”

Apart from the major tips already mentioned, you can try adding another strategy to the list. It is always wise to focus on “Call to Action” at the end of your content. After observing multiple brands, it has been stated that those posts which motivate users to participate will receive more involvement than those, who don’t.

This participation can take place in any form of leaving a comment, taking advantage of the special offer, answering or asking any question and so on.

Be sure to follow these modern marketing trends to boost your present e-commerce website. The more points you select to include, the better website traffic you can end up with.

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