What is Shopify’s Transaction fees?

Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce sites in the world today. This Canadian company has more than 377,000 merchants partnering with them and has now surpassed $15 billion in volume sales. The company was established in 2004 with software created by the owners themselves. Their main product line is software applications developed for the use of online businesses.

Current Shopify plans and their prices

These are the present prices of Shopify plans. For Basic Shopify plan it is $29 per month with 2.2 percent and 20 cents for every deal. For the Shopify, the rate is $79 per month plus 1.9 percent and 20 cents for every deal. For the Advanced Shopify, the rate is $299 per month plus 1.6 percent and 20 cents for every deal. The highest rate is Shopify Plus where it starts at $2000.

Taking Payment with Shopify’s Gateway

The website’s payment gateway helps the merchant to connect to their account and the customers’ checkout. Merchant accounts and payment gateways have a processing fee that they charge. The merchants processing fee depends on the credit card company they support like Diner’s, Amex, Visa and MasterCard.

The website’s gateway is called Shopify Payment. For the Basic plan it is 2.2 percent and 20 cents for every transaction. For the Shopify plan, the rate is 1.9 percent and 20 cents for every transaction. For the Advanced Shopify the rates it 1.6 percent and 20 cents per deal. For Shopify Plus, customers will have to call for the details.

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‘Basic’, ‘Middle’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Plus’ Plans

Basic Shopify plan is for small business merchants with a monthly rate of $29. Shopify plan is meant for businesses with medium sized sales with a monthly rate of $79. Advanced Shipoy is for businesses that are beginning to grow in huge numbers with a monthly rate of $299. Shopify Plus is a plan that is meant for businesses that turn in high volume in sales with a monthly rate of $2000. Shopify testimonials confirm that these are some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Basic Shopify – 2.2% and 20p per transaction

This plan allows someone to sell as many items as he can. Here only the products are included. No additional marketing feature comes with the product. It offers telephone support. It allows unlimited number of products to be sold.

Shopify –  1.9% and 20p per transaction

The plan has more features. It comes with professional reports which allow a person to see clearly into his store. Card rates are lower. It is suggested that a fast check with Google Analytics involved be done before making an upgrade. It has features like cart recovery and gift tags.

Advanced Shopify – 1.6% and 20p per transaction

It is the most costly plan but card rates are lowest. Shipping condition are at the best for US deliveries. Shipping is done by an outside party. It allows a person to modify his professional reports through the advanced report maker feature.

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Plus – Enquire to find out

This ecommerce solution is made for those businesses that would like to have a scalable platform to work with. There is excellent customer support that can be called on anytime of the day. Developers are authorized to the company’s system to create customization. Internationalization is allowed with two clone stores where these can be localized to any particular market.

Major benefit of Shopify Payment

Shopify Payment offers one huge advantage – signing up can be done in an instant. Shopify has been in the business for a long time now. It has developed a dependable name that is identifiable to a lot of markets and merchants.

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